* ~* ~ *
Today my P.T.S.D. Hit again quicker than I could blink an eye
What caused it to flare up when I least expected it to who knows
Not I says myself oh how I wish it had been felt coming on
* ~ * ~ * 
We had just begun to draw close as you could from a distance
Things seemed so perfect for us both but were they really
I think not for if that was the case how could this have happened
* ~ * ~ *
I've noticed today once P.T.S.D. Hits you are at it's bay
Do I like this no for I may have lost a true love not really known
For he was one of a kind my dear sweet Milton Lightfoot
* ~ * ~ *
Did he have any control over it for clarity no he did not
For sure I wonder did I have control over it definitely not
Why not thinks both of us neither of us has an answer
* ~ * ~ *
Would we change the outburst if we could you bet we would
Why you ask because we found each other in a day of need
A day neither of us are proud of and we still found each other
* ~ * ~ *
Oh dear God I believe we are both so sorry for the upset today
Do each of us believe we would change it if we could certainly
It is all water over the dam now words cant be pulled back
* ~ * ~ *
From the bottom of my heart how I wish P.T.S.D. Would go
To any place but back into Milton's and my life for the pain
And all the other emotions that jump out when it grabs hold
* ~ * ~ *
Does Milton have P.T.S.D. Yes tho for different reasons
So does so many more of our soldier's that fight to protect us
In the theatre field of war that no one should ever see happen
* ~ * ~ *
If I could the experiences I had would be exchanged with soldiers
For it seems that getting better would be easier for them guess not
Why because  each persons P.T.S.D. Is always real to them
* ~ * ~ *
No persons reasons should be made light of  what ever happened
Can the world understand each person's horror no nor should we
One saving factor now is more is known and support is available
* ~ * ~ *
Will Milton and I make up and find our way back together
Only God knows for sure what will happen to us now
One thing I am sure we both want God's will done not ours
* ~ * ~ *
My heart felt cry is  we both understand what happened today
Bobbie is so sorry I felt helpless once it started what about you
Milton do you understand why can you forgive me totally today
* ~ * ~ *
Dear God please help us to forgive and find our way back
For it is through the agony and pain we shall each grow in faith
And yes be able to reach out and help each other and  others
* ~ * ~ *
Do I need prayers does Milton Lightfoot need prayers
Of course we both do I know we both want to heal from P.T.S.D.
All we can hope those that see this and really read it will pray
* ~ * ~ *
So now God this all and has always been in your hands really
Will it be your will we make up and get back together who knows
Dear God only you know why for sure this happened today
* ~ * ~ *
God please let us Take Flight back to one another quickly
Everyone this is one way I deal with my P.T.S.D. love me still
For it is in forgiveness we all can heal dear God  help us please
* ~ * ~ *
Thank you God for this gift of creating when things erupt for me
In creating this page today may it reach out to others to help them
And may it help Milton Lightfoot and I find our way back
* ~ * ~ *
Thank you God for answered prayer now, it is so, Amen !
* ~ *
Written and created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
February 7, 2015
Taking  Flight
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