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My dear friends,

After 6 months of silence (since February, 1978 newsletter) we meet again. I have missed having these communications and am happy to be with you again via this mailing. I am grateful to all of you for being there - for being you. Since my last letter my wife and I have covered much of our country, 24 states, and have had a variety of expanding experiences. Now I am ready to continue, from here once more, this channel of witness, of representation, of love, of God; the channel that brought me to Florida, that brought me into S.O.S.

There is no better place to start than in recognizing Truth - identifying Truth. I refer you, therefore, to the beginning of this year, to the January message on "Truth" as the initiating point for that which I would share with you now.

In addition to the enclosed message, I wish to share with you the following excerpt from an enlightening little book that "found" its way to me: "The World Of Serendipity" by Marcus Bach:

"Why did what happened, happen"?

1. It happened either for your growth or for your guidance.

2. It happened because you drew what happened to yourself by conscious or unconscious forces.

3. It happened not for your benefit, but for the benefit of someone else - and that someone else, of course, may have been you.

I have missed you!
I have been away too long!
May I still be known and welcome in your home - your heart.

You shall always be in my heart.
My love and my blessings I give to you, always.

William E. Achor
August, 1978

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and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --


As we toured the country we continued to have our regular meditation at 1:00 PM each day (EDT). Here is a message I received during meditation July 11:

"The protective shield of white light which we may draw about us, is not meant to be a barrier isolating us from our experiences and circumstances, but rather to purify our perception of them."

So many of us would like to avoid, to escape, our experiences and our circumstances; yet: WE WOULD NOT EXPERIENCE THAT WHICH WE ARE EXPERIENCING IF IT WERE NOT NECESSARY FOR THE EVOLVMENT OF OUR UNDERSTANDING; FOR OUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH. That is a fundamental Truth! We may of course resist the lesson. We may choose not to understand and so we continue to experience the same pattern over and over. We may move to another location; we may find new and different employment - but - we continue to repeat the experience pattern, until we learn to understand, until we change the pattern - OUR PATTERN! Then acceptance replaces rejection, joy replaces sorrow, harmony and peace replaces stress and strife, love replaces hate. It is in these realizations that we find our God given birthright - freedom, freedom from any fear whatsoever; we find the "peace that passeth understanding."

When we truly understand, when we truly have faith in all that Jesus taught, all that God IS, all that we are; we shall know Joy everlasting. We would not sorrow in death for we would know there is no death. We would not be upset by the appearance of things in our earthly experiences for we would know these are "of the world" not a Truth in God. We may draw the deep joy of Love into every experience regardless of appearances and experience the "table He prepares for us in the midst of our enemies."

I like this story: A man and his family were moving into a new town. As they approached this town they stopped at a service station. The man inquired of the proprietor, "How are the people in this town?" The proprietor answered with a question, "How were the people where you came from?". The man said, "We were unfortunate. We lived in a town where the people were very unfriendly. They were mean and uncooperative, always finding fault and picking fights. The business people were like that, too." The proprietor replied quietly, "You will find people here are the same way."

A short time later another car pulled into the same service station and the woman in the car asked the same question, "How are the people in this town?" and the proprietor responded with his question, "How were the people where you came from?". The woman replied, "We were fortunate; the people were so beautiful. We had so many good friends. We didn't want to leave but the company my husband works for asked him to move here. I just hope we will be as happy in your town." The proprietor smiled and answered, "You will be. You will find it will be the same way here as it was where you came from."

YOU CAN FIND YOUR HAPPINESS ONLY WHERE YOU ARE. (Never somewhere you are not.)

I truly trust that you have found your peace and happiness, and that you are expressing - sharing - that joy with those about you; so that it may be multiplied for all.


"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies."

When we put our faith in Spirit, in God, and live in that faith; we shall know harmony in the midst of in harmony, joy where sorrow appears dominent, abundance in the midst of apparent limitations, peace in the midst of strife and chaos, and love where others may find only hate. It is with these and more that God sets our table as we accept and apply the spiritual way in our thoughts and our actions.


(something to ponder)
Do I love the me that I am? Do I love to hear the things that I say; the thoughts that I experience? Would I love another who displays my attitudes; my reactions?