Unknown Importance
Let's look into what  "   Unknown Importance" means to each one of us
Unknown means so may things to each of us individually as we go through life
Like in the picture how this older persons presence means to the well being of the child
It is thru her touch and actions this young person grows and learns as they go thru life
Her very touch can soothe  a most confusing day for the youngster and herself

The effect of the bird singing as it drinks water enters both individuals ears
From there it certainly starts to have a calming effect on both of them unknowingly
Why do these actions or happenings change our very being is certainly unknown
Are their importance known to us you can bet for sure not most of the time
So what do we look at in these instances ends up being more than we can count

Now the puppy sleeping under the bench is making funny sounds ever so often
Do we know why this happens to him or other dogs no we do not
We think is he dreaming or having a health issue or some other reason
Why do we always have to try and figure everything out that is unknown
I am sure we all will go on with life as it flows by and we have no need to really know

When individuals live alone and have no touch or contact does it matter
As a society if each of us made an effort to reach out to others the world would change
Is it public knowledge that no touch or communication with an individual hurts them
Really do any of us care about this I think not for so many individuals are still alone
What will it take us to realize how important we are to each other that is unknown

How our minds works is such an important factor in this whole discovery of mind
Possibly we were somehow in our younger days misused by others knowingly or not
Affects of past happenings steers our life as each day happens and unfolds for us
You ask why should that matter to us well it does for so many reasons we cant know
Only God in His infinite wisdom can know these things for so many reasons

What happens if we go through life ignoring signs and warnings from God
It is my opinion that we miss so many blessings and rewards from our heavenly father
Could it be that in God not answering our prayers right away He is preparing us
If not us maybe the circumstances that bring about our much needed answer to prayer
Is being brought to the right place for each individual that affected by the answer

Is any of this really important to us you bet your sweet bibbie it is
All of the statements above were made to show  or lead us to what is really important
Trust and belief and waiting on the creators timing is of utmost importance to us all
Do we know this very fact no we do not nor should we for we could not understand it
Only our heavenly father should know for He controls and fixes what we messed up

So in closing thoughts let me bring clarity to the things that have been written down
To each of us different things will be important and viewed differently for we are unique
The same happening is viewed through different eyes and our experiences through life
But undeniably we are each vitally important to others around us all our lives
So lets pull together and care for each other and utmost is to trust and wait on God

written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
March 25, 2012

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