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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

President's Report:

I am truly happy to welcome you to this annual membership meeting of S.O.S.  (Science of Spirituality, Inc.) I
thank you for being here . . .both those of you who are here in person . . .  and those of you who are represented here by your proxies. I wish all of you receive the minutes of this meeting and read this message; could have been here in person to meet with, and share with, they each other.

As an incorporated religious organization; this meeting of the members here is required by the state of Florida.  A primary reason for this is to accomplish the required annual election of officers of the corporation ; and to fill the two openings for board members that occurs each year.  Offices are elected annually; while the board members are elected for a term of two years. There are four board members, other than the president. With only two of these board members coming up for election if anyone year; there is a better continuity of board functions.

Another purpose for requiring an annual meeting is to provide the membership with an accounting of the organization's financial and functional activities which occurred during the past year and to consider plans for the year ahead. 

In the operation of the most "enterprises" these purposes for the annual meeting are well served . . . for they do provide "invested" members  (shareholders) with a measure of return they might expect from their investments. It also gives the members a chance to question the acuity  of management as to how the income and the return on investments may be maximized. For most corporations, including many religious organizations; the success of its operation is measured strictly by dollars:  either by dollars returned relative to dollars invested, or in increased size, which results in a larger  net worth or a broader income base.   

With  S.O.S. it is different! We don't fit the "enterprise", or "business" molds. Your "investment" is primarily, your interest, your seeking, for a more complete, a more fulfilling, experience from the life you are living. Your material contributions, of dollars and supplies, are also investments: as a tangible expression of your mental and spiritual support of S.O.S..  Your investments are important, of course, both to you...and to us...and there is a "return" on your investments. The return on the material investments, however, are in direct; they do not accrue back to you directly from S.O.S... but occur in your enhanced experiences of living. It's what you need will flow to you more easily as a consequence of your more harmonized consciousness that may result from the guidance, the teaching, and from other Christ oriented groups.

Our purpose is to help you to achieve the more complete, more harmonious, more fulfilling experience that you may have in this life......and after. 

Now! How is our success in this purpose to be measured?

Can it be measured by the number of people who have found more harmony and satisfaction in their lives? That is definitely some indication of our success in our purpose...but ...how many of these are needed to measure whether or not, we, as the head of this organization, are doing our job adequately? And what of those who do not appear to be helped?

We are not really responsible for whether and individual, who attends SOS, all with we might counsel, finds a better, happier, more fulfilling life or does not. We are responsible for offering each person unconditional loving acceptance and offering awareness and understanding that may help them.  This is being in nature, intake channel of healing, through which God may serve them. Each individual, however, has free choice... and may choose to abandon their attempts to evolve spiritually, at this time...and perhaps give up, for now, their growth opportunities the year and a constructive channel. That does not mean that we have failed in our purpose... or that any others who would help them has failed. It simply means that this individual has chosen to stay in the "familiar" no matter how devastating that old patent may be for them...or...they simply may be so bound to earthy desires that they won't let go...or...they just don't have the perception, the dedication, to take the big step, in faith, that their guidance asks of them.  So they choose (even if it is only by non-action, relative to their guidance) to experience again the patents that they so urgently wish to transcend.  

We are not, then, to run after them and try to coerce them to new growth.  We are to release them totally, and with love, to pursue the path of their choice. We may perceive the pain and anguish in the path that they choose...and may sense the additional eons of practice that attends their choice...but we must not lock them to that, in our consciousness...and...if they later reach out to us again, in true seeking...we are to welcome them totally without reservations and often that awareness and understanding that may assist them on their path to God and fulfillment. And such is the pattern, space the consciousness, that is S.O.S.  

The Success of S.O.S.also cannot be measured by the size of its membership, or by the number who attend our meetings.  Many, who come seeking, will drop away; because we do not fulfill their expectations. They may want more rigid guidelines, or more excitement.  They may be looking only for psychic abilities or experiences. They may want wholeness without change without earning, or learning...or...they may simply not be ready.  

Alternatively, these seekers who come to us, may be those who will open, heal and grow with us, for a time; but then move on to other pasts.  That, too, is O.k.   We are to release them, also, with love and our blessings.  S.O.S.  is not the only pathway to God; we are but one of many...nor are we necessarily a total pathway: we are certainly not the first step on the path...and it is certainly probable that we are also not the last step.  

THE ONLY REAL MEASURE OF THE SUCCESS OF S.O.S.   IS IN THE  PERSISTENCY OF OUR SPIRITUAL REPRESENTATION.  HOW CONSISTENTLY DO WE REPRESENT UNCONDITIONAL LOVING ACCEPTANCE?  How consistently are we willing to offer help in healing to any who ask?  How often are these people helped? You'd have to ask them...but many most to express their deep gratitude...for that which they received through the path, the channel, that is S.O.S. 


As for specific activities that we engaged in last year:

1. We did, of course, continue to have our regular, weekly, Tuesday night discussion meetings.  And the on the second Tuesday of each month...we had a "special" night which featured a guest speaker and/a special subject.  

2. We also continued to have Bill Perry, an S.O.S.  Minister, each Wednesday night to teach and to channel healing from "Dr. G" and his associates in the other realms of life. 

3. We hHad a spiritual retreat to Alderman's  Ford for a beautiful "nature" experience. 

4. I taught a class in Healing Touch. 

My personal activities included counseling and therapies (including hypnosis).  These were a major part of my efforts during the past year.

And now; I shall conclude this report by once more stating our S.O.S. Commitment; 

"We, S.O.S., are to serve, equally, all who are led to us by spirit.  We are to help without judging; guide without directing, and, love, with limitless patience. We are to receive without soliciting, plan without programming and be willing to move as Spirit leads us. I cannot give you a program for S.O.S. in the year ahead except to say we will follow these guidelines as purely as we are able."   

I thank you.   I love you.  I bless you.

William E Achor