Teach Them To Pray Early
      Teach Them To Pray Early
Parents need to let children know early in their lives that they can talk to God just like they talk to Daddy, Mommy,or grandparents, or a best friend.

They need to understand that God is there and will be attentive to what they have to say.

Instead of putting them on hold or playing a recorded message, God is always willing to listen. No matter whether they are playing on the playground, visiting at a friend's house,or in the car riding, and even at church

Please don't make the mistake that they will learn on their own when they feel like it.  That time may never come, and when a tragedy comes along they need to have already learned to talk to God because HE loves them dearly.

Yes there may be differences of how to pray in families. Maybe all family members believe differently. Does that mean we can't collectively pray with our children? No !Most definitely parents should find away to teach their children to pray on common biblical grounds so the children have a solid foundation on praying to God !

God Loves Us All and is happy when we talk to HIM!

May our heavenly Father always be with you, and bring you wisdom to teach our children, and ALL others ! !

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                    And Bobbie Wilson
                    November 16, 2016
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