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Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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GOD is infinite All Knowing Universal Being.  The essence of God, the Spirit of God, is LOVE.
Holy Spirit is the presence, the expression, of God Love ... Infinite Unconditional Love. God's pure Love touches each soul; much as the clear sunshine touches all life on earth ...without judgment ... and whether it is noticed or not ... and whether it is felt as light joy, or as oppressive burden. Like the
sun shine, God's Unconditional Love is given the same to every person. Love is there to be received by all who have the capacity to receive it. No
one can possess love, usurp love, nor coerce love; no one can take more than their fair share ... for each can have it all!  Like the sunshine, the supply is not depleted by any quantity that can be taken from it. The supply of Love is Infinite.  Likewise, the pure unconditional love that is ours to give cannot be exhausted or overdrawn ... if we are open to our supply. Our love is as infinite as the source of our love. The more pure unconditional love we give, the greater is the quantity of love that is ours to give; for in the process of giving love we become more open and more of the Infinite Love may flow through. We also, then, perceive love more abundantly in our experiences.  

CHRIST is God expression,  God Presence, expressing in the physical universes and in the soul of man.  Christ Consciousness is the God oriented collective group consciousness that thinks and expresses in the physical realms only from love and harmony, only from patience and understanding. This is the consciousness that man shall achieve on his pathway to God.  Jesus was Divinely conceived in Mary to be born as man; that He might fulfill the prophecies of the ancient Scriptures. His sole purpose in coming into earth was to present and demonstrate the Truth of God's Words as "the way" for man to achieve wholeness in God.  

Just as Christ is the presence of God existent in the physical realms; Jesus, (who through his spiritual purity of thought and expression, achieved Christhood), was/is subsequently the presence of Christ Being existent as a physical person; and simultaneously as an eternal presence of God.  The

From the time of his initiation as Christ; Jesus spoke not as the man, but as Christ. And Christ Jesus said "that we can do the same as he did:"  ..... He who believes in me shall do the works that I do; and even greater than these things he shall do, because I am going to my Father ."  (John 14:12, Lamsa Bible). And His disciple Paul said: "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus."
(phil. 2:5).  He, Christ, is the "way".  The Christ Consciousness, Christ Love, is "THE WAY" to Infinite Ultimate God Being God ... It is the path of Unconditional Love.

CHRISTMAS is a date that symbolizes the birth of Jesus and the giving of gifts as an expression of love honoring Love.  Christmas is a time to give love, share love, and partake of love.  Christmas is a time to reflect on the Christ Being, and on our status toward realizing our self as a true representative of that Being. Christmas is a time to remember who we are, as a God Being; and to share our Being. 

Let all your gifts ... whether objects or deeds, a smile or a kind word ... represent your higher self, your Christ Self, your own God Being ... with Love and understanding.

We give to you our love, our thoughts and our acceptance.

Have a loving Christmas.

Bill & Diann Achor

Christmas Is A Gift Of Love

This priceless gift of Christmas
Is within the reach of all ...
The rich, the poor, the young and old,
The greatest and the small,
So take God's Christmas Gift of Love,
Reach out and you received,
And the only payment that God asks
Is just that you believe.

Helen Steiner Rice

It Is Pure Joy
To Share With You
Our Love
Our Thoughts
And Our Blessings.

Bill & Diann

Merry Christmas