Never To Young
                      *~ * ~ * ~ *
The innocence of young boys and girls is so precious
Child like faith is so becoming and endearing to us
When you look at children in prayer it is a blessing
Why would anyone want to stifle their chances for joy
                                      *~ * ~ * ~ *
Prayer is a good way to learn about Jesus and His goodness
If we but ask anything in His name it will be given unto us
To learn that it should line up with the Lord's will is a need
Please as parents don't allow your bad experiences to rule
                                       *~ * ~ * ~ *
as above teach your children to pray with expectation
If they pray for His will to be done first and foremost
Sure our prayers answers may be different than prayed for
Remember God has the overall picture in mind for everyone
                                      *~ * ~ * ~ *
This is a perfect opportunity to teach them about expected results
That others are touched by their prayer requests also is love
We need to teach them with love that their answer will come
Sometimes in a different way then they prayed for too
                                     *~ * ~ * ~ *
If we discourage them from praying whole heatedly
We rob their child like faith and belief about God
That He loves them and will answer in the best way for All
What better way is there to teach your child of love and Prayer

                                  *~ * ~ * ~ *
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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
July 14, 2012