Auntie Agnes called my mother and asked her if she would move down to Dedham to take care of their mother.
Meme had gotten real sick, and auntie Agnes needed help to take care of her. My mother told Auntie Agnes that she would be there as quickly as she could get everything together. Mom left me in Owl Head at Our house on Shell Street.

School started at Timber Hill and we were all excited. Mrs. Clara T Kelsey was our teacher and was so excited to have us back from summer vacation. We all had a lot of stories to  tell. The time flew by at school , and before we knew it Christmas vacation came!

I was so lonesome for my mother. She had me pack my stuff and I moved to her apartment in East Dedham, Massachusetts. Mom's apartment was small,  and were crowded. I was only about 10 years or so.

My mother had a boyfriend named Carl. They would go out and have a few drinks and come home and fall asleep on mom's bed. While I was that my mother's hideaway couch. Well as it turns out Mom and I did not get along very well. So Auntie Agnes suggested I move to her apartment on Highland Avenue. with her and uncle Charlie.

It was great auntie Agnes did a lot of cooking and baking  on top of the stove. They had a cat named Mittens. She had a lot of litters of kittens. Uncle Charlie didn't like the kittens so drowned them in his white sox in a bucket of water in the kitchen. I would always cry when I saw him doing this. The holidays were always fun at their apartment because Auntie Agnes cooked a lot of pies and breads. Each one of us kids always had a private pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas day. My favorite was graham cracker chocolate cream pie. The date nut bread  she made would be so delicious especially hot with butter on it.

Auntie Agnes worked all day and had grocery shopping to do at night after work. This became a hard time for me because Uncle Charlie started to bother me. I had a problem with bed wetting and Uncle Charlie would make fun of me. If I had my period he would come into bedroom and say who broke your cherry.When Auntie Agnes heard him she would tell him to stop and leave me alone. 

I was moved to the front bedroom. This spring it became a room of horrors for me because of Uncle Charlie.   When Auntie Agnes would shop at night after work and Uncle Charlie would come into the room and play around with me.
( Justin I will verbally tell you what I remember he did.)  He would bring flashlight into the room with him every night that she went shopping. I was so scared of uncle Charlie.

This went on for at least two years. He warned me to never tell Auntie Agnes because she would not really believe me, and it would get him in trouble. 

Starting at about 13 years of age I got the courage to run out of the house and find my way to Auntie Bertha and Uncle Jims house. I was crying and they asked me what was the matter. I told them what Uncle Charlie had been doing to me. They were all appalled  and horrified. 

While at Auntie Agnes house I had a dog named Soby, a border collie . Well Soby loved me, and followed me to school and would somehow show up in the classroom, everyone would laugh.  Janitor would bring Soby back outside .  Then Soby would show up again in classroom, it was funny sort of.

Then when we were playing softball at gym time Soby would show up and chase ball and run away with it. What a time we had

They called Auntie Agnes  house and accused Uncle Charlie of what I told them he had done to me. Then auntie Agnes and Uncle Charlie came over to their house.  Uncle Jim had them stay on the side walk outside the house in case Uncle Charlie started a fight. They argued for quite a while, and still denied everything.  They went home. 

We all went back in the house and she brought me up to the attic to a small room which she gave me for my very own. I lived in the room for about four years. I had a miracle happened to me in that room one night. I always said my prayers at night on my rosary that my dad had given me for my first communion. All the white pearl had come off of the beads and they got really worn. So this night while I was saying the rosary and all of a sudden they broke into about six pieces. I cried myself to sleep that night because the beads were broken.

In the morning when I woke up I looked under my pillow for my rosary beads. To my surprise they were all back together. No one knew they were broken, so that is why I say it was a miracle. I was very religious said my prayers and went to Novena mass every time they were held. As a child in the blizzards I would walk up to Saint Mary's church.

I started school  at Oakdale Elementary , and moved to different rooms for different studies.  These were funny days, some of us would start laughing just by looking at each other in class. Yes, we always got sent to principals office and scolded.

There was a one floor building added to school for events.  That is where dances and parties we're held.  Even graduations from eighth grade.

Well ,a boy named Wally kind of liked me.  He asked if he could take me to a dance at school? He was told yes, we we're both so excited. He showed up with a corsage for me, we had a good time.  Wally lived in Riverdale  section of Dedham.  Because of distance we did not see each other to much.

Well off to ninth grade at Dedham High School . School was hard for me, especially  math.  Auntie Bea and Uncle Jim tried there hardest to help me stay in school.

All I can remember is summer vacations in Owl's Head, Maine.  Mom and my aunt and uncle agreed to let me go every summer if I lived with Grammy St. Clair, my dad's mom Corabell.

Well summer vacations were so free from restrictions or anyone to watch me. This is when a person walked everywhere for miles and did not think anything of it. I loved Chickeewalkee Lake . Any chance we wanted to swim we all would meet there.

At dad's I started to notice boys because they like dad and would visit him. Well a group of us became good friends and walked everywhere together. Once at the lake Ronald Long and Dalton Malmstrom went swimming and spread out blankets to lie on in the sun. Next thing I know Ronald started to get friendly, and he somehow got on top of me. And I was innocent and did not know what he was trying to do until it was to late, and it hurt so bad
( Justin this was 1st time for me and I guess you would say date or friend rape).  Well, from there I just went to hell thinking boys were suppose to use me.

On one of our walks to my adopted sister's house Lorretta's house in Tennants Harbor we baby sat for  her.  On this day Dalton became my boyfriend and Ronald was cast aside.  In our get together's  they would drink and smoke. I tried beer but could only get half down and I stopped trying to please everyone. Then tried to get me to smoke, so I bought a pack of sigarettes, and only smoked about three of them.  My mind thought that if to keep them as friends I had to smoke , then I did not need them.

That is kind of how summer vacations went.  Every summer Dalton and I would pick up as boy friend and girlfriend, and wild  sex most all the time. Well the very 1st time Dalton had sex with me was at his mom's apartment not to far from dads.It was late so everyone went upstains to their room to sleep and I went with Dalton and kept my clothes on, or tried. Dalton's mom slpt in room over.So Dalton said shush be quiet, I did not know he was so gentle with me and so slow. Then all of a sudden something started to happen and it scared me. It was the first time I got an orgasam, I did not know at time what it was.

On another vacation upto  dad and grams a gang of us went riding with an older man to Rock Port and parked in a cemetary.There were 3 couples piled into the back seat.  The driver was alone in the front seat.  But all of a sudden he started to screeam and said everyone get out of my car.  So we all did.  But then he said you, meaning me get back in front seat.  I was petriedfied but got in.  He took off in car and left everyone back in cemetary and I never saw them again.

Well he stopped in woods and started to abuse me and threatened to kill me if I screamed.  He used me a few times.  I was afraid to jump out of car for I did not know where I was. After awhile he gor through and drove off back to Rockland and left me in middle of town. I never forgot all of this about hom but was affraid to tell anyone but Dalton a few years later.

I was waitress  on Friday and Saturday nights at the Oasis Lounge. I was pretty much on my own then.  One night as I was working Dalton came in with his friends and was drinking.  Then all of a sudden this man who had drove off with me came into lounge, and I screamed.  Dalton said what is the matter.  I told him that was the man who kidnapped me and raped me several times.  Next thing I know I heard a big racket and turned around and Dalton was ontop of this man beating the pulp out of him.  They all were arrested and thrown in jail.

So back to Aunty Bea's and Uncle Jim's I went, they never knew all this happened to me. A year or so went by and Dalton called them and asked if he could move to their house, and they said yes.  I stillhad my bedroom in the attick. They gave Dalton a room at the back of the house.

I was baby sitting one night for my cousins and tried to cook spagethi and sauce in a pressure cooker.  The kids were sitting at table waiting for supper and all of a sudden there was an explosion on the stove.  The cover blew off the stove and made a whole in the ceiling. We all were crying and trying to clean up the mess.

So I figured I would be kicked out of the house when they came home.  But they were glad we were all okay.

So Dalton and I were engaged for about six months before we got married, I was about 20 then.

( So Justin now is a good time to   change direction and name it just Dalton.)