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  Issue  #  1 1987 March

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, Dear Friend:

My message, for all of you who are on the S.O.S. mailing list, is contained within the accompanying President's Report which I presented At the S.O.S. Annual Membership Meeting held here March 8.   For you who are members; the Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting, including the Financial Statement and Financial Report, are also included.

The enclosed message explains the collective group consciousness that is S.O.S.; and the purpose that
S.O.S. serves in being a channel for God's blessings.

This message also defines the role of the S.O.S. participant as related to the support that a participant may contribute mentally and spiritually to the effectiveness of S.O.S.

Some who are officially members do not currently participate in (are not elements of) the Collective Consciousness that is the greater reality of the S.O.S. being. And; there are non member persons because of the loving and harmonious nature of their association with S.O.S., are participants in the S.O.S. Consciousness.  These latter participants are truly members in the greater S.O.S.  Being . . . even though they have not signed up for membership in the physical scene of existence.

To all of you; I offer my love and my blessings.  .  . always.  .  . and I thank you for receiving me into your home, and for sharing a harmony of consciousness with me .  .  . And with us.

William E Achor


It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you here that today... for the tenth annual membership meeting of S.O.S. Science of Spirituality. To me; this is a "milestone", and achievement marker... this is the tenth anniversary of S.O.S.  The State of Florida granted the charter establishing Science of Spirituality as a corporation on February 9, 1977.

These 10 years were, to say the least... eventful; and to save the most; they were exciting and they were filled with awesome spiritual experiences.  Even more abundant, however, were the opportunities for growth. You know what "growth opportunities" are... Right...? Trouble!  Difficulties!  Doubts!  Vulnerabilities! Attachments!  Fears!  Anxieties!  Pain!  Limitations! Getting our ego pedestals knocked from under us! 

Anything that hurts... anything that doesn't feel good... we are told... is an "opportunity" for learning for growth. As we expand in spiritual perspective; we begin to understand that this is, indeed, true! WE ARE TOLD that the difficulties we experience are just HUMAN ILLUSIONS created by our own consciousness. We don't really want to hear that! Even if it's true... we really DON'TWANT TO HEAR THAT! It's very hard to remember that what we are experiencing is just an illusion... when we're up to our armpits in alligators.

Anyway, it has been a great 10 years and S.O.S.  is still going, growing, and serving its purpose. We began ministering in Winter Haven under very modest circumstances. That was in October, 1976. Perhaps some of you saw the item in the local newspaper which Phil Thomas cut out for S.O.S. last week. There is a new fruit stand in Winter Haven called S.O.S. Produce (no relationship to us). For them S.O.S. stands for Starting Out on a Shoestring. Our S.O.S. could have meant that, also.  (I'm really not complaining)  S.O.S. is still in modest circumstances ... at least as far as "monetary value" is concerned ... And that's O.K.  I guess that's the way it is meant to be ... at least so far ... BUT ... In the realm of spirit, I was assured some time ago,  S.O.S. is, right now, a vast organization.  They  S.O.S. Is a far reaching collective group consciousness... which is what it was meant to be.  S.O.S. is a center, a retreat, to which entities, souls, may come for renewal, for understanding and for learning.  It exists, primarily, in the realms of consciousness and of spirit... rather than being apparent in the realm of physical existence.  This retreat and consciousness is available to those in our physical world; but it is also just as accessible to those in the other realms of being.  Just as these entities of our dimensions can participate and gain from entering into and sharing in this group consciousness; you, too, may enter into and share the harmonies and joys of the spiritual center,  S.O.S. , even when you are not here physically, even if you're on the other side of the city, the state, the country, the earth, or just plain "on the other side". 

A relatively new member, Irene Hall, in Dumas, Mississippi, recently pondered in one of her letters about what might be expected of her as a member,  (if anything). She felt that she was "using" me... and the S.O.S. group... because she is limited in her capacity to give financially... and she could see no other way in which to compensate us for the strength and peace and harmony that she has received and is continuing to experience. Perhaps; you are some of the members have the same wonderment. 

The true  "power" of  S.O.S. is not in any monetary status it all. We need money, of course, to sustain our operations; but as the needs arise, so does the supply, the
where with all.  The true "power" of  S.O.S. is also not dependent on the number of names in the membership register.  The true  "power" of  S.O.S.  is in the harmony and fulfillments shared amongst those who are participants in the collective, spiritual, group consciousness that IS  S.O.S.  The "healing power", the "Power" to bring Strength, Peace, harmony and wholeness into the lives of those who turn to us, sincerely seeking; is not a POWER  at all... and it certainly is not something that we  have the power to do... either as a group... or as individuals.  Only God has this kind of power... and even so... He will use it only in response to sincerity and acceptance on the part of the one who seeks.  Our  S.O.S.  role, our  S.O.S. purpose is to be a channel, a, "focusing glass", to bring the individual seeker into the concentrated presence of the corrective, restorative, vibrations of Love and Wholeness... Christ Presence. This is, in fact,  the  true  healing  impetus.  It is not so much a power as it is a spiritual acknowledgment, a focused  "allowing". God will not force wholeness and harmony into anyone's life.  He will help those who truly seek the things to know them wholly, but he would never impose his will on anyone.  We,   S.O.S., are a channel, an unprejudiced witness, through which God's Wholeness may be realized.  The  QUALITY and the COLLECTIVE QUANITY of Wholeness that our  S.O.S. Group Consciousness brings to enfold the seeker; depends on the individual consciousness; the individual attitudes, beliefs, and persistences of its participating members. 

Let me pursue the analogy of the "focusing glass", the "lens", that accumulates and focuses light into a concentrated field of intense light.  The larger the lens, the more light that is accumulated into a larger or more in chance field of concentrated light. The lens is made up of many crystals of glass, each merged into the whole and oriented to create the focusing effect of the whole. 

You are each a crystal in the vast aggregation of crystals that make up the great focusing glass, or lens,  (open or channel)  which is known as Science of Spirituality, or, S.O.S.  That may be your primary function as a participant in  S.O.S. ; and it is certainly an important one . 

You needn't be here, physically to share in the collective group consciousness,  the S.O.S. Center, and receive its supportive,  constructive  love and then beneficient vibrations that funnel through it.  Likewise, you needn't be here,  physically, to be an expansion to the scope and capacity of this group consciousness. Your love,  your feelings of harmony, your sense of wholeness and appreciation that you express relative to the  S.O.S. being and purposes, and also as you express these to those in your own environment... THESE are what adds to the collective being, space the collective scope of the focusing lens that is S.O.S.  

Give no recognition whatsoever  (at least know further thought) to the idea that you are not worthy of being a channel for God's work; or that you are not capable enough of pure enough. None of us, individually are "good" enough, pure enough... and of course, are not capable, in/of our individual selves, to accomplish miracles. Any of us may be a  channel   for miracles,  however, and certainly so as part of a group dedicated to healing the circumstances of those who seek; as a channel for God's blessings. Not even Jesus, the Master of Masters,  claimed credit for the "miracles" that proceeded through him...  He acknowledged it to be the works of His Father, and proclaimed the Glory to be God's also. We can each be channels for God's beneficient help,  guidance and healing.  Collectively, we can be a great channel a great focusing glass. 

A basic reason why a cohesive group may be more effective in prayer than an individual  (where to a more are gathered in my name, there I am just also,
Matt. 18: 20) can also be explained through the analogy of the focusing lens.  Each crystal that goes into the collective lens is unique in its own way... and and may have "flaws" that cause interference, or refraction of some of the light. Now if we were to make a lens using just 10 crystals; the light transmitted would be amplified by a factor of 10; and would be concentrated by the orientation of the crystals into a lens shape. Now, if each of the 10 crystals were identical, and each contained, then, exactly the same flaw... then that flaw would also be amplified multiplied by 10 along with the amplification of the light; and would be a proportionate flaw in the concentrated focus. BUT... this does not happen .  Each crystal is unique and IF it has a flaw, that, too is unique... so putting the 10 crystals together does not do duplicate a flaw or its related distortion... So... no flaw are all weakness is multiplied, amplified, when these 10 crystals are put together into a focusing lens... But the light passage is   amplified and concentrated by the lens. This becomes exponentially true as the number of crystals are increased to one  hundred, one  thousand, one million, and so forth.

In a cohesive prayer group or in a dedicated group conscious each person who is a part of the whole is unique, as to his ego self, and is unique in his beliefs, his concepts of procedure and in the purity of his attention.  So each person can unwittingly cause some distortion in the spiritual light the healing energies that may flow through them... in  spite of their good intentions. However; it is exactly this, "the good intentions" that make the group consciousness so much more effective. Just as more crystals pass more light, so may more participants in the group passmore energy... and just as the orientation of the crystals bring greater focus of the light; so does the orientation of the individual intentions and thoughts bring a greater focus of the group purpose as a cohesive channel. Since the unique differences in the individual elements of the whole are minimally duplicated; they are not then multiplied in the whole. Subsequently, the individual differences and distortions have insignificant influence on the amplified harmonies of the collective consciousness. The collective effect, therefore, is far more pure, far more effective, then it is likely to be for the individual.

It is my role to first select and then orient the "crystals"...  the individual thoughts and intentions, so that there is a basic generality of concurrence in principles and purpose. These then become amplified into a collective whole which is the S.O.S. group consciousness...  the S.O.S. lens focuses this amplified Presence of God into our daily living and brings the focus of Love and Wholeness to those who are led to us for the help that our channel is to provide. 

A different orientation of the "crystals", instead of focusing as a lens; may create a "window" as clear as plate glass. This orientation gives a clarity of perceptions and awarenesses.

There are also groups and related collective consciousness with opposite purposes and motivations... and, of course, with different participants. These groups focus strife, misery and hate... possession and control, etc. At times, those of these energies, need to be recognized and brought into the focus of love and the presence of wholeness. Those destructive natures must then either transform, or get out they cannot tolerate love our recognition.

There is a natural culling out process that that automatically removes from the group (or isolates within the group) those individuals who are, by their choice, incompatible with the harmonies to be amplified and focused.  I, we, are to release them and let them be.

So what is the role, the purpose, of a member of S.O.S.?  It is:

1) To gladly and lovingly provide your "best intentions" and your  "thoughtful" support to the collective group consciousness that is S.O.S.  This benefits you and it also benefits those who seek our help.  

2) To practice these intentions, and these thoughtful and loving attitudes in your own daily living and activities as best you can

3) To not get down on your self about your own perceived deficiencies. Practice loving acceptance of yourself.  Love yourself as you are ... But also choose to improve. Choose to be happy, or at least happier, no matter the circumstances or environment. 

4) To practice unconditional loving acceptance of all people and all things ...  as they are:  Each behaves according to its own nature. It cannot do otherwise. Harmony comes in accepting that and choosing a manner of working with it; or working around it. 

It is not necessary that we believe everything in the same way. In fact, that's probably impossible. We should, as cohesive participants, as members of S.O.S. , have fundamental agreement on basic spiritual principles and concepts; and a mutual acceptance of our differences.  

I thank you, each, for being a part of the whole which we are to be in S.O.S.;  an embodiment of the Christ Consciousness; an expression of God Being manifest in the vibratory realms of existence.  

I suppose; before I sign off; I should at least give recognition to the future plans of S.O.S.  In a nutshell there are no specific plans. There are some guidelines, however, which I cited last year and which just might become a  "standard" in all future President's Reports.   Here it is:

"We, S.O.S. are to serve, equally, all who are led to us by spirit.  We are to help without judging; guide without directing, and, love, with limitless patience. We are to receive without soliciting, plan without programming and be willing to move as Spirit guides us.  I cannot give you a program for S.O.S.  in the year ahead except to say we will follow these guidelines as purely as we are able." 

I thank you.  I love you.  I bless you. 

William E Achor