~ There Is Nothing God Cannot Do ~
When you are sick, lonely
Or feel you have no friends
Pray to The Lord Jesus
For the loneliness to end

Today, I felt all those things
I looked up to the clouds on high
It was such a lovely day
I saw light up in the sky

And I knew Jesus listened as I cried
I asked Him for His strength
To take away this sickness in my heart,
This ache within my soul
For I didn't know
When friends may come or go.
So Jesus sent me a miracle
It may seem the smallest thing

But, I saw a yellow butterfly,
She rested on my pine tree,
And opened wide her wings.
There, in the smallest creature

Jesus gave me what I sought the most
A yellow butterfly, telling of the love
Of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Today a miracle came true

There is nothing which our Father cannot do
My spirit then was blessed
Today I saw the spirit of the love of God
And praised Jesus as I prayed
I thank Him, for showing me the way.
Linda Ann Henry   
August 2009

The greatest gift God can give another,
was when He shed His blood,
giving of His life, to die in our place

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May 9, 2014