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April, 1979

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

My dear friend:

Once again we come to your home in love, and welcome you again in our home, our hearts, and our thoughts. We are grateful for the thoughts and messages that come to us to share with all of you, our spiritual family.

One thought of this letter: We are hearing so much these days about shortages of energy.  All limitations are brought about by a sense of limitation, a belief in limitation. And that pertains to limitations in any form.  A personal limitation, or loss, is a consequence of our own beliefs, and we bring it to pass.  A national limitation is a consequence of the collective thoughts of the people.  If we collectively, or individually, fear a particular form or pattern all or if limitation, or if we mentally defy it,  we give power to its manifestation,  we help “precipitate e”  the experience. “Energy”   is Infinite - as God is Infinite. It may need to appear, or be used, in new forms, but it is infinitely available to us. If you will put that in your thoughts, if you will recognize that in your “belief system,” AND, be grateful for all that you have now,  then that is your contribution to the collective consciousness of the people. And, “according to our faith, it is done unto us.”  Have faith in abundant supply. 

Another thought for this letter:

Righteousness is the process of using Spirit constructively.  It is  “right - use - ness.” Righteousness is not the dogma, not the rigidity of cold frozen truths, that are sometimes put upon others as a burden, as a condemnation,  to be born along with their own depts  and sorrows.    The Christ - like application of pure love, unconditional love, radiated up on all  alike.  This is righteousness.                                               “ . . . Love your neighbor as yourself.”    (Matt.22:39)                  
“For if you love those who love you,  what is your  blessing?   For sinners also do the same.”            (Luke  6:32)                                                                                        
“But I say unto you who hear, Love your enemies  and do good to those who hate you.”     (Luke  6:27)

Thank you for being there. Thank you for being you.                                                                       I send you love and light, always.
William E. Achor


God accepts us unconditionally - no matter how far we have separated ourselves from Him.  That is love!  Unconditional acceptance!    And that is forgiving!

God holds aught against us. He binds no patterns to us.  He shall not ever consider  usurping our free will that He gives us,  nor will He deny us as his children, no matter how we deny Him.

Just as the prodigal son took his leave from the unconditional love all his father's love, so do we separate ourselves from the unconditional love of our Father, our Creator.

And just as the returning prodigal son was accepted unconditionally and enfolded in his father's love and abundance;  so too are we  accepted and enfolded in the love and the whole Kingdom of our Father when we turn to Him.

So shall we know love in our fellow man  by our unconditional acceptance of him - no matter his manner of receiving are rejecting. We shall radiate our thoughtfulness, our unconditional warmth upon him and hold aught against him not bind him to his patterns.  Nor shall we give continuing recognition or emphasis to the reality of the very patterns themselves; else we make those patterns a part of us.

Unconditional  acceptance  -  IS love!                                                                                                               

And as we give that  -  we shall surely experience that.
And as we experience that  -  shall shortly give it!

Unconditional acceptance does not condone nor support destructive expressions  -  words or actions, on the part of another.     NEITHER CAN IT CONDEMN HIM!

Unconditional acceptance releases him to the free will given each of us by our  Creator.   It similarly    RELEASES HIM TO EXPERIENCE THE CONSEQUENCE    of his thoughts and actions. The “him” may be son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, friend or stranger.

The father of the prodigal son did not entreat his son to reconsider  his choice of separation,  his path of error, nor did he go after him and conjole him to mend his ways.    HE RELEASED HIM UNCONDITIONALLY, TO HIS CHOICES AND TO THE CONSEQUENCE OF HIS CHOICES.       No condoning !     No condemning!

Nor should we cajole others to mend their ways.   Rather be the best example we can be.   Practice it!    And accept them unconditionally when they turn to you for understanding and guidance.     Christ shows us the way.