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Issue  # 1, 1985 February

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

Welcome to 1985!  This new year of opportunities!  Opportunities to change the range of our understandings . . . to grow in consciousness . . . to evolve into our spiritual nature of God – being . . . a chance to change our perspective's and find more harmony, peace and happiness in the experiencing of our creations . . . our life . . and our awareness of life.

It has been so long since the first sections of   "? REINCARNATION ?" was mailed that this section IV  may strike you as being out of context.  I'm sorry about that.  You may need to review some of the previous materials to bring it all together. If you have misplaced Sections  I & II or III; or if you simply want additional copies; all you need do is ask for them and I'll be happy to send them along.

I found this writing on karma a bit cumbersome to present; there are so many depths and interplays that it becomes complex in the presenting.  I attempted through writing and rewriting – and by written illustrations – to keep it as simple and comprehensible as I can . . . without getting   too  wordy.

Philosophical tangents kept cropping up during the writing and I found I needed to take the time to write them out;  and then decide how much of these tangents to include, where they are appropriate, without causing too much of a break in the continuity of the mainstream.  But these are my dilemmas in the writing.  All that really counts is the readability and the comprehensibility of the results . . . the material as you receive it.

I hope your life is beautiful now and that it shall become even more so as the future progresses. God blesses you in all that you do, and loves you unconditionally – – – –  and so do I.

William E. Achor


by   W. E . Achor

Section 4


Why are we here, in this world, at this time?  Why were we born to the particular parents who initiated us into this life?  Why were we born into the particular circumstances and environment that we were raised in?  Why do we experience the things we experience?  What purpose does this life of ours serve?  Is life as fair to us as it is to others we know of?  What's fair?  Who decides?

The answer to all of these questions lies basically in one answer: KARMA.

Karma is a Sanskrit words that summarily means  "fate".  The bases for  "fate"  however is also covered in the meaning of  Karma: for, karma is the manifestation of the spiritual law of cause and effect.  In essence it means that each soul must experience their own consciousness . . . their own unique nature of being.  Each soul shall experience according to their own beliefs and attitudes.  Karma is the process of  Divine  Justice.

" . . . . whatever a man sows,  that shall he also reap."  (Gal.  6:7,  Lamsa  Bible)

" . . . . with the same judgment that you judge, you will be judged,  and with the same measure with which you measure,  it will be measured to you."  (matt.  7:2)

These quoted concepts, and the law of  Karma, of cause and effect, which these quotations represent; are not intended to imply punishment or harsh retribution.   Divine  Justice,  God  justice, is Loving Justice.  Justice is the embodiment of  "being just"  –  being  "fair".  "fair"  is to experience according to that which each unique individual  needs to experience as a consequence of their existent  (or prior) attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Divine Justice is Loving Fairness. We cannot necessarily of ourselves recognize the "fairness" of a particular situation for we perceive it out of context and mostly through our human consciousness . . . our human reach of understanding.  An entire lifetime may appear to be  "unfair";  but we don't  "see"  that the soul entity behaved in such a manner in a prior lifetime, that he now needs to experience what appears as continual injustice in this lifetime.

Karma is generally implied to refer to the interplay of cause and effect carried forward from one life to a later lifetime; for it explains why we are born as we are; and why we experience the things we experience . . . And the way in which we experience them. It is the basis for the drastic variables,  "inequalities",  of our birth into this particular life existence.  Karma is usually thought of in the negative sense:  "That's his karma!"  . . . meaning,  that's why he is experiencing a heavy life situation.  The statement is true; but the same statement applies just as truthfully regarding a person who has a continuous flow of successes and fortuitous circumstances in this life. KARMA IS EXPERIENCING THE CONSEQUENTLY MANIFEST NATURE OF ONE'S OWN COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS; that includes the positive aspects of our experiences as fully as it does the negative circumstances.

Karma is simply the necessity of experiencing (being confronted with the effect – the reaping) of our own collective consciousness  (the cause – the sewing) . . . both good and bad.  But what is  "good" and what is  "bad"?  We decide . . . humanly  . . . which is which.  Spiritually : every experience is for our learning opportunity  . . .  it serves a constructive purpose.  So how can that be  "bad"?  Neither need it necessarily be labeled  "good".  It just IS.  Too much of the things we humanly call good can also be a block in our path of spiritual growth. Attachment to either, the  "good" or the  "bad", delays our progress of spiritual growth.  Attachments . . .  "addictions"  . . .  block our realization of a greater harmony in love and in living; and deters our unification with our Christ Self  . . . our God Being.

God created the vibratory realms . . .  the cyclic realms . . .  of physical existence, including our worlds and our solar system, as a vast cosmic university for spiritual learning. We enter into this cosmic university that we may learn to create in a manner of harmony; rather than inharmony . . . that we may learn to be as God in our thoughts and our being. It is here that we may best put into practice the spiritual principles as we discover them; and concretely experience their affects.

We each, in this earth life, experience the physical level of cause and effect. If we touched something hot; we get burned. If we bounce our head against a brick wall, we damage our head and get a headache. If we ignore the fuel gauge in our car, we may have a long walk. We learn not to do these things through the experience of cause and effect. If we, however, are inclined to be careless                – unaware – we may still inadvertently at times spurn ourself, or dump our head, or get stranded on the highway. The experience would teach us to be more aware, more attentive . . . more careful. If we don't learn this lesson, we will continue to repeat the hurtful and disruptive experiences. This, then, also involves the mental level of law of cause and effect.

These are fairly obvious examples of cause and effect: Instant Karma . . .  physical/mental phases of Karma. Other manifestations, even at the physical/mental levels are not so apparent: It is said that the vast majority of illnesses are caused by mental thoughts and attitudes. The illness than is an effect caused by the errors in consciousness. A Dr. Carl O. Simonton and his wife Stephanie operate a cancer clinic in Fort Worth, Texas. They did an in-depth case history study of their patients (these patients were all designated as terminal before they were referred to the clinic). Simontons found a common denominator in all these case histories that led to this conclusion: Long held hatreds and hostilities coupled with an abrupt change in lifestyle (such as divorce, of a loved one, a forced move, dismissal from job, etc.) is the basic cause of cancer.*  There are other causes, of course. A drastic chronic fear of cancer can attract it; created. Job, in the Biblical narration, said,  "For the thing which I greatly feared has come upon me, and that which I was afraid of has befallen me."   (Job 3:25)  Chronic fears will manifest as effects; both in the mental and the physical levels of living. The fears, themselves, are karmic manifestations (effects) of an error in our creative consciousness (cause).

*NOTE:   In their cancer clinic; Dr. Simonton and Stephanie offer a special counseling and a specially devised meditation program; in addition to all the modern medical processes. Of those patients who fully accept participation in this program, even though considered terminal before entering the clinic; more than 75% of them experienced cancer remission . . . many are totally cured.

At the spiritual level, the causes and the associated effects are even less obvious; they involve our deepest belief patterns  (more felt than observable); the basic underlying motivators behind our thoughts and deeds which we may not even recognize in our self. The spiritual level deals with the inherited attitudes and beliefs and vulnerabilities of the individual and beyond that; the reasons why these basic attitudes, beliefs and vulnerabilities are present in the particular individual. This is truly the causative level of all Karma and the underlying reason for the experiences we have at the mental and physical levels of existence.

Things of the physical are illusions of the now–existent human mind. These solutions justify our uniquely integrated human consciousness . . . unique because our memories of effects are our own personal illusions of what happened to us; and these memories are subsequently, in themselves, illusions; illusions of consciousness. These illusions of consciousness are in turn the building blocks, the illusions, which the soul mind then integreats into a collective soul consciousness. Each of the lifetimes contribute to it in the same manner as separate incidents in our human life contribute to the human entity consciousness. The soul, then, experience through its entity projections according to the soul level understandings and misunderstandings.

It is our eventual destiny to become as God. We must create . . . and through lack of understanding     . . . miscreate. we are to experience the results of both; as our process of learning. And we will continue to experience both . . . harmonious creation and discordant miscreation . . . so that we may learn to differentiate the causes . . .  so that we shall evolve to true God Being . . . a Total expression of Love encompassing all being, all thought, all awareness . . . a state of perfection that makes no errors.
William E. Achor