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Issue  # 1, 1982 April

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

We have had some busy months our new S.O.S headquarters.  Many delightful and fulfilling experiences have occurred here, and, also some drastic and heavy learning experiences. Both are part of our opportunities for Spiritual growth. These experiences that I speak of in general have occurred more in the lives of those who are led to us, and those who are a part of the consciousness of S.O.S; but some have been happening to us as well. These experiences are also mentioned in the President’s report to the annual membership meeting. A copy of that text is enclosed for each one on our mailing list.

In every path of growth there are peaks and there are valleys. Occasionally, as we climb toward the higher consciousness, we catch glimpses of a great tall peak in the distance (a very special every transcendental experience) and that is as a promise of what we may achieve if we continue our climb. The valleys are the low points in our experiences, the dark times. The intermediate peaks and ridges are the fulfillments, the high points, that we experience in our journey of living. As we continue our climb toward the higher peaks of awareness, we may become aware that the “low points” are no longer so deep and so dark as they used to be. We may even come to realize that these low points are higher than some of our “high points” used to be.

There are pitfalls along the way, of course, and forks in the trail that may lead us downward again. It is up to each of us to find our own way and make our own choices in our climb toward the ultimate peak of total freedom . . . The Christ Being.

There are always spiritual friends with us on the trail, however, wherever we are, to help us out of the traps and to help us get back on the right trail; and to give us strength when we tire. Thank God, they are there.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for being a part of us . . .

My love and my blessings of with you.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor


In humility one does not belittle the self, in thoughts or in words; neither would one exalt a justify one’s worth.

In humility we may recognize and acknowledge our self worth and are content with the knowing. In humility we do not dwell on this awareness of self worth, we simply let it be.

When we speak for recognitions, when we speak aggressively to convince another of our “way”; we are projecting a self concept of superiority. That is not humility.

When we would give unsolicited advice; we are judging; we speak from an assumed position of authority  -  superiority. This is not humility.

Should we proofer our advice, unsolicited; we are deciding what the person needs. That is our judgment, our judgment of him; and we may quickly be judged for our interference; quickly experience the stress of resentment when our advice is ignored.

If you feel any resentment when your advice to another is not followed, or does not even appear to be considered, then you are not “offering” or “giving” the advice; but are issuing directives, you have represented an attitude of authority and superiority.

When someone asks for our advice; that person has recognized a need and seeks answers. We may then be a channel for the resolving of that need.

When we asked for advise, even though the words are not spoken; we may share and offer our understandings; considerately and lovingly.

In humility there is no resentment and no judgment when our recommendations, our advice, are not taken. For these were only offered, freely given, and carries with it no expectation, no directive, and no commitment for compliance or obedience. There is no implied authority, or superiority, but a sharing, a caring . . . and a loving acceptance. This is humility.

Humility does not require us to let others use us as an accomplice, an ally in their needs of self justifications; their seeking for human satisfactions.

Humility does not deny us the right of awareness. We are to recognize where another person is in their motivations and in their expressions of the “self”. It is appropriate to beware (be  aware ) of their greeds, their selfish desires, their thoughtless impost ions. It is not humility to give in to their impositions, to secede to their concepts of what they need to want from us.

It is spiritual strength and a recognition of your own self worth, to follow your own inner guidance and not act or speak to please another. You help another most by being true to your Self.

Comprising yourself to please another is not humility; but weakness or misunderstanding. Doing something for another because you really want to, because it truly pleases you to do so; and when it has the feeling of quality, of rightness; that is loving generosity, a sharing of your Self. IT DOES NOT THEN COMPROMISE YOUR OWN BEING. In this way you are truly helping; you are giving from your own strength of being; you are sharing your wholeness . . . expressing love . . . expressing the Christ within. This is compassion; expressed  with strength and humility. In this there is fulfillment and joy.

It is spiritual strength to withhold sympathy, but give compassion; to share the strength that you have. It is spiritual strength that permits you to be a loving friend without being used or compromised by the desires of another’s mind and emotions. We need not take on the vibrations of him whom we would help; we cannot help him if we do. We then support his errors; we crutch the weakness. It is not appropriate to do anything to “prove” our love. That is a trap. The consistency of our loving acceptance and our friendship is its own proof.

There cannot be true humility without spiritual strength. There cannot be true spiritual strength without humility. And there can be neither without love.

God will not share in our weaknesses. He is always there, wherever we are in consciousness, accepting us, loving us, being available to us. He does not share in the vibrations of our humanness; but lovingly permits us these experiences that our illusions create. No matter how depraved or how vaulted these illusions of ours may appear, He does not inject any admonishment; He does not enter into it, support it. He does not give sympathy. Neither does He permit the ramblings of our minds and illusions to enter in and dilute the purity of His Kingdom. That simply cannot be; they just don’t fit. Yet, when we are  ready to seek for an answer to our sufferings; when we genuinely reach out for help in resolving our dilemnas; God is there . . . without fanfare . . . totally loving . . . totally accepting . . . ready to share His Strength and Wholeness . . . His Compassion . . . His Wisdom and Understanding . . . His Unlimiting Love.

We shall eventually learn to do likewise, we are to practice in that direction, in that Way, the Christ Way . . . and then we shall share our Self, our Love, with the greatest of strength and humility; His Strength . . . His Humility . . . expressing through us.
William E. Achor


When this seed of the Truth is planted it grows apace, yet it grows unconsciously in the individual who is conscious only of the Divine, where the greatest and the smallest one.

Know that the most exalted and the most humble are the expression of the one Divine Spirit. Then the humblest becomes the greatest in the greatest becomes the unassuming.

This is my peace, this is my love, this is the power of the Christ that dwells in every soul. So be it with you. 

- Divine Healing of Mind and Body -
  Murdo McDonald-Bayane

When you find life is getting too much for you
And you feel weighed down by it  Stop -
And look at a child.

Life is not complicated for a child
It lives fully in the moment
Enjoying what it is doing
It does not really worry about tomorrow
And what it may bring
Life is good for that child
Life is fun
Life is glorious and exciting.
- Foundations of Findhorn -
Eileen Caddy