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  March 12,1988

President's Report 
1988 Annual Membership Meeting
Science Of Spirituality, Inc.

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

It is once more my honor and my pleasure to welcome you to the annual membership meeting of  S.O.S. Science of  Spirituality.  

It is great to be here and great that you are here. I'm pleased to report on some of the developments that have taken place in S.O.S. during the past year. A principal event the ordainment of Bill Perry as a minister of S.O.S.   Along with that came the advent of Dr. G. Bill Perry first began channeling Dr. G. publicly, here at S.O.S. headquarters . . .and the meetings with Bill Perry and Dr. G. quickly became a standard weekly occurrence (every Wednesday night at 8 PM). More recently; Bill Perry has Set up his affiliated organization : S.O.S. Healing Ministries, and holds classes, counsels, and channels Dr. G. at Shangri-La (a metaphysical Christian Book Shop which was opened this past year by Eleanor Sandberg    a Board Member of S.O.S. ) . Bill Perry also has an office in Lakeland. 

Another notable evolvement last year came with the arrival of Suzy Coats from Iowa . . .with her gifts of clairvoyance and with her channeling, under hypnosis, of her own higher self. Through Suzy's higher self we are in contact and are communicating with the "higher selves of" Diann and me and a few others. This has brought a lot of new understandings and awarenesses into our lives.

Another advent was the "harmonic convergence" that began in August. This has had, and is having, a tremendous impact on everyone . . . including those in S.O.S.  I wrote this in my December mailing. The purpose of the convergence is to purify . . .to bring our lives into a state of consistent harmony. To accomplish this; it is necessary to expose and face our negative aspects and attitudes . . .and get rid of them. That's why this "anti-harmony" patterns and energies are being magnified so greatly . . . so that they become too obvious to ignore . . . so that we must experience the confrontation with them!  

Our choice is whether we will succumb to the "power" of these destructive patents and drop away from the spiritual evolvement and fulfillment . . . or whether we shall release the negative factors from the patterns of our consciousness and converge into the harmony of wholeness. 

The choice seems obvious . . . but it is very difficult to let go of these engrained human patterns even though we now know they are destructive to us. Although these destructive patterns become obvious in our experiences . . .WE MAY STILL DENY THEIR BEING IN US. We can rationalize that we are whole; we're just being "juiced" by someone else. We need help at times . . .to clarify our perspective 
. . . to get rebalanced . . . to gain a respite from the inner and outer conflicts. This is where S.O.S. comes in. 

S.O.S. is a retreat in the realm of consciousness . . .a haven of Christ Light . . . Christ Love. S.O.S. is a place of peace and harmony, of understanding and joy . . . of freedom.  Our retreat has become more important, more needed, more "amplified"; commensurate with the amplification of the energies both the constructive and the positive energies are multiplied.  S.O.S. is a "space" in Christ Consciousness; in which we may rest and restore spiritually. It is always available . . . you need only to turn your thoughts to the energies of the group to be enfolded in the warm, peace and love of this collective spiritual consciousness.  

There is one other evolvement in S.O.S. that I wish to mention at this time . . . it is a change of logo. The new logo, the dove in the cross was originally conceived for a specific message:  "The Way of The Cross" which was published for the mailing list in September, 1985. I'd like to the "feel" of it
(the logo) and used it, along with our established logo, in all but one of the subsequent mailings. This past year the board chose to adopt this new logo. To meet the logo change represents an evolution from the mental, and activity of logic; to the understanding warmth and sensitivity of feeling. "Feeling" is the basic communication of Spirit . . . it is far more accurate than anything seen or heard. 

And now I will conclude my report with this commitment to S.O.S. and to the days and years ahead: "We, S.O.S. , are to serve, equally, all who are led to us by spirit. We are to help without judging; guide without directing, and, love, with limitless patience. We are to receive without soliciting, plan without programming and be willing to move as Spirit guides us.  I cannot give you a program for S.O.S. in the year ahead except to say we will follow these guidelines is purely as we are able." 

I thank you for your consistent and continued support of me and S.O.S.

William E Achor