Welcome To The Beauty God Sends
We Were Over Before It Even Began

Sad as it may be you ended us
You have looming ahead of you a devastating prognosis
Most men can't get past and you are no exception dear one
To try and hang on and fool myself is ridiculous

How surprised I was when you came calling in the beginning
Oh so slowly you started bringing little gifts to uplift me
Unsuspecting I soaked it in and grew to enjoy you
Then one evening you kissed me and hugged me oh so gently

From there our hearts welcomed each new get together with joy
Sitting next to you on the couch was fantastic and enjoyed
We cuddled and enjoyed each other so very much as time passed
Then you got sick and started to cough a lot and ended up hospitalized

You ended up in Togus til you were completely stabilized
Now you are at the Knox Home  a few streets away
It might as well be worlds away as I feel right now from grief
Spirits tell me to totally  be thankful for time we shared together

At this moment my heart is filled with sadness and pain
Tho I know time will bring clarity to all that happened to us
My only hope and prayer is that God carries you through
For a man becoming incapacitated from use of extremities is hard

So rest assured my dear sweet one I shall always love you and be here
If you ever have a moment of needing or thinking of me call 
My answer shall be swift and complete welcoming you back into my life
Fate brought us together and fate will bring us back together again

When we embrace each other again we shall never have to let go ever
You did and do mean the whole world to me dear one as I do to you
There is no mistaking that one fact and no family or friend shall prevail
True love and need always wins out no matter how long it takes

Til the next time my dear sweet one I bid you adew
When our arms meet our joy will be complete and lasting
All this is amazing for it is respectfully so we came to this moment
I Love and Embrace you completely dear sweet one

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
December 13, 2012
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I Love You Unconditionally!