Afternoon Siesta
Such a perfect afternoon for a stroll in the field of flowers
Luckily I brought along a small tablecloth for sitting on
The field was in our back pasture near the Libby Barn
Such a good distance from sounds of the everyday world

Well the walk is so refreshing and relaxing
As I look back I see my cat and her baby followed me
Jumping up at butterflies and bumblebees in sheer delight
Momma cat keeps an eye on her baby as she strolls

Thinking back on childhood years I remember these same walks
Alice and her brother and sisters and I took on warm days
We all laughed and ran for joy through the fields of flowers
We would tumble and chase each other and play tag
Once we got to the Libby Barn we would all spread out climbing
By now the whole gang would  of joined us for the fun
Why we would climb the ladders into the loft and jump down
Into a well placed pile of hay bales so we'd not get hurt
Of course the boys would climb higher and faster then the girls
Elsa and Alice and I would after a short bit sit and chat
Those girl talks were so interesting as we were becoming teens
Laying back we'd watch the boys endlessly cavorting around
Soon the biggest part of everyone would leave to go do chores
As usual I'd stay behind and relax in the late afternoon sun
The parasol would shade my eyes and face from the warm sun
Yup for sure I'd dose off for a cat nap being watched by momma cat
Such a wonderful and memorable time of life for me and my pets
After about a half hour or so I'd wake up and play with the cats
Why even the birds would fly by and tease the cats each time
The baby kitten would dash here and there each time the birds flew by
My watch said almost four o'clock so it was time to head home
Mom would be expecting me to help her get supper ready for everyone
We would probably have baked chicken and mashed potatoes
A salad was always put on the table with a bowl of vegetables
We could be sure grandma St. Clair would always bake biscuits
And join us for supper when grandpa St. Clair was out at sea fishing
Back in those days families would live together in the same house
Helping each generation to learn what their parents taught them
Just a little bit further to go til I see our house over the small hill
Not to far from us was our one room school house Timber Hill
Mrs Clara Kelsey was  the teacher for all the grades in our school
Oh she was such a fine teacher and loved us all so dearly
Over the some  fifty odd years I'd wondered whatever happened to her
Their family owned  cabins in Rockport overlooking the ocean
To this day as I drive by there I think of her and her love for us
Mrs Kelsey will live on forever in our hearts and minds
I am back home now so I will close my thoughts with warm feelings
Yester year shall always be a part of me and my whole being
What I shall say to you is this hold and cherish those memories
Please don't ever think they are not important to you for they are
Those memories are the very foundation and character of whom you become
Yes and even when you pass your character down onto your grandchildren
Forever they and you shall live on through all eternity in them
Gods circle of love never ends or is broken for His plan is perfect
Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
September 19, 2013
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