A Mother's Love
The moment we find out we are having a baby
We fall in love forever with the little bundle
It's a bond that shall never be broken for us
Regardless of how far they roam away from you

It is possible that you may cut the ties to them
That does not mean you have stopped loving them
They also may appear to not want you in their lives
Regardless the tie of blood will always be there

At times your heart may seem broken in two for them
It may even seem hard to understand how far they go
Remember always that you are their mother forever
Tho it appears their love is not returned to you

The bond of giving birth for me does not lessen

It shall always be my prayer their life be happy
That they shall find their way to the Lord sincerely
That they know my love is always growing for them

Go forward my dear children and be safe
Be honest and true to yourself and your friends
Never give up believing and striving for your faith
Focus on God sincerely and you will find Him !

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson

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