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Issue # 4, 1984

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello,   dear Friend:

It is my pleasure to come your way again through the channel of this letter. I hope your world is one of joy and harmony at this time ... and always. 

The message in this mailing is a continuation of May issue:  "? REINCARNATION ?". This is section 3 of that same subject. They it may seem a bit out of context; since it is so far removed in time from sections 1 and 2; also, because it is a lead in to the next issue, section 4; which will begin my discussion on Karma.  At least I anticipate this is to be the next issue ... if I am not led to intervene again with some of the subject, as I was impelled to do in July with the message on Burnout. 

Included here, also, in this mailing is a dream that I have long wanted to share with you. (see page 5)  it seems most appropriate to do so at this time. This is a dream that was experienced by my friend,  Is "flash" Lechtman, in California, more than 12 years ago; and it is presented here just as he wrote it upon awakening.  I publish it now    not because it specifically fits with the subject of reincarnation    but because it is beautiful ... and because I only recently rediscovered it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

God blesses you wherever you are; and irrespective of whatever you were doing ... and so do I. 

With Love and Light.

William E. Achor     


Section  3  


How can this be?  Is the black boy or girl, or the hispanic, who is born in the abject poverty of a ghetto, equal to a son or daughter born to an affluent family such as Bing Crosby, or the Kennedy's, or the Rockefellows,  or the family next door?  Is a person born in an aborginal tribe of Africa or Australia equal to a person born in an advanced christian based society?  Do they each have inherent equal treatment, equal opportunities, equal living status, and equal chance for the nutrition, health and a peaceful environment?  And what of those born with mental or physical disabilities or deformities?  Where is the equality in that?  Are they really equal to those born with healthy, vigorous bodies and minds?  These inequalities of birth are conspicuous. 

It can be said that all are equal in the sight of God; and this is true.  God's love is like the sun and the rain which are given to you and all those around you,  equally;  the  "just"  and the  "unjust" alike; to those who  "have"  and to those who  "have not."  But why, then, the inequality in our inherent manifestations as man and women?  How could a loving and just God permit such gross inequalities in our human births?  Is it just haphazard happenstance that controls the circumstances of our birth and environment in this life that we live?  A chance roll of the dice? 

No!  God is not disorganized, not without purpose, not without order.  There is, there must be, a reason ... a basic spiritual principle involved.  God is always just and fair and loving ... and God does not make mistakes. 

I once listen to a minister who acknowledged that men are not  born equal. He subsequently postulated that perhaps  "all men are created equal" was true at the instant of conception; the initiation of a new physical human being. He was closer!  But even at the point of human conception there is already inequality. 

The conception of a baby involves the gene patterns in the egg (ovum) and in the sperm which impregnates the egg.  These gene patterns are grossly variable: not only as to sex, pigment coloration, and racial configurations; they also established the mental/physical size, structure, strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes and susceptibilities.  The genes also Set basic character traits and sometimes obvious abnormalities that are transmitted via the gene patterns.  No, men are neither born equal ... nor conceived equal. 

So where is the divine justice?  Why are some born blind while others have excellent eyesight?  Why are some destined to be short and fat and others to have beautiful well-proportioned physiques?  Some to have dull mentalities; others to be geniuses?  Some to be inert, others to be hyperactive?  Some with a propensity for words, or music, or art; while others process none of these sensitivities? 

There is, of course, a deeper reason for these variables.  There has to be.  God is just, always. There is a divine reason, or purpose, as to why we were born to be who we are and what we are in this particular time and in our particular environment.  There is a divine order and purpose in every conception and every birth ... and in every circumstance.   So here we are ... experiencing our particular life ... its ups ... its downs ... its pains ... its pleasures ... its limitations and its fulfillments.  For whatever reason ... we have this life to live ... for now.  We do have choices as to how we shall live it; we may not always be able to change the circumstances, but we can change our perspective; our attitude about it. And so we finish out this life ... and then what? 

When the physical body dies; when we make our transition into the next dimension, into the next realms of existence ... we open to a new "manner" of expressing and the experiencing.  We are no longer bound by the physical body; but we are still attached to physical concepts, appetites, prejudices and desires. And so ... though unseen by human eyes; we are still present in the physical arena.  In other words; we are still the same person, the same personality, the same entity consciousness, that we were as a physical person.  We have the same consciousness: the same attitudes, prejudices and beliefs that we had before death.  These attributes are a part of the consciousness ... not a physical being; and the consciousness, the entity being, does not die. The dying to the physical  ( the caterpillar self ) is the process of birth into a freer, lighter state of being ( the butterfly self ).  The person, the entity, then will express and experience it's nature in this new airier existence ... and may continue to grow and evolve spiritually or not according to the individual's state of consciousness.  If the person is genuinely seeking answers, and is open to receive Them; he will grow.  If the person has rigid beliefs and a closed mind; it may be a very long time before any growth can take place. That is true during this physical life, and it carries through with the continuation of life into the next realm.  

The point is:  When our physical dies; we are "born" at the same time into another realm of existence.  We do not enter the next realm with equal status.  We are not "born equal" into this new form of being.  We enter that new realm, that "world", carrying with us the patterns of consciousness that we developed prior to that birth.  We may be a novice, "a baby", relative to the functioning and the ways of expressing in that new world; but that which we express, as we mature in their realm, shall project and reflect the attitudes, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses that we brought with us as our patterns of consciousness; our unique perspective of being. 

This "butterfly realm" that we are born into at physical death is the next rung in the latter of our eternity ... our eternal existence.  It is also another step in our process of evolving toward the realization of our spiritual wholeness ... our total God being.  

It is a part of our christian belief that: man is eternal.  Even though we experience physical death, the entity consciousness, as the soul, continues to exist throughout eternity the infinity of time.  Since we are already "alive" and will continue to be alive beyond physical death eternally then we are, of course, already eternal ... right now! Each of us is eternal, all of us; whether we accept it or not. 

It makes no sense that: (1) We are born as we are out of pure chance; haphazard fortune and miss fortune.  (2) That God would create in a chaotic, non-purposeful manner.  (3) That God would intentionally create inequality and misjustice, and (4) That God could make a mistake.  "To err is human."   To God who sees all, knows all, and IS all; there would be no error. 

It makes no sense, either, that we should be so unequally born to this life; and starting was that; NOW we are eternal.  Eternity must go both ways. If we are eternal now, then we have always been eternal.  We were already eternal before birth into this life. It is easier and more reasonable, for me, to believe that we have had intelligent existence prior to this earth life; then to believe that we did not.  

Birth into this earth life is just another rung of the ladder in the evolution of our eternal being. And just as we shall be born into the next realm according to our accumulated attitudes and patterns; we were similarly born into this earth life according to the attitudes and patterns developed during some manner of previous intelligent life experiences. The entity that we are, right now, has its roots in the prior life experiences of our soul being.  

"All men are created equal."  In the beginning, even before the creation of time and space, when the souls were individualized in God's image as uninformed, non-physical, mind (consciousness) , energy,  and spirit; all were (are) space equal.  That original equality, created by God, still exists.  At the soul level we are, and always shall be, equal.  We, as humans, do judge by appearances, biases, and prejudices. We judge by human standards, cultural standards and family standards.  We judge ourselves.  God does not judge us.  He knows all were true soul being, and he knows that we shall eventually find our unique Wholeness of soul, our Christ being.  God created man (the soul entities of man; mankind )  to be companions and co-creators with him. The births and deaths that we experience; the various forms and realms that we evolve through; are all part of the learning process that we need to interface with in our process of learning and practicing toward realization of our own true God being. 

God created everyone is equal and love as each of us, equally.  In our soul, in Spirit, we are, and always have been equal.  God loves you, right now; completely and without judgment.  He accepts you as you are with all your doubts, pains, joys, wisdoms and sorrows; for He knows the purpose of these in your process of growth.  And He knows the reality of your Wholeness. 

His Blessing and Guidance is always with you ... and me; if we will but seek ... and listen!

William E. Achor


God called a conference of the Land and the Sea.  Meeting place was a room with a large open portico which, in rectangular fashion framed a strip of land and the sea beyond.  God asked the Sea to withdraw several dozen yards.  The Sea did, but as the conference was about to begin, the Sea capriciously edged forward a few feet, and God gave it a reproving look.  The Sea was not discomfited nor embarrassed by the implied reprimand, but, more like a youngster, bent on mischief who is stopped by catching the eye of an adult.  In God's reproof was the recollection of the chaos from which Creation had come, and the Sea, in self-justification declared,  "But the Chaos was something I never knew."  

Then did God say: 

Do you remember when my  Light first brushed your surface?  When the black invisible became pearl and dawn?  

You lay congealed in awe, and as Light caressed you, you rippled in ecstasy, across the whole expanse my  Light tremored you, you trembled and raced the wild tidings from rim to rim of your universe. 

And then as the spirit of  Light settled upon you, invested you with Life you rose from the  Earth cradle, your whole being somersaulting in wild, abandoned worship - - and the deep came up and too was blessed with the knowledge of  Light before it nested again.  

Then how you race from rim to rim; you lifted your waves, you revelled in their frothy heads, in the aqua pillars that help them up, in the indigo and blues that underpinned them.  

And then came the day and you bedecked yourself in sun gems and danced a joyous dance in divine  Light; and then came the night, and the very firmament wove a mantle of stars for you as you mirrored my Heavens.  

You remember. 

Then remember too that you are held in my  Earth.  That you may cover the  Earth  yet I need but open it to the fires within that you may not quench, fires that can return you to the formless vapor and void:  

To the  Chaos you never knew.  

Flash Leachtman's  dream 
(about 1971)   
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    


1.  In the next realm of existence there is no racial skin color:  no black or white,  no yellow or red or brown.  There is no aborigine, no Russian, no Catholic, or Jew.  There is no giant no dwarf . . .   EXCEPT  . . . as we are these, or retain these, in our own patterns of consciousness.  All are to be transcended.  

2.   Details are significant only as they represent a principle.  They have no importance in themselves.