Watching as I sit here
The sky is so light blue
With small puffy clouds
The homes glow with sun

The wall I am sitting on
Feels cool in the noon day
Relaxing feels good to me
The morning was so busy

Now it is time for watching
And for what I am unsure
What I believe is God knows
So comfortably I trust Him

Years have swiftly passed by
For me I am still all alone
My daughters have children
And there are 5 grandchildren

Their lives are so busy and full
Driving kiddos here and there
Tap and ballet and hockey stuff
And hubby so busy providing needs

So I guess watching for their joy
In that I am very happy for them
Mom is getting older now and soon
To be 75 years young and alone still

How can I and we understand
The needs and positions of each other
This time becomes almost scary to me
All other relatives have passed on

So this watching is for the Lord
Will  today He choose to take me home
Some say no for He is not done with me
Waiting and wondering is never easy

But I have His assurance He won't go
With me He will always be guiding
Which way to turn or not to go at all
It is for sure others out there are watching

For what I think their journey's end
To us as believers it is our rock and anchor
For when we are called we leave earth
Then we are forever with Him in eternity

For me I wonder  have I wasted my life
On wrong decisions and actions for real
Does anyone out there see the good in me
God says that is satans lies and trickery

God says what I asked  you to do for me
The knowledge and wisdom were given you
For I never gave more than you could do
With my help always there for you

Now my mind comes back to this wall
God says trust and believe I have Boaz
It has taken time to coordinate all things
At My perfect timing together you will be

Then til I call you both home to Me
You both can serve me happily together
And rest assured I am well pleased too
Then you both hear Well Done for God

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
April 28, 2016

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