Grandpa Did You Know
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I remember the day I heard the ship to shore radio
The broadcast said Madeline Flora missing at sea
Mom ran to the radio and sat quietly waiting for the word found
Those words never came and days were spent waiting for them

We lived on Shell Street in Owl's Head Village over looking the bay
Many hours were spent praying and encouraging one another
It will be okay and Grandpas ship will be found tho it never was
At that age I felt the deep sadness and unbelief of loosing you all

The community  and all surrounding towns joined in to help
Many meals and hours just sitting with each other lingered on
Grandma was having to be brave for she had 8 children to care for
The older ones chipped in and did all they could to comfort all us

At that time the one room school houses made sure to support too
The teachers made sure we all did our part in class with cards
Some drew pictures that depicted all the families and children
So many life long friendships developed from those days grieving

Some ten or more years latter your son George was lost at sea
He had sailed on The Four Sisters out of New Bedford
Ironically grandma told me about Uncle George leaving for the trip
George had left and for some reason she watched him up the hill

Well she said that was how Grandpa Bob had left on his trip
Neither  ever returned or was found after that grandma never watched
Our family men were true through and through fishermen 100 percent
The wives  always supported and carried on when men were away

We lost one more uncle that had married Aunt Dora the men's sister
After that Auntie Barbara  encouraged Uncle Charlie to quit lobstering
He had his own boat and mostly lobstered out of South Thomaston Bay
After a few close calls Uncle Charles  stopped and changed fields

Together Uncle Charles and Aunt Barbara decided on a Garage Shop
So they built a shop out behind the house on the side street
There they stayed in business for quite a few years and Jr carries on
Years have gone by and Charles and Barbara had seven children

I moved away with my mom to Boston the Dedham area to help family
My grandma Meme got very sick and Auntie Agnes needed help too
So  while Auntie Agnes worked at Westinghouse in Readville, MA
Mom took care of Meme and I went to school in Oakdale section

My life took many twists and turns not all good tho destructive to me
I married at twenty to Dalton Malmstrom a Rockland Maine boy
We were married only four years and things were combative always
Finally St Bernard's gave permission for a divorce so I lived

Adventually I moved to Florida and yes bought a computer down there
I was always searching for words and stories about you grandpa
Fist I found Uncle George's sinking confirmed by Coast Guard
That report was printed out and I kept looking for you grandpa Bob

I ran across a site of Carole Hemmingway who was a writer
I emailed her and she wrote back tho her site was there for years
Her landlady's dad was grandpa's Captain and she wondered about us
She did a big article about  families left behind and how they went on

She photo copied all the newspaper articles in print and mailed to me
When my brother Alfred visited me in my home in Dexter, ME I copied
The papers I had and we talked a lot about family and lost loved ones
Our family on both sides had been touched by tragedies over the years

So now grandpa many a nights I sit and rock and wonder did you know
You were going down to the sea bottom never to be found or seen again
Were you maybe sleeping and unaware of the looming danger above
Captains make decisive decisions quickly at times with their men

I always wonder what you were like grandpa all these years even now
Just this past year I finally got a few pictures of you and grandma
All those kids you looked so happy with and took pride in them all
Grandma had carried on after your loss doing many things

I finally wondered home and made contact with the family members
Tho it was children grown of all your sons and daughters grandpa
Now I have pictures of them and Facebook page about St Clair  family
Life goes on and I still miss you and love you grandpa Bob

And I still wonder Grandpa Bob if you and shipmates knew Jesus
That He was with you All and would be with us All too
Hopefully you all did not suffer to long about the fate of your ship
We still do grandpa and always will wonder if you knew Jesus was there

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
April 14, 2014

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