Beyond My Window
Today looking out this window my being is white caped
The wind is tossing and turning my life over and over
My future seems clouded and murky like the sky
Questions fill my head and heart and cause much pain

The rocks of life outside my window are wet and slippery
How can I safely pass over them without hurting myself
The wind of life is buffeting me greatly in all my being today
Can I find solace in my quiet room behind my window

The grass outside is looking very nourished as should I
Life is happening now and my ruder seems broken
My heart cries out for help and understanding though I question
Will anyone see my plea for heart warming help soon

Please Lord send me what is needed to overcome this gloom
Outsiders created my weak elbows only because I allowed them to
It feels like the devil is winning this battle I claim your promise Lord
You said you would never leave me or forsake me okay I trust you

Change in my living area seems to devastate me if I'm not a part of it
Wanting to respond rather than react to circumstances is never easy for me
Sure I've had many a classes that educated me in these areas a while ago
Still living what we have learned is not always achieved on a daily basis

Can patterns like these ever be broken in a persons life by themselves
Maybe not but if we could only overrule the gloom and doom Lord willing
Our lives would see the Son shine again in our very precious lives
It is hard to remember that God does not make junk when we sink low

So how do we rise above the wind and white caps of life today and always
Well let us see if we can embrace and trust God completely on His promises
He never promised it would be easy at any time quite the opposite though
Let us try to learn our lesson well this time around in the over spray of life

Soaking in the beauty and the wonder outside our window thru open eyes
Possibly that is the way thru this pain we allowed through to hurt us
Lying down quietly and closing our eyes and focusing on Jesus will help
Being in His presence in our turmoil won't be easy please help Lord

As I sink into a quite loving peace in meditation and summon his protection
Peace and serenity can start to break through if we really trust Him to help us
As His Grace and Peace engulf us all our mussel's start to relax slowly
Sinking more deeply into His everlasting arms and Grace starts to help

Slowly He brings me back to this space and meditation in real time
My body starts to rejoin my being here in this room on this couch
The Lord and Jesus and the Holy Spirit embrace me with their Grace
Awake my dear child we are with you now and always believe that fact

Wake up and go out into the world around you and let them see you shine
The universe will go with you always even if you try to brush them away
For God and all at His disposal embrace you and the victory is near
Trust and obey for there is no other way then to trust and obey

Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
January 5, 2013
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