Relationships like the vine picture above
Start out with a very wide base that adds strength
Each person is so excited about a new love starting
Expectations run higher than the sky with much joy

Sometimes if you meet on a Christian dating site
Each individual sort of falls for a picture of each other
Tho pictures are great and help see the possible person
The picture can be six or seven years old not recent

I am a champion of Christian dating sites tho beware
In wisdom ask for a recent picture of each other
Then if you still want to meet in person fantastic
Who you see walking toward you will be who you expected

As your relationship grows take careful notice of actions
When we are young we often overlook red flags that show
Lovingly try to get to know each other in all circumstances
Please don't be afraid to bring things up to each other

Discussion is fantastic if all stay calm and straightforward
Things that go against your zenith points don't overlook
It is better to discuss now then when you maybe married
And intimacy can get very deep quickly tho not truly

God's plan is for intimacy in a marriage not before
Please do not allow your need for closeness to run wild
Do not let a man or a woman bully you into close intimacy
If you want to wait and you should then do pray for strength

After awhile the true colors of an individual will start to show
If you hit rough waters early on pay attention and correct
Don't be foolish and plough ahead into a deep  relationship
Each lovingly discuss and work together to solve issues

Don't forget the courting and kindness just to get closer
If an individual can't or won't take you out on dates beware
If they won't go to church with you and dress up notice this
Your love for God should always out weigh your need carefully

Most importantly if you both are always arguing to start out
They are not the right person that should be in your life
If an individual takes advantage of you money wise beware
Talk about each others needs in all areas of relationship

Counseling can also be a good tool to help get it right to start
A person worth having is worth waiting for till they are ready
The joys will far out weigh each others impatience
So trust God and pray and do it HIS way for true happiness

As the relationship grows higher and closer to God

The joys of being  LIKE THE VINE of GOD will grow
Remember you can not out give GOD in HIS love for you both
So stick to HIS path and have perfect joy HE will bless

Written by GOD
and Bobbie Wilson
September 2, 2015
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