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Issue  #1

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --


( Revision of Issue  # 1 – 1986: with new letter and format)

The most important prerequisite for now, today ; is to realize that one eon, one cycle, is ending . . . and another is just beginning.  We no longer can sit on the fence – straddling the middle ground between Heaven and Hell – because that line is being split down the middle ( the division ) . . . and each half will be A separate world.  We are being forced to evaluate, firm up and more consistently represent, our own firms spiritual motives and principles.  Will we choose to evolve into the New World of harmony, love and peace ( harmonic convergence ) . . . or will we go back onto the wheel of ego gratifications, power conflicts and judgments . . . for another eon of distractions, dark ages, testing and growth?   Either way – God stays with us and loves us . . . the same as now! 

I love you dear friend:

Please reached for the understanding – the feeling – of that which I strive to convey to you.  I care very much where  you are and what you shall be in the days and years just now proceeding to unfold 

Through hypnosis sessions with Suzy Coats, we have been in direct communication with her "higher self" , and through her, with our own higher selves. Working with Suzy has brought a great deal of understanding and awarenesses relative to many things . . . Including "The Division ", " the war between the forces of Light and Dark" , and "The Age of Harmony " that is being born. 

There is, right now, and also of the accompanying "harmonic convergence".  ( They go together as to parts of the same thing. )  Division (separation) is mandatory in every relationship . . . so that the divided parts may evaluate and resolve a recognition of their independent realities.  As the separated parts realize their own individuality, then a reconvergence may occur . . . if that is desired by both factions and is appropriate for their mutual growth. 

This is happening right now, today!  This is a time of great amplification in all things . . . of the destructive forces and of the constructive forces . . . the negative and the positive . . . the Christ and the Anti-Christ. It doesn't matter who says them . . . or which euphemisms are used . . . they all speak of the same thing; the Division and the Re-convergence. 

The "separating", the division, is a thing of CONSCIOUNESS . . . a necessary activity of consciousness.  Separating physically may also be necessary at times, at least temporarily – in order that the separated consciousness may be apart from the influence of the conflicting aspects.  Without the division;  neither part can find its own reality and wholeness.  Those who have been controlled to any extent by those with whom they are associated; may very well find it necessary to withdraw from the proximity in order to have the freedom needed to sort out who they really are as a unique individual. 

If there is enough freedom . . . "allowing" . . .within the association, the relationship, so that each person may evolve unhampered . . . free of "controlling influences", free of "put - down" judgments, free of the pressures of anothers concepts . . . then  physical separation is not necessary . . . for the seeds of Unconditional Loving Acceptance , HARMONY , are already there. 

The "division"  relates to the dividing of the Christ and Anti-Christ forces. These forces are warring in the  ethers beyond the realms of physical existence . . . but our physical world and all its inhabitants are unescapably a part of this conflict. The destructive natures in man bring about the destructive elements in our world. There are many natural catastrophes and many political upheavals now magnifying into destructive waves of weather and human violences. 

It seems appropriate and timely to provide, again, in its entirety ( with only minor revisions ) the message that I originally Sent out in July, 1986 entitled  Heaven & Hell. 

We have been told, through our contacts with the higher consciousnesses that preparation for the period ahead is to be primarily one of evolving over true spiritual consciousness . . . of converging into a "harmony consciousness".  HEAVEN & HELL gives a basis for doing just that. 

We need not experience panic in any degree.  We need not experience fear, space or anger, or hate. We need not know unhappiness and grief. In the truth of our eternal self . . . in the fullness of our God Being . . . in the presence of Christ; we shall truly be whole . . . and joyful . . .and free!  This is "the table" that God "prepares before us in the midst of our enemies." ( 23rd Psalm). The fears, greeds, hates, ego prides, etc . . . THESE are the "enemies". 

I am with you in consciousness, but I try to always give you the freedom to evolve in your own truth and reality.  I offer, and to share, that knowledge that I am given . . . it is my gift to you . . . not an imposition.  Whether or not you accept it . . . to whatever extent you accept, space or reject, that which I offer . . . I still love you, and . . . I allow you the total freedom and closeness of Unconditional Loving Acceptance. 

With love and blessings.


William E Achor


The universe in which we live is strangely and wonderfully accommodating. 
There is war for the warlike. There is peace for the peaceful. 
There is space for the faithful. There is plenty for the plentiful. 
There is happiness for the joyful. There is a song for the singer. 
There love for the lover. There is God for the worshiper. 
Each of us makes his own sunrise or his own sunset.
Each soars or crawls as his thought decrees.
He walks uprightly and fearlessness, or bending meekly before every pretender to his throne.
Life is a comedy to the optimist and a tragedy to the pessimist.
No loving heart but finds its mate. 
No hostile heart but finds its enemy. 
No fear but finds its devil.
No faith but finds its God.

  Author unknown


Do you "want to go to Heaven?" 
Then be there – NOW! 
You Say you'd go to Heaven; 
But you don't know how? 
Is it hard to go to Heaven?
Easier to go to Hell? 
Easier this moment, yes. 
But the hardest place to dwell.  
Where is this Heaven to which you'd go? 
Is it "up there" . . . in the sky? 
Where is Hell . . . "down there", below? 
Does the Devil inside earth reside? 
How can Heaven be "up there?"
The sky goes all around. 
For those on the other side of earth, 
Is Heaven upside down? 
Is our Heaven beneath their feet, 
On the other side of ground? 
Is Hell confined to the molten core .
Of this one planet; earth? 
That's the only place that's "down" 
For all who here on earth abound. 
No, my friends, this cannot be;
Heaven is "everywhere", you see.
Heaven's within . . . in you and me . . . 
In every one . . . those tied . . . those free. 
And so is Hell . . . simultaneously.
Which are we in?  It's what we've wrought! 
We are in that which – is – in – our thought! 
"Up there" is a "higher" way to think. 
"Down there" the depths 
To which thoughts sink.
Heaven is truly a "state" of mind: 
A wondrous harmony of thoughts sublime.
Hell, too, is a "state". . . an opposite kind.
Neither exist in space and time. 
We each have a bit of Hell in us; 
It's part of mankind. . . of fears and lust. 
We each enfold some of  Heaven, too; 
It's love and caring . . . the Christ in you.
Turn to the good – Christ Consciousness. 
And throw out the  Anti– Christ  Hell in us. 
Then in Heaven – right now – you'll be. 
Happy. . . alive. . . and blissfully free. 


W.E. Achor  

*  * * * * * * * * * * *

My purpose in this message is to bring to your attention these spiritual considerations:

1) THE REALITYOF OUR LIFE IS PRESCISELY WHAT WE ARE IN CONSCIOUSNESS. . . NOT what we "appear to be" – (the image we would have others believe about us) AND, NOT what seems to be our experience.  (We experience what we believe to be so. . . we experience what our beliefs program us to experience.)

2) The consciousness, our consciousness, and each individual consciousness, IS ETERNAL, RIGHT NOW. It is not altered by physical. . . it is simply metamorphised into a new dimension of physical being; and is as much a part of "our" physical world as it is when in our physical state of existence. 

3) Heaven and Hell are not places; they are "states" of consciousness; group consciousness, collective consciousnesses.

4) Christ Consciousness is of the state of Heaven; Anti– Christ Consciousness is of the state of Hell. Christ Consciousness is (and subsequently experiences) Wholeness, Harmony and Freedom.  The Anti – Christ Consciousness is (and experiences) anxiety, illness, chaos, confusion and limitation. 

5) God's purpose in His Divine Law of Cause and Effect (choices and consequences); is that by experiencing Hellish patterns in our living; we shall become aware of the Anti-Christ ideas in our consciousness that these Hellish experiences represent – symbolize; and choose to change our consciousness – spiritualize our beliefs.   

6) No individual being – entity – is totally in Heaven . . . or in Hell. We all embody some of each. Our purpose is to develop an evolve a more spiritual consciousness – the Christ Consciousness; to express the Presence of God in our every thought and action. 

7) The character traits, the personality details, that represent The Christ and Anti-Christ consciousnesses, the experiencing of Heaven and Hell, can be, and are herewith, delineated.

8) God doesn't condemn us for our errors of understanding – neither should we condemn our selves. Our only responsibility is to keep trying – to keep seeking true understanding and the Harmonious Wholeness of God Being – Christ Being – the Estate of Heaven. 

9) we are totally within God (". . . in Him we live and move and HAVE OUR BEING. . . "Acts 17: 28). Our consciousness is totally within God.  There is no thing and no one outside of God. . . God is Infinite: Omniscient (all-knowing); Omnipotent (all-powerful); and Omnipresent (everywhere present). Hell, the Anti-– Christ realms of consciousness, is also within God. ("If I ascend up into Heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in Hell, behold, thou art there." Ps. 139:8) WE EXPERIENCE HELL. . .THAT WE MAY FIND THE INCENTIVE.. . TO SEEK THE STATE OF HEAVEN.

A particular  "state of mind", a particular Anti-Christ concept, or attitude, or belief. . . THAT is eternally associated with the experiencing of Hell. But if we release the Hellish belief and turn our mind to the Christ Concept, and choose to be that. . . we have moved that much more of our self into Heaven; and into Heavenly experienceing. Eventually; we will be totally in Heaven; a God Being – a Christ in consciousness and in Truth. 

All experiencing occurs only in consciousness. The physical does not experience anything!  The physical provides sensory stimuli to the mind; but the mind screens these inputs and selects only those which justify the attitudes and beliefs that one holds in consciousness; or interprets the inputs to mean what they want it to mean (Illusions of Reality, S.O.S. , Aug. 1979). Stimuli which are inconsistent with these personal motivations are rejected; ignored; and never reach conscious awareness. This selection and interpretation becomes the experience, the illusion of an experience; which is then recorded as a memory (Illusions of Memory, S.O.S., Oct. 1979). 

The physical, also does not express anything of its own volition. Our actions, our words, our deeds, a simply manifestations of our thoughts, our attitudes. . . our consciousness. . . . our personality. This is what lives. . . beyond the physical . . . even while we are yet in the physical. . . and certainly after we move from this physical life on to other worlds, other realms. 

OUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS REAL . .it does not die. . .it can not die. Its  EXISTENCE is real and ETERNAL. . .BUT NOT ITS CONTENTS. . .the illusions that we have fed it in this life and in lives before. We can grow in consciousness; in fact, that is the only place where true growth, spiritual growth, can take place. 

I have written before about contacts made with those who have left the physical world (died) and how their attitudes and beliefs are still the same as when they were in physical existence as we know it.
(See the S.O.S. message about; The Continuity of Living, 1980,issue #3. May) 

Suppose a "telephone" type link were created between this world and the next. (That's a scientific potential). The we would quickly find out that it's not two worlds. . . it's the same world: same worries and concerns, the same emotions and materialistic hangups and addictions; the same prejudices, judgments, fears, anxieties, angers, hates, joys and loves. . .and basically, the same physical environment. . . only differently experienced. What we are, what we experience, is a matter of consciousness only. The  "physical" is but a tool of communication – an intricate one – but it is totally under the the dominion of consciousness. 

It is the consciousness that experiences Heaven (the Wholeness of God) and Hell (the world of addictions and ego phobias). Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness, of being, and are irrespective of  physical realms of existence. Heaven is the Wholeness of Christ Consciousness. . . a totality of freedom and love and peace, the realm of God, of Eden.  Hell is the fulfillment of Anti-Christ consciousness, satanic consciousness, the realms of the Devil. There are people in the physical world today who are already in Heaven. . .for that is the whole-sum-ness of their consciousness. And. . . There are people living in the physical world today who are already in Hell. . .because that's the nature of their consciousness. Very few, if any, in "our world" or in the "next world", are totally being and expressing the Christ Consciousness. . .or. . .the Anti-Christ consciousness. We are all expressing and experiencing some of each.

The dividing line between the Christ and Anti-Christ states of being has no sharp demarcation; for it lies within the basic motivations of innermost conscious; which is not humanly perceived. (We judge by outward appearances.) The individual personality traits, the detail characteristics of these opposite consciousnesses, however, can be spelled out. A tabulation of the Christ and Anti-Christ characteristics (and motivations) are presented in the centerfold of this printed message.  (See centerfold) 

Some narratives thoughts come to mind (relative to the tabulation of characteristics and motives) :

1. When we in some manner of reject an experience that life is giving (to us or to another); we are in effect saying, "I don't think God knows what He is doing!" We should instead; look for the spiritual perspective that this circumstance would teach us. God is always just. God always knows what He's doing. It's we who fall short.

2. We are admonished not to judge others. . .neither should we judge ourselves.  Righteous (right use) judgment is to disclose the nature of what is and decide its value to us. Negative judgment is the act of condemning what is. No thing and no person can behave contrary to their own nature. A person, however, has his God-given free will; and may, by his own choosing, adopt a more spiritual nature.  "Things" will then change their nature and response. . . man does have dominion.

3. Space with discernment and loving acceptance, we may freely choose not to associate with, nor share, the negative energies and patterns. . . WITHOUT CONDEMNING THEIR EXISTENCE, and, WITHOUT CONDEMING THOSE WHO ARE CAUGHT UP IN THESE PATTERNS.. The negative patterns serve a  "constructive potential" for those in that consciousness. It is the consequence part of the cycle of experiencing that which their thoughts and their subsequent beliefs and actions – their consciousness – has created.

4. Christ, God, does not condemn us for indulging in the human frailties, the human misunderstandings (missed understandings); he awaits patiently for us to learn our shared wholeness in Him. The suffering is not a punishment, it is simply the consequence of our erroneous thoughts and beliefs; and is the "pressure" which may induce us to think and believe in a manner that is more in harmony with God and subsequently we will then experience more harmony and joy in our lives. 

5. We are not expected to be "perfect". It is not only an impossible goal. . . it is not necessary. 
(See Psychocybernetics, by Dr. Maxwell Maltz) Perfection should therefore not be a goal, or objective, at all; for then we must surely come to see ourselves as "failures".  Our goals as we move through life should, instead, be a progression in the direction of perfection.  So. . . "PERFECTION' SHOULD  BE A DIRECTION TOWARD WHICH WE MOVE. . . NOT AN OBJECTIVE OF ITSELF. If we were already perfect; we would no longer be here.  

6. To the extent that we express the attributes of the Anti-Christ column, we partake of Hell.  To the extent that we express the attributes of the Christ column, we partake of Heaven.  Our purpose is to move more completely toward the Christ patterns of thought and expression. . . and we will then experience its manifest  harmonies.  We will all be there in our own time. . . with Infinite Patience. 

I love you, and I bless you; and your seeking and learning. 

William E. Achor
( Referenced on page 7 )

("By their fruit you will know them."   Mat. 7: 20)

     Inferior, Timid 
    Superiority, Braggard

(a contradiction in its self) OR  REJECTION
Freedom To choose
Resilient, Understanding
Balanced  Self  Worth:
   Confident, Humble                                                         

Confident, Calm
Sureness , Faith

        (The bottom line)
This is not a complete listing, perhaps, but it covers, at least in a general way, most categories of the harmonies and in harmonies that are the motivations of human kind in their expressions and their experiences.

We are partly of the Christ Consciousness and partly of the Anti-Christ Consciousness. . . and we experience life accordingly. Our overall purpose in life is to evolve our consciousness toward a more complete expression of the Christ Being; our True Self.

Some of these listings may not seem appropriate to you. . . and some, I agree, are debatable. For one thing, the words may imply something different to you than they do to me. If we were to discuss them, we would probably agree; or at least find harmony in our differences.
W. E.   Achor