I am Roberta Ann Wilson and I him writing a story so that Justin can write a book about my life.

My mom's name was Rose Alice Leversuer , and dad was Robert Ashley St. Clair and were married March 5th, 1941 at St. Anns Church in Readville , MA.

I was born November 10, 1941 at Boston city Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Mom and dad had wanted a boy and was going to name him Robert. So when I was born they just added an A to the name, and I became Roberta Ann St. Clair.

The first thing I remember is sitting on a small couch and mom put pillows on either side of me, and placed baby Charles in my arms. At about 9 months old, baby Charles St. Clair died of a hemmorage.  Then baby Mary was still born at Boston city Hospital, in Boston, Massachusetts.

As a child I was adventure some and would get lost a lot. The first time I went was for about two hours, and the police found me at the old Boston Aquarium and took me home safely to mom and dad. I remember a small ice cream truck that had a little one horse merry-go-round. My dad would buy an ice cream for me, and let me ride the horse.
Dad was in the Army in Boston area at the rank of Mess Sargent. Dad shared he was cook on ships that transported soldiers over to and from war ! It is hard to imagine cooking for that many soldiers.

When back on main land in Boston dad and his soldiers were unloading a new stove to go in the kitchen , they had an accident and dropped the stove on dad's legs. Dad was unable to do his duties, so they gave him an honorable medical discharge from the Army.

After a couple months dad and mom decided to move to Owl's Head , ME  and where his mom and dad and whole family lived.

This is where the next chapter of my life began'