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To my dear friends everywhere !
September -  - 1977

To my dear friends everywhere,

It is a pleasure to come into your world once again and to welcome you into mine.

Here is one of the strangest paradoxes of our ego world; of ego thinking:  We withhold investing ourselves in that which we so earnestly  want because we are afraid that it will be less than we would want it to be;  because if we get too close to it, we will destroy it; because if  we committed ourselves to it, we may find ourselves trapped in it - possessed - or because we fear we cannot live up to our commitment.  Yet  in withholding ourselves; we do surely destroy that which subsequently  never had the chance to be. 

When we will not commit ourselves to that which we most cherish then  must we surely lose that which we would have.  Our failure to commit  ourselves is of course based on fear, and fear in truth is a lack of  faith.  It is our ego that tells us, "Hold back, you must protect  yourself, you might get hurt."  "The good you have now is enough; why  take a chance on spoiling it?"  Spirit would say to you, "Whatever you  would do, do it; with all your heart, your mind, and your body."  You cannot hold back even a little bit and still be expressing the Spirit of  your being. 

It's a little like the parable of the 10 talents.  He who would not  invest his talents for fear he would lose them, lost even that which he  did have.

It is better that you commit yourself wholly to that which you would  know.  It is better to err in the decision, or in the doing, than to err  by not doing.  The not doing, the non-commitment, must eventually be  corrected by commitment.  Obviously, therefore, there shall be other opportunities, similar channels in which we will again have the  opportunity to commit ourselves.  It must be so.  There are also various  activity areas of life that require commitment at one time or another, dependent on individual needs, and although one may be substituted for  another, each must be met. 

Errors committed in the process of doing, carry with them the inherent  potential for recognition and correction.  As I previously quoted, Old  Chinese aptly stated, "It is the process that is important."

The greatest joys come in the process of doing, of being, in that  activity, that association, that situation that our heart longs for.  So  also shall there be tests and trials.  Growth is not possible without  them.  GROK* these with faith, let understanding come in, for these are  the potential building blocks, the milestones, for a greater tomorrow.  These then, are to be taken in stride; rather than looked at through the  magnifying glass of over-attention; which makes them appear as  insurmountable barriers.

The deeper we delve into the atom, the basic building block of physical  creation, the more awesome is the energy, for the more closely we  approach infinite energy;  the unlimited Source that encompasses all  energy, is ALL Energy, for this is the body of God.

The deeper we go into mind, the more awesome is the power, for we  approach infinite, universal mind; that which shapes and harnesses  energy.  This is the realm of Mind Power.  Here is All Knowledge  relating to our physical existence, and more.

The deeper we invest ourselves in life, in living, the more awesome is  the spectacle of Unity in all things, for we approach Infinite Spirit,  Universal Being, the Source of "I Am."  This is the media of creation,  the cosmic glue that holds everything together and is the pure nature of  all that is.  Spirit supersedes and encompasses both the mental and the  physical. Here is Justice, here is total Wisdom, here is unadulterated  Love.

So dive in, my dear friends, you cannot learn how to swim in the river  of life by lying on the sands, or wading in the shallows.  Give your  heart to that which you would be.

Teachers are those who would help you learn to swim in this river of  life and would caution you of the hazards that may be met, and help you  to deal with them.  So when you need help, turn to a teacher.  There are  many teachers, many rivers, many paths, but they all flow to the ocean  of God Awareness.  The surest teacher is the God Self within, for He is also the waters of all streams and seas and He knows every turn and rock  and pond in your river of life and will guide you unerringly; if you can  but listen. 

God blesses you, always.

I love you,
William E. Achor

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 10th, 2012

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A needed word invented by Robert Heinlein in "Stranger  In A  Strange Land."  I borrow Walter Starcke's definition of the word from  his book, "The Ultimate Revolution":  "To grok something is to  understand if from all levels:  to see it, to comprehend it, to  understand it both spiritually and physically, to experience it, to  identify with it, and above all, to discern what it is "for. " The hero  of Heinlein's story
  groks people as well as situations.  He often  retreats inside himself until he can fully grok a situation or person.  Then he acts, but his actions are not based on partial information, not  on bad or good, for he has achieved not only the experience of the  person or situation but an awareness of the true place of that person or  situation in the scheme of things." 
Here are some capsule thoughts and quotations: 

This first one seems pertinent to the subject of this letter.  It is taken from a quotation in "Melchizedek Truth Principles" through Frater  Achad.  The author is not indicated:

"Would you know life abundant;
Love doubled for all it gives? 
There is no means surer,
Than helping someone to live."

"AM I my brother's keeper?"    has been a subject of controversy and  wonder for years.  Finally, the conclusion is "yes, BUT, this is the  basis, the meaning, the practice that makes it so:  "Conducting ones  self, in every activity, in such a way that you provide an atmosphere in  which your brother has an opportunity to grow."  So it does not mean  supplying our brothers "wants," for in doing so we may support weakness  rather than growth.  A loving but emphatic denial of a "want" may at  times be more wholesome for him.  Being a living example of Spiritual  wholeness as best we can, is also a direct contribution to this  atmosphere for growth.

Love gives of itself,
         that it might be fulfilled.

Love is never possessed;   
         confined; or self-willed.

Love comes unbidden; 
         unrestrained, it stays.

Love is eternal;
         it cannot go away.

-- William E. Achor
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