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Issue #2, 1984

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello,   Dear Friend:

In all the time I have been issuing these messages, since November, 1976, I have not written about reincarnation.  The primary reason that I have not previously presented the subject of reincarnation is because there is no real need for you to believe in it, and because many people have such strong prejudices  (pre-judgments) against it. They may then be inclined to reject all the materials that come through the channel which recognizes the possible validity of reincarnation.  And in rejecting the whole, they may miss an opportunity to find and expanded awareness which would benefit them in their process of living in learning; in their particular path of spiritual evolvement.

What we are working on in this life experience can be obvious from the attitudes we project and in the nature of that which is our experience.  We each, as individuals, have unique necessities and purposes for being here; for being in the form we are in and for being in a particular environment and circumstances;  whether we identify it as beautiful and fortunate, or beset with problems.  What we do with our life, in our particular individual situations, is what determines our success in life. This is entirely independent of any belief in reincarnation.

There are some "religionist" who dogmatically deny reincarnation, consigning it to the "works of Satan."  Why?  I don't really know. No one has yet cited to me a single Bible reference which constitutes a valid condemnation or denial of reincarnation as I understand it. I will touch on these in a later message.

And so, now, I offer my concept of reincarnation as something for your consideration; not necessarily for your acceptance. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, this may help you to understand some of the people who do. As I have said, "Truth is relative."  (see S.O.S. message, January, 1978) we need to lovingly accept the rights of each person to hold their own truths without rejecting the person.  Also, I have suggested that you not build the walls around your beliefs so high that you cannot see beyond them.  (See S.O.S. message #4 80, August).

Please note that it does not matter whether or not you are, or shall be, convinced about my perception of reincarnation. I simply know that it is time for me to present my understandings in this subject. If you already have a concept of reincarnation; you, too, may find my concept unacceptable; or, you may find an expansion of understanding as regards to reincarnation.

So relax and enjoy my story. If you wish to write regarding your views on this subject, or with any questions you may have; I shall be glad to hear from you and to respond to you.

In this message transmittal; I present my basic concepts regarding reincarnation  (Section 1); and also present a synopsis of my basic beliefs as they relate to my concept of reincarnation  (Section 2).

In later writings I will expand more on some of these beliefs and principles; and will also cover more of the background and associated subjects: including the Bible references, alternative explanations for what is believed to be reincarnation memories or experiences, the considerations for scientific proof, hoaxes and misapplication, Karma, relationship to observable facts and phenomena, and others subject aspects that will arise.

My words for you, my blessings to you, my loving acceptance of you in all things is not affected by any differences in our beliefs. There can be beautiful harmony in our differences. God bless you.

I love you.


William E. Achor

"There is a hunger in every human heart, which nothing can satisfy or appease a hunger for the Real, a hunger for the Sublime. It is the nostalgia of the spirit soul of man. The source of this longing is the home sickness brought about by the soul memory of our spiritual abode, whence we came and towards which we are now on our return journey."
from Golden Precepts, by G. De-Purucker

                                                       "? REINCARNATION ?"
                                                                 W. E. Achor


To be "incarnate" means to be existing in the physical world in a physical embodiment; a body of flesh and physical senses. We, all of us who are in the physical world with a physical body, are incarnate.  We are incarnate beings. We exist as physical people.

To "reincarnate", then, means to again become incarnate after having had a previous incarnate experience; to exist again as a physical being after having lived previously as a physical being.

"Reincarnation" is a term which represents the concept of having more than one, or a sucession of physical earth life experiences.  

                                                       "? REINCARNATION ?"
                                                                  (Section 1)


Reincarnation is a subject that comes up frequently. One time, some years back, when I was asked if I believe in reincarnation; it suddenly occurred to me; that's like asking if I believe in religion. Which religion? Which belief in reincarnation? A few years ago my quick and unequivocal answer to reincarnation was, "No!" Now I may say that I do not believe or that I do believe; depending on the particular concept of reincarnation involved. Just as I have my own concept of religion; of God, of Christ, and of our relationship to God and Christ; I also have my own concept of reincarnation. If I am being asked: will I return to earth in some other physical form such as an insect or an animal then, "No!" I definitely do not believe that. Since the patent for man was divinely established; we are born here as man and only as man.  (I would remind you that I was "man" in the generic sense, as in mankind, which includes all humans, male and female.) If I am being asked if the personality the "entity", that is now identified as William E. Achor will incarnate after my "death" into another physical earth existence; then my summary answer would be, "No, probably not, although it is a possibility." If you are asking me if my higher SOUL SELF incarnates more than once in physical earth existence; then I would tell you, "Yes, I believe that." The soul which William E. Achor represents in this particular physical life experience; has had physical earth existence many, many times.


Here is a story I often use in explaining my perspective of reincarnation:

You live in a particular place. That issue home, your base of operations, the place where your life is integrated.  Now, let's say you decide to take a trip to Alaska. You want to experience that environment, and those people who lived there. You take many of your "home" personalities with you, but you also leave many behind  (such as professional or job related personalities) for this is a special trip, a chance to relax, a chance to try new things, a chance to learn whatever is your "plan" for this trip. After you return home; the experience of that trip is mostly filed away in memory although you may have learned something, or picked up some new pattern, that now integrates into your "home" life personalities. The "trip" itself however is retained as a complete and distinct experience an entity that is a part of your totality, and it may be recalled fragmentall or wholly according to the attention you give it.

Another year or two goes by and now you plan a trip deep into Mexico; an entirely different environment and entirely different natives. You may want to learn of their culture, their beliefs, their manner of thought. This is a totally different experience from Alaska; so you may not once think of the prior trip, unless some particular contrast, or similarity, happens to cause some memory fragment to flash into mind. Carrying total conscious awareness of the prior trip would not only be confusing, but would interfere with your opportunity to learn from and experience fully the people and the environment of this Mexican trip. Once more you return home in this later trip "entity" is also mostly stored; though, again, your integrated consciousness has been altered to some degree. You'll may, for example, find you have more tolerance, a deeper understanding, a closer feeling for the people from that cultural background.

Next, you may decide on a trip to Las Vegas again a different environment. Should you get caught up in the turn of the wheel, the roll of the dice, you may lose your shirt. ( You may blame the place or the circumstance ignoring the fact that you chose what you experienced; where you went and how you bet.) It may take some time to recoup "back home" from that trip entity which is now a part of your consciousness. But that was still a learning experience, if it is accepted as such.
                                                                      . . . . . . . . . .

Reincarnation is very much like this example. The Soul is our "home" base for each of us. Our incarnations are "trips" that the soul chooses to take, primarily, for a learning experience. You may seek guidance from a travel agency or from friends when you plan for your Alaskan or Mexican trips. Of course, you may also choose to ignore some or all of such guidance. I think the soul also has similar access to counsel in choosing its incarnation experiences; and also has the option of  "closing its mind" to such counsel and bumbling out blindly. (this, too, is a part of the cause and effect pattern which will be discussed later). Some trips are for a specific learning opportunity, like going away for a particular course in some university. Other trips are missions of mercy; taking the trip to help a friend, or to teach. Most incarnation trips probably entail some of each.

The "home" self, the total soul being, is the integrated whole of all the incarnate trip entities it has experienced. Each incarnate experience, however, is in individualized entity within the soul mind; and it shall continue to exist; eternally. That entity, that unique person, may be contacted   fragmentally or entirely by a later incarnate entity projection of the soul depending on the need and the attunement.

Following this line all of belief, I, William E. Achor, the entity that I am, shall continue to exist, eternally, as an evolving being in my soul self. As such, this entity that I now am probably will not reincarnate. Aspects of this me my consciousness may however be included in some other incarnation trip projected by my higher soul self. These later entities that may be "closer" for contact with this me via the soul mind; and may also contribute to the continuing evolvement of my own consciousness in other realms or dimensions of experiencing and growing. 

My evolvement right now is toward realization of my whole soul self; and this evolvement continues after the entity that I now am leaves the physical body behind. The more we evolve; the closer is our affinity and knowledge of our soul partners; the other entity projections of our soul self.

Each entity eventually evolves to knowing itself to be the whole soul self; with mutual awareness of all soul entity experiences; but without loss of individual life identities.

Similarly; each of us, as souls, grow and expand in understanding and awareness to recognize our infinity our whole God Self; which means each of us being all that God is simultaneously with no loss of identity. (See S.O.S. message Issue #4, 1981, August. A Glimpse of infinity).

You, right now, the consciousness that you know as you, is the sum total, the integrated whole, of all the thoughts and experiences you have had in this life up to now. Every trip entity, every "experience entity" in this life of yours has a part in the makeup of who you are and what you believe; how you think and behave.

And your consciousness, right now, your collective, integrated known "self"; is a part of your soul consciousness; one of the "soul trip entities" that contributes to the whole integrated state of the soul being. The self that you are right now can expand in understanding and awareness to know the whole soul consciousness with all its (your) other unique incarnation experience entities.

In like manner, you, your integrated soul consciousness, can expand from there to know its Total God Self and its God Self Unity with all the other soul projections of God. And this can be done NOW from where we are in the physical while still in this entity experience If our attunement and our loving acceptance is great enough; for we are already this infinite eternal being that we are to become. Jesus did it. "I and my Father are One," He said; and He meant it literally. And He said we can do it, too. And so we shall !

                                                                     "? REINCARNATION ?"
                                                                                 (Section 2)

A Summary Of  Beliefs

I am including here a condensed synopsis covering highlights of some of the general principles and theories that I have come to believe; as these relate with my current understandings of reincarnation:

1. God Is Infinite:  He is Omnipotent . . . all powerful; He is omniscient . . . all knowing;
He is Omnipresent . . . His Spirit is everywhere and in all things.  God is Infinite. THERE IS NO ONE AND NO PLACE AND NO THING THAT IS OUTSIDE OF GOD.  There cannot be God and something else; for if that were so; then God would not be Infinite . . . (". . . in Him we live and move and have our being . . .", Acts 17:28)

2. Thought moved in the Infinite Mind of God and from His Infinite Being He individualized the Souls in His image. In "the beginning", God created souls, our souls, all souls, equally.  "All men are created equal."  He created the individual soul entities in His own likeness, a likeness that is without form and without prejudice or pattern.  All entities, individual souls (men) were (are) created equal.  This creation was of His Being and in His Being.

3. We are created in His Likeness; so we, too, are Infinite. (See S.O.S. message Issue #4, 1981, August) . We, too, in our God Self, our whole soul being, are all powerful, all knowing and everywhere present. We are created as an individualizaton in, of, and as that Infinite Divine Trinity: Energy (body), Knowing (mind), and Eternal Presence (spirit); the Total of which Is God.

4.  God created the Souls to be companions and co-creators with Him. The media and the essence, the spirit, of ALL creation is Love.  God Spirit Is Love. Any and every act of God is based in His Love. We were Lovingly created, and we are Loved creations.

5.  To be companions and co-creators with God; we cannot be as puppets, mindlessly doing His bidding in a robot like manner. A puppet, a robot, cannot be a true companion.  Being a companion requires an open interchange; the sharing of love, in thoughts and in feelings. A puppet cannot originate either; and therefore has nothing to give; to share.  And so the souls were given free will; the liberty to choose own thoughts and actions.

6. The souls were thus ordained to create; and they did and do create; they cannot not create. We, each of us, are always creating. And each soul has the freedom of choice as to the nature of their creatings. Souls; in their free will, miscreated, misused the powers given to them by God.  They misappropriated God's powers for themselves. And the souls became enamored and engrossed in the nature and the patterns of their own creations. . . and lost contact with their God Self. The ego illusions of duality and of separation were thus created by and within the individual soul minds . . . and self ego was born.

7.  So that the souls would learn to create wisely, harmoniously, and with Love; God ordained, that each soul would experience the nature of his own creating; the conscience of his choices.  This is the law of cause and effect or Karma. This law is lovingly given. It is not intended as "punishment" for "sin"; but as an opportunity for learning from our errors. . . and as a reward. By sowing (creating) from love and consideration; we shall reap (experience be rewarded with) joy and harmony and wholeness the Kingdom of Heaven. Karma, the law of cause and effect, brings harmonies as readily as it brings the appearance of
inharmonies. (As we judge, so shall we be judged. " . . . whatever a man sow, that shall he also reap",
Gal 6:7, Lamsa Bible) (see also, Illusions of Reality, S.O.S. message, 1979, Issue #3, August).

8.  Thought moved again in the Infinite Mind of God and within Him, out of Infinite Energy, were created, were condensed, the particles and the atoms from whence He derived  Space and Earth. This He gave to the Souls as a place in which to practice their creativeness.  He created also the "provision for Heaven and Hell"
. . . these being experiences of consciousness of awareness, by which, the souls would know the nature of their creations. And the vastness, the open-ness of space, became the symbol for Heaven, and the dense fiery depths of earth became the symbol for Hell.

9. The souls who had miscreated, who had misused their God being; who now thought themselves to be independent of God; were, by their own self-seeking nature cast out of their unconditional IS ness of God. They were sent forth into the created worlds to experience the condensed physical manifestation of that which their conscious minds did create. They were "sent forth" from the Garden of Eden to experience their minds; there illusions of separateness. Just as the "prodigal son" was sent forth (released to his learning experiences) from his Father's estate; so were the souls sent for, released into the world of consciousness, out of the unified state of God Consciousness. This, then, is their opportunity for learning, from their experiencing of their created in harmonies, that they can create from an inner attunement of harmony and love; and subsequently come again to know the wholesomeness (whole sum ness), the unity of their true being with and in God, as companions with God. 

10. And be souls, following their God image nature to create, out of themselves likewise did individualize energy/mind/spiritual projections, images, that were then as incarnate beings in the earth as body, mind and spirit And then these incarnations were as man and through man; that the interdependency and the concept of souls through expressing as man might be regained and perfected. (And part of this was the necessity and the shared pleasures of union in they creating of a new body for an incoming soul to use as its vehicle of expression and of learning experience. Also; part of this is the responsibility for raising, caring for and training; by word and example; the infant, the youthful being; whether as that to be followed, or as that to be reconciled forgiven.)  

11.  God did not put all of Himself in any one soul. He put Himself equally into all souls. While each soul has free will to choose and experience the manner of their creations and consequences; each soul also has the potential, the capacity, for knowing, sharing, becoming; all that God is. Each has the potential for returning to the Garden of Eden with full awareness. Each can come to realization of their wholeness of God Being. 

The soul, in its collaborated creation as you, like-wise did not put all of itself into you, although you have the potential, the capacity, for knowing and sharing and expressing all that your soul is, and through soul, the capacity, the potential for knowing and expressing all that God is.  

But just as the soul was given free will as to that which it will create as its experiences, free will to know and express all that God is, so also are you given free will by your soul that you must create. . . and experience that which you create; and free will to come to know and be all that your soul really is. 

12. The soul may not accomplish graduation, from the cosmic school of physical sensory existence, into the total heavenly consciousness; by taking a single semester of classes; by a single life time experience. But God, in His love and His wisdom, and His patience; has provided for a repetition, or progression of opportunities
. . . Re-incarnation. This is the wheel of God's justice. 

This is why we are so different in our human births; and in our inheritances and our environment and circumstances of living.  These are not injustice!  These are a part of Divine justice; a part of the "reaping what we have sown".  Attitudes, motives and actions created and demonstrated by us prior to this life has Set the pattern the course of learning opportunity, that this life represents. There is no injustice in the drastic variations of character and of environment to which we are born. We experience only what we need to experience for our soul growth; for our process in learning to be more spiritually motivated, more into with God's will.  

13. You are not the only personality, the only human, that your soul has embodied, but only as you come closer to knowing, becoming, your soul being; show you know of these other soul projections.  As you come closer in harmony to your super conscious self, your soul being, you may experience glimpses of these other life incarnations of your soul in dreams, in meditations, in visions, in sudden mental flashes though in most people, these will almost certainly be denied, at first . . . and that's O.K. With continued seeking to know God fully, God as He expresses through you by way of your soul there may come to mind, more openly, a more complete realization of these other life experiences. 

William E. Achor