First and foremost my heart is with Jesus
For how could I not give my loyalty to Him
He obeyed His Father and gave His life for us
No greater Love is there than this kind

We were All born to love and serve Jesus
Trust is His Quality we can always count on
Our  Faith and Belief in His Truth's is paramount
My thankfulness can't even begin to be sufficient

My acceptance of His Peace is welcomed totally
Closeness in our personal relationship is rewarding
Happiness and Love grow deeper by the moment
Biggest of these is Love with it I have all I need

From this comes my everlasting Warmth eternally
Confidence really shines through with much Joy
Blessings Worthiness Gifts and Talents multiply
Creating for Jesus is one of my greatest gifts given

My other gifts throughout life have been close friends
In Auburndale were Shelia  Tina  Debbie who love me
Shelia was my supervisor as an Activity Director in Lakeland
Tina and Debbie my hair dressers helped beautify me daily

To this day we all have high loyalty for each other lovingly
Our lives hit tremendous lows and highs like a roller coaster
Thousands of miles and years have not diminished our ties
Phone calls  emails  and prayers fill us all tremendously

My heritage and family ties run deep for Owl's Head Maine
And the St. Clair love of the ocean and it's power is strong
St. Clair's lost a Grandfather  and  two uncles on trawlers
Their ships went down to the deep to never be found

I truly would love to be living in Owl's Head again one day
Tho that seems out of reach for many reasons financially
Still my childhood home memories on Shell Street is forever
That is where a big part of my heart lies eternally

Still my heart longs for a small home all paid in Auburndale
As I age the seasonal warmth becomes more important to me
Planning to get back to Florida is not easy but I shall try too
One day my heart's desire will be fulfilled by Jesus for sure

Then my love of Dancing and Fun and Warmth shall be
I shant forget my life in Rockland Maine any time soon
It brought great love and emotions after many years alone
Sometimes love and people are with you a short time

Still in my Heart's Tree and Mind is the desire for a degree
Oh many say that would be a waste of time at my age
I tell you no for the more you use the mind daily the better
Soon enough if I slack off all may slip away dreams are good

I dearly love my daughters Penny Jean and Lisa Lee
They are grown and have lives of their own and children
My grandchildren are my pride and joy deep with in
Jayme, Chrysta Marie, and Alexa,  Jake and Kaitlyn

There is no greater responsibility in life than motherhood
Some of us are better about it than others tho we try
Older generations often lived together in same house daily
Now grandparents are lucky if they even get a phone call

The daily schedules of planning and transporting are huge
For children need lessons for so many reasons to grow them
So Moms and Dads are very busy and still work also
So please pray for all parents old and young alike constantly

So now you know where my heart is continually
Each day still has it's heart aches and trauma sadly
For getting older has it's benefits and draw backs to handle
Trust and Faith in JESUS is essential to make it to the end

God bless you all even if what you read is upsetting too
I am honest in saying my heart longs for closeness with you
From my daughters and grandchildren and their partners
To friends from life and Face Book all are part of me

May the "Son" shine on your face and in your heart
He died on a tree for us willingly so long ago
Our Trust and Faith should always shine through to the world
For no greater Love can a person show than to die for us !

Written and created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
October 1, 2014

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