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1979,   Issue   #3  August

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

If any of you have tried to reach us by telephone, recently, I am sorry if you were unable to make contact.  There has been a disruption in our scheduled office hours during much of May and June; mostly because we have had to move.  The owner chose to move into the house that has been S. O. S. headquarters,  and my home, for the past 2 ½ years.   We are now in our new location, a “patio villa”, which is a nice single-story condominium apartment. We have established a P. O. BOX  address  for        S. O. S. to assure a continuity of contact.  (See bottom of this sheet.)    Our telephone number is unchanged.

Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each morning, Tuesday through Friday.  You may call us any time, any day, but we try to make sure someone is here to receive calls during these scheduled hours.

The subject of my message this time was going to be Reality. As I proceeded to write, it became obvious that this could be a whole book.   I have subsequently sought to pick out some connected thoughts on this subject and will expand on these thoughts with later messages.  This mailing deals with my primary understandings in the philosophy or psychology of life and reality; which seems to be a reasonable starting point for the whole subject of reality.  Actually this message deals more with unreality - or, Illusions of Reality -  to clear the path toward understanding the greater reality.

We are with you each day at 1 p.m.   and we enfold  you then,  each day,  in God’s  all - pervading  love, in our expression of our love and blessings for each of you.

William E Achor

William  E.  Achor,   Minister

The contentment of the cow, the living spirit of grass; Are a part of the milk,  that I have in my glass.  The beauty of the flower, the industry of bees; Are in the honey, the nectar, that I receive.  The grain of the earth,  the staff of my life; Is contained in each morsel,  of toast that I bite.   Thank you God,   for your nature,  your sustenance; The pattern of spirit ,  in this physical substance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
W. E. A.   
“There is a hunger in every human heart,  which nothing can satisfy or appease  -  a hunger for the Real,  a hunger for the Sublime.   It is the nostalgia  of the spirit - soul of man.   The source of this longing is the home - sickness brought about by the soul - memory of our spiritual abode,  whence we came and towards which we are now on our return - journey.”
      -  From Golden Precepts,  by  G.  dePurucker  -

“ - - -  no problem ever comes to you that does not have a purpose in your life,  that cannot contribute to your inner growth.”                                                                                                                                                 

-  Peace Piligrim  -

Some times after meditation,  Hazel sits at her typewriter and talks to God;  and types out whatever thoughts she receives.  Here is one of those messages:

“If you can learn to live each moment  as the only now,   you will automatically erase any action that is contrary to the Glory of God, for you are then in My care and a true channel of blessing.”  -

Hazel  -  

When we continually recognize and think about our problems,  we begin to experience them as our reality.   But what is our reality ?  Here is a story,  expanded from that which you may have heard me present before:

Three people walked along a busy street, the same street, on the same day, and at the same time of the day.  The first person was in an angry and hostile mood.   He saw dirty streets, the confusion of traffic, broken dirty sidewalks and pushy dirty people.  He saw the cracked and peeling paint on the buildings. He felt the oppressive heat of the sun.  He saw petty conflicts everywhere.  He resented the crowds of people and felt their resentment of him. If someone jostled him,  he bumped back in retaliation.   A child trying to run through the crowd of people bumped into him and fell.  His impulse was to kick the boy,  but he simply glowered,  released an abusive epithet  and marched on.   The whole thing was a miserable experience for  him and it confirmed his feeling about the negative nature of his fellow man. HIS EXPERIENCE OF THE HOSTILITY OF HIS FELLOW MAN JUSTIFIED HIS HOSTILE ATTITUDE.

The second person was light of heart and spirit.   This person sensed harmony and purpose in the flow of the traffic and the people.   He saw beauty in the colorful window displays and in the apparel of those about him.   He saw joy and mutual consideration considerate - ness   amongst the people along the way.   He enjoyed the bright radiance of the sun.   He acknowledged the warm smiles and acceptance of the people he encountered as he moved along.   A child dashing -  through the crowd ran into him and fell.   He immediately stooped down and lifted the boy up, brushed him off,  spoke reassuringly to him,  then sent him on his way.  This second person in our story had a pleasant experience that day.    HIS EXPERIENCE JUSTIFIED HIS BELIEF IN THE INNATE GOODNESS AND FRIENDLINESS OF HIS FELLOW MAN.

The third person walk this street as though in a trance.    He was totally immersed in self concern, he was in a deep rut of worry;   thinking about the unfairness of the world toward him.   He thought many dire sentences and conjured up many images;   about the disasters he had experienced and the disasters that lay before him;   thoughts that had been repeated and embellished so many times that he had worn them into a deep circular mental rut that went nowhere.   Very little of his being projected over the walls of his rut and little could reach him there.    He had virtually no experience, no awareness of those about him or of their activities. The dashing child ran into him and fell,  he stepped around the boy and proceeded,  just barely aware of this brief disruption to his movement.   He felt very much alone.   In retrospect he felt that he had been shunned, shut out by his fellow man.   He thought it was no wonder he felt so alone;  no one liked him.       HIS EXPERIENCE JUSTIFIED HIS SENSE OF ISOLATION.

Where is the actual reality?   Each of these people  encountered the same time/space environment and each experienced a different reality.  To each,  that which he experienced is real,  and it is not likely that they would be convinced it was not real.   “They should know,  they were there!”

From our more expanded point of view we have encompassed the whole scene.  We recognize the  “role”  of each person on the street and witness  the interplay,  the balance of harmonies and  disharmonies and are aware of the attitudes in the “actors” which generate the varied experiences.  Yet we,  too,  in our broader  viewpoint, are being aware of one small segment of time and space;  one local place;  one-short  stretch of time, and, WE  EACH  PERCEIVE REALITY THROUGH  OUR  OWN  THOUGHTS  AND  AWARNESS,  OUR OWN PATTERNS  FOR  PERCEPTIVITY.

So what is reality?   Wherever we may stand in our individual stage of evolvement,   reality is that which we believe to be real.   We may each,  from our own point of reference,  sense that there are greater realities,  and may actively seek them -  in fact we should - but until our framework of understanding is ready to comprehend,  to understand,  to include the greater reality as a part of our total belief system,  we must operate in the realities as we recognize them.   REALITY, THEN, FOR EACH OF US, IS THAT WHICH WE PERCEIVE TO BE REAL.   We can simultaneously recognize that this reality we perceive is only temporary.   THIS REALITY THAT WE PERCEIVE MAY  BE TERMED  OUR  “WORKING REALITY”.

An expanded concept of reality is this:  That which is truly real never changes;  it is for ever the same,   always has been,   and forever will be,   throughout all of eternity,   all of infinity.   Nothing of the physical world is real sense it is all subject to change.   If it is not real,  then it is illusion  -  and so what is!  The illusion is in our perception of it  -  as illustrated by the story at the beginning of this message.   But this greater reality,  the unchanging reality, is to abstract,  too nebulous;  un -“workable”;  so we must exist in our  “working realities”.   It is through our working  realities that we may learn more of the true reality and thus evolve  in both;    existence and reality.   As we evolve;  our working reality expands to encompass and understand more of the true reality and more of that true reality then expresses through us as our working reality is subsequently we have more harmonious experiences.

It is not my purpose to take away from you your reality,  but rather to help you to understand the nature of your reality  -   as your “working reality”;   so that you may know  is not fixed our rigid.     Your   working reality   is important and necessary for it is the reflection of your creation,  the biofeedback of your own consciousness.   Without this working reality we are not aware of that which we have created in our patterns of consciousness.

You can not change some one elses working reality,  but you can change  your own.  And in changing  your  own,  you  often effect a change in the apparent reality of others  -  when they are ready,  or willing.

The angry person in our story may have encountered the happy person and a responsive spark within may have been touched.   Or he may simply have gotten so sick of suffering his negative experiences that he seeks and finds wise counsel.  He may be told first of all to be aware that he is responsible for the nature of that which he experiences.   Next it may be suggested that he practice  a more open awareness and more tolerance of others;   and third,  he may be told to take the time to question and analyze his deeper motivations, to be aware of what it is that causes his reactions.

“Why does that make me mad?”    “Why is it that I feel hurt?”   “WHAT  IMAGE,  WHAT  CONCEPT, DO I HOLD TO SO DOUBTFULLY  THAT  IT CANNOT  WITHSTAND  THE  TEST  OF  INTRUSIONS?” “Why  can’t  I  let others be what they are without reacting?”    “I will release them!  I will release the pattern in me that causes my reaction!   I will practice!   I will have a better life.”

Let’s time travel back to the beginning of our story now and replay the role of the first  person.  He is now trying to be more open,  more aware,  more harmonious.   He still sees some of the dirt and  decay here and there, but he isn’t so focused on it.   He is looking for color and harmony and see some of that, too.   He walks along a little uncertain,  trying a smile now and then and feeling a bit of a glow when the smile is returned.   Someone bumps him.   There's  an instant automatic flare - up inside,  but ,  it is caught up short,  analyzed, released.   In this preoccupation of thought,  he accidentally bumps another person   -  a realization explodes in him as to how others might also bump innocently  - not with malice.   Instead of anger at the one he bump for being in his way,  he says spontaneously,   “Pardon me”.    That is a real breakthrough. He is on his way to a better life experience.

So what once here comes an angry one,  intentionally  pushing and bullying his way through life  -  and in this instance,  along this particular sidewalk.    And our new neophyte of expanding awareness is confronted with the experience of this glowering human who pushes him aside with a curse.  This is a test!  A fork  in the road!   Will he revert to familiar pattern (the left fork) and strike back in like manner, or will there be a shock of realization,   “My God!  Is that the way I was?”   The feeling, if not the thought,  may even be there to  “forgive him for he knows not what he does”.   (He does not realize the “Hell”   he is creating for himself,  the reaping,  the fruits of anger and force that shall return manyfold to him from the seeds he is sowing.)   And our neophyte has chosen the right fork in the path of his evolving spiritual nature.   In his new reality of experience however,  at this particular time,  he is more likely to shake his head a little sadly in disbelief of what he experienced and move on.  He still took the right fork.   He can now expand onward  from there -  grow in his Spiritual evolvement.

You can take any of your experience patterns  and fit the character of these into this story,  or a similar story,  and realize the underlying nature of thoughts  that create them;  both  “good and “bad” experiences.   And those things you would like to experience differently;  you can,  if you choose to.   Dare to change your pattern of thinking;  dare to recognize the nature of your creations  -  you do create the nature of your experiences.   First:  Realize, accept, that the pattern of your experiences are from the patterns of your consciousness.    Second:   Determine  to practice  -  and do practice  -  a more open awareness  -  and an acceptance of others in their working realities.    Third:  Be aware of your deeper motivations and re - evaluate these motives as to whether they are selfish,  or generous in relationship with your fellow man.

The more harmonious and generous your thoughts and your motives,  the closer your belief system approaches true reality;  and greater peace and harmony shall be our experience.

William  E. Achor

Here are some thoughts from Dr. William  R.  Parker:

An important point is this:   WE ACT OUT WHAT WE BELIEVE ABOUT OURSELVES,   WHAT WE  BELIEVE OURSELVES  TO BE.   Our behavior,  our feelings, our actions,  are entirely  consistent with our  Self  - Image.  We Act Like the person we conceive ourselves to be. Further, we will draw or attract to us what we believe and what we act out.   We may say to ourselves,  “No one cares about what I think”,  and as a result,  withdraw and remain quiet  and shy.  When no one speaks to us because of this behavior,  it only confirms what we already believe to be true.



An affirmation from a meditation:

Today, I am blessed,  for God has given me this day so that I may learn to recognize and enjoy the beauty and harmony of His creations.   His presence is in the nature of all that I see, all that I touch

There is nothing outside of God.  His presence, His spirit is present in every object,  every person,  every situation.   It is only the blindness of my mind, the ignorance of my thoughts, that keep me from experiencing Him invite every activity.   He who has eyes to see,  let him see.   He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

The  Spiritual  Journey   of  Joel Goldsmith,   by Lorraine Sinkler.   Let us know if you want help in finding this book, or any book.   I am grateful to a dear spiritual friend for sending me this book.