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Magnificent  Trust
Magnificent  trust what is it's beginning
For each individual origin of trust is variable places
Where it comes from dictates our actions in life
To you the individual what kind of trust do you want

Over my life time many places jumped to the forefront
Trust can be in many forms for different reasons
A persons inner core and heart is important to choose
Rightful choosing is not easy to accomplish ever for us

Then we come to a point in life we need what is Godly Trust
Again here all will have different ways and timings
For throughout life's twists and turns make us or break us
At our lowest points we definitely need the Lord's Trust

I remember when I would hit my lowest most dreadful hurts
I always ran to God for comfort and security  almost instantly
And you know what I could feel Him holding me up
And His voice would say be still and listen for my directions

Life it seems would of been so much easier if I had listened
Or knew how to listen to and for God's directions
That foresight only came when I started to get older
Through it all God was always there for me tho I knew it not

One day while reading my Bible for help in my life
This verse cemented itself on my heart and soul

"No man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6
My life changed dramatically from that moment on

Magnificent  Trust formed itself forever in my mind and heart
At this point trust became easier to achieve and understand
God said well finally I got through to you my dear child
Now I can drop into your life all the blessings stored up for you

So each morning I talk with God about my daily concerns
Again I hear the Lord say be still and listen too
At these quiet listening times God's plan comes clear to me
I will add here listening did not come easy for me in this area

God brought into my life knowledge of
God's Whole Armor
The whole armor includes several protecting parts all important
We need these parts and prayer to protect us from Satan's darts
Which are  his lies, and ways of messing our lives up quickly

Girdle of  Truth for firmness and not becoming Satan's victim
Breastplate of Righteousness to guard my heart and keep holy
Shoes of Peace to stand firm and show  His light through us
The Shield of Faith to repel  Satan's fiery numerous darts in us

The Helmet of Salvation to keep my mind focused on God
So Satan will not have a stronghold on my thoughts and actions
I take lastly the
Sword of the Spirit which is your two-edged word
It will be ready in my hands so I can expose Satan's words

By faith and your Magnificent  Trust  me your warrior is ready
Together we defeat Satan and his partners in trying to steal us
But we live in total Spiritual Victory over the roaring lion of deceit
Thankfulness I have can not be put into appropriate enough words

So now life can be happy in midst of trials by my faith in Jesus Christ
Nothing makes God happier than to see us living life abundantly
Life and Faith can take awhile to get fully entrenched in us daily
Though with God's
Magnificent  Trust nothing is impossible for us

Written and created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
June  12, 2015

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