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Cascading Waterfalls

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We start as a stream, mild and meek.
No strength to move fast, energy we seek.

Like the stream moves down the mountain side,
Our eyes and minds are open wide.

Through the valley bigger, broader, as it grows.
Learning, seeking for more knowledge as life goes

Flowing over the edge, the stream begins to fall,
As our lives continue our minds and bodies grow tall.

Down the rocks the water pushes past,
Just as time in our lives soars so fast.

It hits the bottom with power to move a mountain,
But us, in the value of time, are just drops in a fountain.

The rushing streams slows, as it reaches the sea.
We look ahead for the Master to see.

Like the stream begins, rushes, then ceases to be,
So goes the lives and souls of you and me.

Our lives, the stream, the air, and land,
Are made by one touch of the Masters hand.

Written by EBII

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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
April 23, 2005