Amongst The Redwoods

In the early morning mist amongst the redwoods I sit gazing into the pool of water
The sounds of the birds float all around me and the chatter of chipmunks and squirrels
The pool of water is almost still as glass and so perfect for looking into and wondering
The beautiful memories of days past flood on by way back to childhood and forward

As I walked amongst the forests as a kid I would see lady slippers and other flowers
The aromas were so vivid then and now the same aromas flood into my senses vividly
As kids we would go off and play for hours amongst the trees and  critters darting on
The chipmunks with their designs on their backs and their we small bodies scurrying too

Some  fondest memories  for real amongst Sequoia National Forest Park were
Early morning walks together and seeing deer and other critters unafraid all about
The little fauns would jump and dart wildly frisking all about playing together
Mom and pop would slowly meander about the forest floor eating and keep their fauns

I gently pull my hand into a circle eight figure in the pool of water and watch ripples
Outward and beyond they go endlessly toward the greater area of water in the pool
My mind then sees a vision pop into the  pool of water rather dimly at first appearing
To my amazement the vision becomes clear, Lord it ends up being you dear Carl

I am bold over by the clarity of the vision now and my thoughts wander to you totally
Each and every moment we ever shared together is precious and gentle on my mind
Even those who tried their darndest floods into my thoughts and saddens me a little
The spirit prompts me to remember that true Love is rare and never really ending

Your gentle touch was so electrifying and at first surprising but then welcomed
The first time you took me in your arms and kissed the butterflies flew all about gently
Just to be in each others presence was so welcomed with joy overflowing both of us
Your appearing by the refrigerator when I was not looking was filled with Old Spice

At times our closeness was beyond our expectations and it was hard to stay composed
Our time together was so all encompassing even when family would dog us all about
Even our neighbors thought you belonged with someone else on our floor tho not so
With time we were so harassed for being in love one with each other it was difficult

True Love does exist even when others don't want it and can be like a carnival ride
You and I both have to do our parts confronting and restoring our sanity to last
To go beyond all this my love for you is not continent on them but solely on me now
You do not have to Love me or even Like me for my love for you to flourish totally

Your love for me has to be Real and Full in your whole being to survive and grow
Until then and only then can we come together closely and intimately as we desire
Without your whole being being in this coming together we shall not be enjoined today
No reason on this earth can keep us apart if you and I truly love each other dearly

So until we meet "Amongst The Redwoods" dear sweet one, God speed always !
Written and Created by God and Bobbie Wilson
April 8, 2014
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