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  Issue  #  2 1987 December

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

It is a pleasure to be communicating with you again. I think of you often, but I just don't get around to doing the writing.  Perhaps this year will be different... But then... That's what I thought last year, too. Anyways; I'm going to try!

There aren't any "major" changes taking place in the activities of our living. Diann and I continue to gradually fix up our home (very gradually – a wall that I tore out last April still isn't completely finished... something else always seems to get priority... Usually a call for counseling or hypnosis therapy... and that as it should be.

We did buy a new car to replace my old Mercury Monarch ... a white Toyota Camry. It's a great car; and I am grateful to have it. Jackie, Diann's niece, who was with us last year, has been back with her mother since last June... and is doing very well. Diann has received an upgrade At work and also is doing well. I've acquired a hearing aid and am hearing well. I quit smoking a year ago and have gained about 30 pounds (20 more than I needed). We play tennis whenever we have a chance and that keeps the blood circulating.

The "important" changes are more subtle ... inside the selves. You probably heard about, or read about, the "Harmonic Convergence" of August 16/17. This effect of that cosmic, spiritual occurrence is going to be felt over a long period of time.

What this Harmonic Convergence has done is to amplify the whole spectrum of attitudes and patterns within everyone. In the mid-range (halfway between the extremes of total Christ Consciousness and total Anti-Christ Consciousness) the energy is relatively neutral  –  so amplification has very little affect. But amplifying the extremes is having dramatic impacts. 

The good news is that many associated with S.O.S. (and others, to, of course) are finding new outward expressions of the spiritual harmonies and gifts that have come into their lives through their growing attunement in Christ Consciousness : 

Eleanor Sandberg (one of our S.O.S. board members) has now opened a Metaphysical Christian Book Shop in Orchard Springs here in Winter Haven. 

Bill Perry (and ordained Minister of S.O.S. and an alternate board member) has resigned from his former position as a Counselor for the Catholic Church Social Services organization to pursue an independent counseling and healing practice under the auspices of his S.O.S. ministry. Bill also channels a Dr. G; who works on the healing of patterns rather than just the physical manifestations of problems. He is presently attending a course in Massage Therapy and is teaching and healing with the help of Dr. G here at our S.O.S. home each Wednesday night at 8:00.  He also plans to provide for hours of private appointments each Saturday at Shangri-La... Eleanor's shop.

Another S.O.S. member, Margaret Lafferty, is a Psychic from England, who was led to join us here in the S.O.S. Consciousness.  She may also be available, later, to give readings and offer healings. Right now, she's busy in her Nursing Home duties, plus selling Christmas trees. 

Others in the S.O.S. group are finding wondrous expressions of the spiritual harmony expressing in their work, in their homes, and in their every activity and relationship; and are finding the guidance and the atonement to help others find harmony and atonement... healing. 

It is notable – and pertinent to the harmonies  being experienced – that none of these people are seeking profit... but are pursuing a basic motivation of spiritual wholeness, sharing and service... and a "free flow" to sustain them and provide for their human needs. 

The bad news – isn't really "bad" ... but...these same people in the group as well as many, many other people who have achieved a degree of spiritual awareness and an opening of consciousness and spiritual talents...are being hit rather hard by the greatly simplified negative energies from adverse aspects of consciousness.  The negative attitudes of those in the environment are amplifying their attacking energies; the negative patterns in the self are amplified. The attacking forces mean it for evil – but God means it for good. 

All of the "buried" patterns and traumas from the past are going to come up again... and come out into the open in our mind and in our experiences. (They have to... they must now be confronted and dealt with.) 

A lot of people and a lot of relationships are being stressed and strained. Things about ourselves that we've not previously faced... things that we have buried, patterns that we've "got by with", or "gotten away with" will come up and hit us head–on. 

We must resolve our perspective of these things and release these old limiting patterns. This is absolutely necessary; if we would be an integral part of the Age of Harmony that is being ushered in with the Convergence peroid that began August 16. This amplification which is still happening right now is just the first level of a series of amplifications to come during the next few years. 

The Age of Harmony is represented by the "Unconditional Loving Acceptance" which is the basic teaching of S.O.S. and other groups. 

This is all that I have time for now... since I want to get this included with the Christmas cards. But that's O.K.... because this is to be the continuing subject of my next mailing... when I get to it. 

In the meantime...if your world seems to be suddenly turning on you...if everything is going too fast...if negative circumstances of being drastically amplified in your life...if buried feelings and attitudes are surfacing in your mind: KNOW THAT IT IS HAPPENING TO ALMOST EVERTONE! It's time to get your ducks in order...to purify your perspectives...to release those who won't be helped and to release yourself from old judgments and limiting beliefs. It's time to free yourself of the old memories, old patterns. It's time to become more whole, AND, to share more wholeness. 

I share with you my love; and the wholeness that I have so far achieved. It is fortunate that a person need not be completely whole before reaching out to help and share with another. If that were required...there'd be no helping anyone...for no one in the human scene is totally whole. Perfection is not only, "not required" of us; it is probably impossible – for humans. We should not, therefore, make "perfection" in the objective – a goal – in our lives...for we must then surely fail. Our goals should be achievable; and should progress "in the direction of perfection"... so... PERFECTION IS TO BE A DIRECTION IN WHICH WE MOVE...NOT AN OBJECTIVE IN ITSELF . 

Love yourself as you are – but – move toward ultimate wholeness.

I love you.
William E Achor
Minister,  S.O.S.