A grand olí buck all grizzled and gray
for years Iíve been waiting for this day.
His antlers look like an olí oak tree.
~ * ~ * ~
Aní he just stands there in spite of me.
Years Iíve engaged in this pursuit
yet somehow now, I just canít shoot.
~ * ~ * ~
I Ďmember Ďim in his first year
a spunky little fork-horned deer.
The years went by as I watched Ďim grow.
~ * ~ * ~
A record book buck - Iím the hunter though.
To day is his day... Iím thinkiní, ya know?
I think Iím, gonna let Ďim go.
Written by
Brent Bacon©2003
Created by God
Bobbie Wilson
December 31, 2003
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