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1980  Issue  #  4  August

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend :
We are inclined now and then to think with you found THE Truth about some aspect of man; his nature, and his relationships to life and to God. When we think we have found THE Truth about anything  -  it is then that we knowingly or unknowingly a wrecked walls to protect the perimeters of our beliefs. It is then that we stop expanding, stopped growing, but we are no longer open to broader concepts that are outside our walls of belief. This happens to churches, and it happens to individuals. It is then that truths become frozen  -  dogmatic; and they must then be imposed on others  -  are defended against invasion. When someone argues vehemently to defend, or to convince others of, something they believe in; I sometimes wonder, “What beliefs are you holding so tenuously that you must defend it so strenuously?” If you are fully comfortable with your beliefs  -  that is sufficient within yourself. You may then represent that belief and thought and action, quietly and confidently,  (sometimes dynamically) to those who can listen. Some people are so occupied with forming their arguments  -  protecting their walls  - space that they truly do not hear anything that is said to them. . . and, unless they are ready to tear down their walls  (a very emotional process), you may as well release them to their own determinations  -for you can’t reach them. Simply except for where they are in their process of living, and go on your way. Remember though, if you, too, are arguing for your belief; they may just as justifiably adapt this same philosophy of release toward you. If neither releases; then both carry away with them a contained sense of anger, frustration and animosity; and in a poisoning which is self inflicted. So  “Let your peace returned to you”,  “Shake off the dust” of their attitudes, then negativities; and go your way with a full heart.  (Matt. 10:13, 14)

There is no real growth without change; yet many, most of us, are reluctant didn’t to accept changes  -  especially in our established patterns of belief. Even then, however, even though a person has erected high walls at the limits of his beliefs, he can still learn a lot within those walls; by tilling the soil in those enclosed fields of belief to refine them and to bring forth good fruits in their relationships and understandings, especially with others who share similar beliefs.   (Group consciousness  -  the “birds of a feather.”)

There is of course, and opposite extreme; those who have no set pattern of belief. They flow this way and that way, like a ship with no keel, no sail, and no rudder. They cannot cultivate their fields of belief to yield any recognizable fruits because their fields are unstable  -   here today and gone tomorrow.

As a matter of balance, it is better to outline our beliefs were flexible, low fences of demarcation  -  not the barriers of rigid walls. We can then cultivate our knowledge within these perimeters, operate within these beliefs and outward from these beliefs. After same time, we can be alert and open to new understanding that we may perceive past our fences and these may change the patterns with in our fields of belief and may push the fences out here and there to encompass an expanding scope of awareness.

You can comfortably ponder beyond your boundaries, among the belief patterns of others, if you wish to. And you can let others come in and explore your fields of beliefs. If you are truly comfortable with your beliefs, you need no walls to conceal them. You have no need to protect your beliefs from invasion and confusion, or to limit the outreach of your own awareness is. You are free to see and to listen to the understandings of others and perhaps expand your perimeters of understanding as well.

We do need to pause occasionally on plateaus of our growth process to “take stock” of that which we have encompassed  -  to us simulate and integrate our beliefs and understandings, and to sort out inconsistencies and any mis-understandings we may have picked up during a surge of expansion.
Remember this: If there are three billion people in this world, then there are three billion concepts of what man is and is not; of what God is, or is not. We should seek after the areas of our conccurrences and share these. We may discuss and compare our areas of difference, without dissension, once we have recognized the harmony of our commonalities; so long as we respect and accept each others rights to hold different beliefs and understandings. WE CAN EVEN FIND HARMONY IN THE ACCEPTANCE OF OUR DIFFERENCES; rather than being threatened by them.  “Viva   la  difference.” There is vitality, or can be, in the harmony of differences.

The understandings that I have been given, and the belief that I have coalsced through perception and thought, are for two purposes:  (1) For my own growth and expanded awareness.  (2) To share with you and to all participants in S. O. S.

I have attempted a sort my beliefs from my understandings, so that I do not mislead you: Beliefs, are those concepts that are consciously deprived in these may or may not precede understanding. Understanding, is that “knowing” which comes through the nature of experience, and sometimes transcends that which we have heretofore consciously believed.

Both, however, are subject to change. Beliefs are based on certain premises, some of which may be faulty. If and experiences not consistent with what we have believed; then we may need to check our premises and altar of beliefs. There can be no such thing as “an exception to the rule”. If one circumstance does not comply with a “believed” principle; then the involved principle is either an adequate, or there is an error in the underlying premises on which the principal was founded. Understandings, on the other hand come through the capacity of our perceptions. We cannot receive any “true” that is too far be on the framework of our comprehension our acceptance. Therefore even the divinely given understandings are given in terms and in accordance with our capacity to receive.

Experiences may also be misinterpreted so that our understandings may then be misunderstandings. This can happen when the actuality of an experience is too far removed from our capacity for perception; or when it contradicts rigid beliefs which must then be protected by rationalizing (rational lighting) the experience, creating artificial perceptions to replace the actuality.

As we absorb and integrate that which is openly and honestly “experienced”; AND APPLY IT; we may expand our capacities for understanding and then a greater truth may be given.

If I were in grade school learning in addition and subtraction, I could experience a revelation on the in-of terrelationship of numbers, and perhaps be given to understand multiplication and division. This would be a dramatic revelation from that level of my growing awareness. If such an expansion of understanding was divinely given; I may think now understand all there is to know about math.  “After all, this is from The One Source, so it must be the whole truth”. My curiosity is sated in my learning experience stops. (I could not, at the early revelation, have been given a revelation on algebra, trigonometry, or calculus; they would have been meaningless to me.) The greater harmonies of math must await my proficiency at the “lower levels” and a subsequent curiosity, a seeking, for greater understanding, before these greater “truths” may be perceived.

The experiences in the manifest physical world are truly the equivalent of elementary classes. As we apply here, that which we come to understand, a more expanded understanding may be perceived.

It is my intent to present my understandings and my beliefs as they have come to me and as I continue to receive the; and to present these simply and as clearly as I can  -  but  -  without expecting or needing agreement in every detail from everyone (or anyone). At the same time, however, I do hope to experience harmony with each of you; both in our conccurrences, and in our differences. And I hope that you shall be able to do the same with all who you can chance to meet in your life associations.

I love you, and I bless you in all things.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor
Minister , S.O.S.

I would have you know
The joys I have found;
Not the sorrows I have reaped,
In my process of learning.
  . . . . .
Can not profit from
My experiences, and my time;
I then bless you and yours,
Both in joys, and in yearning.

William E. Achor


Release accepts what is; release for ease others to experience that which they must experience without the burden of our judgment.  “Loving release” bless them in their process of growth, recognizing that their process cannot be ours, nor can their suffering be our suffering. (We make our own.)

Rejection ever imparts guilt and suffering on all concerned. Rejection is a form of condemnation which is judgmental. There is no such thing as “loving rejection”; that is a contradiction with in itself. He who rejects, suffers the more.
RECOMMENDED READING:   “2158 A. D.”, by Thea Alexander

This book is fiction, but the philosophies underlying this story of much the same as that which I would teach. Many will consider this book “far -out”, and I suppose in many ways it is, but Thea Alexander has done an excellent job of bringing many of the deeper  -  more expanded  -  spiritual realities into believable form through her fine fictional presentation. (My thanks to Diane Carpenter for bringing “2150 A. D.” to our attention.)




Pauline T. Stephens