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Issue  #4, 1981 August

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

I’m glad to be with you again. Several of those who receive our messages, expressed appreciation for the materials that were included in our May mailing  (Issue  #3,  1981) and a few obtained extra copies to pass along to others, or asked us to add a friend or relative to our mailing list. We are always happy to do either. We maintain a supply of extra copies for each mailing that has gone out since 1977 and these are available for the asking.

My message this time is of a unique meditation experience and all subsequent discussions with our   S. O. S.  group regarding man’s relationship to the nature of our world as we create it and as we experience it. I hope you enjoy it.

Hazel and I, both, extend to you our love and our blessings in all that you do and in all that you experience.

With love and light.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor

If a baby gave up,
With its very first fall.
Or up to the hundredth
Kept on giving its all.
Then abandoned all hope,
Relinquished all trying.
And laid there henceforth
Dejected and crying.
What manner of adult
Would this babe come to be?
Whining about
On his hands and his knees?
What a strange perspective . . .
And so little to see.
There’s no sin in a fall,
It’s a natur’l advent.
It comes to us all, and,
God ne’er calls, “Repent!”, But,
‘Tis a sin to one’s self
To stay down there and moan;
When one could again try
Not just whimper and groan.
Rise up; like the child in
Its natural yearning
To walk through and tall;
See in that the assuring:
It’s but trial and error; the
The process for learning.
-W.E. Achor -



“Twas battered and scarred”, and the auctioneer          
Thought it scarcely worth his while                                       
To waste much time on the old violin,                                 
But he held it up with a smile.                                           
“What am I bidden good folk?”  he cried.                   
“Who’ll start the bidding for me?”                                         
“A dollar _a dollar    _  then two, only two”_                                                             
“Two dollars, and who’ll make it three?”                     
“Going for three”_ but no _                                               
From the room far back, a grayhaired man                  
Came forward and picked up the bow,                            
Then, wiping the dust from the old violin,                         
And tightening the loosened strings,                                      
He played a melody pure and sweet                                      
As a caroling angel sings..

The music ceased and the auctioneer,                                  
With a voice that was quiet and low,                                 
Said, “NOW what am I bid for the old violin?”                      
And he held it up with the bow.                                             
“A thousand and who’ll make it two?”                              
“Two thousand and who’ll make it three?”                        
“Three thousand once _ three thousand twice _”
“And going _ and gone,” he cried.                                          
The people cheered, but some of them cried,                           
“We do not understand.                                                   
“What changed it’s worth?”  Quick came the reply,       
“The touch of the Master’s hand.” 
And many a man with life out of tune,                                  
And battered and scarred with sin,                                         
Is auctioned cheap to a thoughtless crowd,                          
Much like the old violin.                                                             
A mess of pottage _ a glass of wine,                                         
A game _ and he travels on;                                                  
He’s going once _ and going twice. _                                   
He’s going _ and almost gone.                                              
But the master comes, and the foolish crowd                  
Never can quite understand                                                 
The worth of a soul, and the change that’s wrought            
- Source Unknown -
We are grateful to Levant DeWolf, Jr. for sharing this poem with us.


In a meditation experience several weeks ago, I was consciously aware of “expanding”. My mind, my awareness, was free of my physical body, moving in a different realm entirely; moving in the Soul realm, the realm of consciousness, the realm of Spirit.  I continued to expand in all directions at the same time, yet none of the “directions” were physical, they were in Spirit. I was beyond time and space; and there was a beautiful awareness of wholeness and freedom.  As this expansion continued; I realized this was awareness of attunement, at-one-ment, with all-pervading, all encompassing, Spirit.

I became aware that some of those in our S.O.S. prayer list were joining this expanded consciousness of Being; and then others, people I love dearly and people I hardly know, were there with me. This did not interfere with the expansion, it enhanced it. More and more people were entering in; joining. I then realized with an overwhelming sense of awe and humbleness that this expanded consciousness was me, my consciousness, my being. There was a sense of meekness-mereness.  Not a meekness of weakness, but a quiet Divine vastness and strength. Nor was it a bumbling humbleness, but the humbleness of loving, harmonious wholeness.

I realized that all of these people, all people, were a part of me; and more then just the people; their environments - and the mine, too - were totally within my being, in this wondrous realm of Spirit.  All things are within the spiritual self.  I was actually experiencing it. Then the expansion stopped, and in that glorious moment came the awareness that:AT THE SAME TIME THAT ALL WERE TOTALLY ENCOMPASSED WITHIN ME; I WAS ALSO AT THE SAME TIME TOTALLY ENCOMPASSED WITHIN EACH OF THEM. And this was so even though there awareness was not expanded to realize this, their unity of oneness.

In a part of my consciousness there were questions forming, “How can this be?”  How can these others be completely within my being while I am at the same time completely within the being of each of them?”


“You are used to thinking within the laws of the finite which concludes that two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time. There is no such limitation in Spirit. Time, space and all being is encompassed simultaneously throughout Spirit.  In the total reality Spirit is the Infinity of each being. Spirit IS Infinity.  There is nothing outside of Infinite Spirit, and this is God, in whom all simultaneously live, and move, and have our being.  Consider the radio waves and the TV waves, of many stations; these simultaneous in your  time/space, each filling the whole of the time/space within their range and yet these do not confuse this separateness from one another. And think how the myriad thoughts of billions of people each occupy the whole of thought space everywhere, throughout the universe and beyond. There is neither confusion, nor loss of their identities.  Any “one” in the whole may be tuned to individually.

“So, too, as you expand in your awareness, in your reality;  you become more aware of what Spirit is and are more of the whole that Spirit is;  until you become infinitely expanded. You shall then know your Infinite Self, your Whole Being and now that you contain within you all that is.  This is God’s will for you, that you grow to realize your infinity, the Infinity that you already are, as one with Him.  As each of you recognize your infinite nature, your infinite being, you are one with Him: for there can not be more than one infinity - that would be in itself a contradiction. There can be only one Infinite; and that is the infinite that each of you are - simultaneously - with no loss of identity - Infinite Being;  God, One, with God; the I Am. You will understand.”

The rest of this meditation was spent in experiencing the meaning and the fullness of the message and sharing it with those who were still joined in the expanded consciousness.

I experienced more fully some of the Biblical passages:  “. . . In as much as you have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” (Matt. 25:40) Whatever hostility we hold toward another, we are holding toward a part of our self.  “Judge not, and you will not be judged;. . .” (Luke 7:37) In whatever manner we may condemn another;  we impose that condemnation on our self. “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” (Matt 6:12)  In like manner as we forgive our we also forgiven. As we forgive another, we forgive our self. “. . . Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.” (Luke 6:27)  If we hate our enemy we are hating our self. If we withhold good from an “enemy”, we are actually withholding good from our self.  If your enemy thirsted and you gave him a drink, you would contain the good of that considerateness.

There was also a deeper understanding of the words of Jesus:   “If you had known me, you would have known my Father also. . .”  (John 14:7) “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:30) “The words that I speak, I do not speak of myself; but my Father who abides within me does these works.” (John 14:10)  The more we come into the awareness of our Spiritual Self, the more we may realize that we are in the world, but not of the world.  Jesus came to consciously note his Infinite Being. HE KNEW REALITY BEYOND THAT WHICH APPEARS TO BE.  He knew his dominion over all things of the physical realms of existence as given to man in the beginning; when the vibratory realms of space and time were created.

“And God said,  Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the file of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” (Genesis 1:26)

I understood more fully how man does in fact have dominion over the earth and its elements, and does exercises dominion, though mostly unknowingly.  Man cannot not exercise his dominion.  His choice is in what manner that dominion shall be expressed.

We hear a lot, read a lot, about the stresses of living in the world today. We hear a lot about the violence, hatred and greed in the hearts of man; and of the many people whose minds are in chaotic confusion. And there are minds filled with doubts and fears, minds arid with apathy and frustrations. We hear of wars and strife, of political purgings, of murders and attempted murders.  All these things appear to represent increasingly violent and chaotic nature of mankind.

We also read of,  and experience, the increasing violence of our weather; the occurrence of drastic droughts and inundating rains, of violent winds and tornadoes, of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. And there are rumors and prophecies of far greater violence, upheavals and earth changes to come. These appear to represent the increasing violence of nature itself.

Some may say it is the wrath of God.  But no; that’s not it. God is not wrathful - God is love. Man created wrath. The concept of a wrathful God is man’s attempt to put the responsibility for his circumstances outside himself. The concept is also a carry-over from the pagan idea of sacrifice; when the various gods had to have their angers appeased.  Infinite, loving God requires no appeasement, and God never condemns anyone. Man condemns himself. God willed that man should experience the nature of his own consciousness. This was not a wrathful decree, it was a loving decree.  In this way man may learn the nature of that which man is creating by the nature of man’s own consciousness. But That which man experiences, his environment and circumstances, is the biofeedback of his own creative thoughts;  so that he might learn to think harmoniously; and thus create harmony.  God does not will that any man shall perish, nor even suffer for that matter.  But God gave man freedom of choice, and man creates his own environment - including the activities of the elements.

Is there a connection between the violence of nature and the violent nature of man?  Of course there is!  Man cannot abdicate his authority which was given to him by God.  Man was created to create; and man was given dominion over all of the earth.  Man cannot not create;  and man cannot not influence the nature of:  the world, the elements and the animals about him.

The more violent and chaotic the collective mind of man becomes, the more violent and unpredictable the weather shall be.  And the more the earth shall tremble and erupt and spew forth its molten slag through the volcanic carbuncles on its flesh.

And what can man do about this?

He can change his mind!  His patent of attitudes! His false premises!  He can stop contributing his consciousness to violence, read, chaos, and corruption.  He can choose instead to embody loving acceptance, peace, joy, harmony; in his thoughts, words, and ACTIONS;  in every circumstance; even in the midst of strife in chaos.  “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.” (Psalm 23:5)  Each individual is responsible only for his own attitudes and patterns for that is his contribution to the collective consciousness of man in which he lives and it does affect his physical environment; adversely, or constructively, depending on what he chooses to be.

As man purifies his thoughts, the moods of the earth and the elements are also purified.  As man finds the natural nature of peace; nature shall be naturally peaceful as well. Even the wild animals shall be friendly.
And now; while I am not in deep meditation;  I do not have the full consciousness of my wholeness.  I was permitted in that meditation earlier this year, the merest glimpse of the Infinite that we each are.  I recognize this experience as a PROMISE.  A promise of what IS, for each of us.  We can but proceed from where we are: practice, stumble, get up, and practice again.  We can, little by little, embody more of the Whole-spiritual nature in all circumstances.

And there was the new commandment that Jesus expressed for us, “Love one another”.  That is the one fundamental element all growth, all unity, all being, God; Infinity.
I love you.

William E Achor