Do Not Regret Growing Older
Life passes by us rather quickly it seems
Tho for some it seems way to slow in passing
Either way life goes on and is gone before we know it
So please do not fret, or have any regrets, live life fully

Thinking back there was many wrong choices along the way
As a youngster we all want older birthdays to come
Smile, then we can do what big sister or brother does
Sometimes we find a good reason to be glad we were younger

Maybe we just plain made wrong choices for a partner
Then for endless hours we despaired all for naught
When what we choose is not right for us pain enters in
No matter how much we beg an individual nothing changes

Looking back I think why did I not listen to my parents
They were wise enough to allow me to fall flat on my face
Then they would pick me up and love me onward and upward
All the time loving me through it all unconditionally

When we perhaps wanted to buy a certain dress or suit
Mom or dad would say look further they were always right
When the right garment appeared I would be so happy
Question our parents we did and wondered why

Now as we enter our golden years everything seems clearer
Our days seem to become quieter if we let them
For we do not have to spend every waking moment in action
Just sit back and soak in the beauty of each day with love

Take time for a desert experience and learn from it
Rejoice and do not regret being active and loving
It is the quiet despair we need to cut lose and live
Above so many things were said think on them and learn

Wake each morning with joy in your heart and praising all
Know in every fiber of your being we are where we should be
Look around and be thankful for all your blessings today
And remember Do Not Regret Growing Older

written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
May 1, 2012

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