This time brings me to those two people I met on North Haven Island Ferry ride in rough waters.  When ferry docked in North Haven landing Linda and Joel Wooster went off to Joel's mom and dad on the island. I drove off to the Wilderness campground.  In our initial visit they had invited me to visit their home and live if need be.  

Now was my need for their home since the divorce had started. The day I arrived at Linda and Joel's house was a big snowstorm.  I had dressed heavily and was tired.  But they said bring your stuff in and store it in our spare room, which I did.  They showed me my room upstairs and then I cleaned up and got ready for super which Linda had prepared. They were vegetarians , a new way for me to eat,  I lost some  weight which was very good, and I felt better. 

Next morning I woke up and did my stretching exercises in the bedroom floor.  Then I heard Linda calling me for breakfast, and down I went.  They had made oatmeal , juice, and coffee with a piece of toast. Oh So good. After breakfast Linda and I started bible study to help me understand what was happening , and that God had a reason. I already was a Christian in faith from birth till now. 

Next night Joel and had invited their Pastor to the house for a prayer meeting, that was cool to me.  We all talked and shared our lives stories.  Then Pastor Wally turned to me and asked, "do you know where you are going when you die? " I said yes to heaven, I believe.  Pastor asked do you know for sure? Well sort of I answered.  Pastor asked would you like to know for sure and I said yes.  So he led me through the prayer to believe in Jesus as God's son,and that He died on the cross for me, and that if I believe and ask Him into my life I would become a born again Christian. I did ask and became so much closer to Jesus , and my life started to smooth out.

Every week I looked really hard for a job in Palmyra and Pittsfield . After about three weeks I found a job at Edward's General Signal in Pittsfield, ME.  The company was in the business of electronics and signal devices to warn of fires and other problems. I was assigned to the printed circuit board department.   The job was easy for me because I had  done a lot of work in electronics at different levels.

After my first paycheck I looked for an apartment I could afford.  Fortunately I found an efficacies at the Motel On Sibly Pond. I had last room in the motel and my view was looking down the Lake at the beauty of the Mountains. 

The winter was a heavy one of back to back storms of over two feet of snow each time.  The temperatures were extremely cold so none of the snow melted at all. 

Near the end of March it started to rain and kept raining for days, which was very bad because of all the snow on the ground. Every year the ice would melt slowly and break up and gradually move on out and free up water ways. Well, this year that did not happen. 

On April first we all woke up and looked out our windows and saw something different in view.  We could not quite figure out what . Most everyone went off to work, but it was my day off.  As the day wore on I sat out in the sun but I had a uncomfortable feeling.  

An hour or so latter  I figured out why.,  the water was  encroaching on the motel and covering the lawn.

I ran quickly to tell owners we were getting flooded. They did not know, so I said call National Guard and they will bring sandbags and help.

Then I called my boss Louise and asked for help with getting my stuff out of my efficient.  She came quickly and we started putting my belongings in her truck as quick as we could.  By the time we finished her truck did not want to start because water was up over her tires.  She tried again and thank God it started. She pulled up to the restaurant and let me out.

I had wanted to stay and help sandbag the motel and try to save it.  We all worked for 3 or 4 hours filling and tossing sandbags to each other to be placed, The last two sandbags thrown to me knocked me over and I fell in the water,  Then the man in charge said lady I need you to be done.  You are to weak now,  So I stopped, they brought me into store and sat me by the potbelly stove and threw blankets over me. 

The restaurant kept feeding me warm tea and gave me soup till they knew I would be okay.   We all slept around the stove all night to be warm and safe, and we needed each other for support.
I lived with my supervisor Louise Baker in her trailer  till  motel dried out.

At daylight I headed into Pittsfield to help save our plant for they called for all that were able to help sand bag there.

Well I was almost to  where our plant was. I had to cross a stream in the road because the  water had overflowed the stream and flooded the road.  People were watching the stream from the hill , they said be careful water is moving fast. I started across and got halfway and the water started to pull me away from road.  I screamed  " Dear God No Please Save Me.  He did, car got traction and I made it safely across the road after a horrifying scare. Then I got to plant, calmed down and started helping sandbag there too. Us ladies filled and tied sandbags and the bull dozer took bags to the men to use.

The water was rising over the dam  that protected the plant.  The crew had worked all night sand bagging on top of the dam, about 15 feet in all.  The Sabasticook dam was still rising fast and threatening the plant we worked in.

All us ladies that could help stayed till dark and the man in charge sent us home.  The men kept working all night  sandbagging the river side of our plant. They did the best they could and now it was in God's hands.  We all prayed for a few days till the water started to recede downward especially on the backside of the plant.

Well I went to Louise's house and got warm and ate . The next couple of months I lived with Louise at her home on Pitt'sfield Road till the motel was fixed and repaired after the flood. Louise was fun to be with and she was glad to have company.

I got back into my apartment and planned to live there till I could save money to buy a home nearbye . It was quiet and so serene looking down the lake to the mountains.

Then on July 17th when I got home from work there was a message on my door.  It said Auntie Agnes needs you to call her. So I went to restaurant and called.  She said your dad died this afternoon in Camden, ME.  I started to cry, they would let me know when all would happen. I said good bye .

I called my friend Richard who owned a small engine repair shop in Palmyra.  I was crying and said I had to leave and drive to Rockland because my daddy had died and I had to get there. I said I was leaving  and headed to dads. He said no, but I hung up and started to get ready.

Next thing I know a knock comes on door and it was Richard, he was afraid I would leave and get killed I was so upset.Richard held me all night on the couch because I could not stop crying.  At daylight he made breakfast and made me eat then he let me leave for daddy's.

All was ser-real  waiting on the facts of daddy's burieal in Rockland, ME. Auntie Agnes, my ex and 2 daughter's came up for daddy's service and burial at Evergreen Cemetary in Owl's Head , ME.  We all gathered at Aunt Annabell's home at the back of the Owl's Head Airport.

From that meeting we all left and went back to where we all lived. It was good to see my daughters, but strained because Bob had remarried.  My dad and his cab  he owned in Rockland, ME.   July 17th, 1987 dad passed........