Fallen Under The Tree

This picture scene reminds me how we each have fallen
Yes the buds on the ground are many and small
There is some sweet smell of blossoms  everywhere
Small groups of flowers are dotted around the trees

Some of us are in the shadows while others in the sun
The gentle breeze is blowing through our senses so completely
The birds are fluttering around the flowers feeding gently
As we step back and take it all in a realization comes to us

The tree is God with His arms spread widely protecting us
Some of us hang on for dear life and stay attached to Him
While others loose their grip and weaken and then fall
We are not abandoned by God, He continues to cover and shade us

So as in spring we have found our way  back to Him
He helps us to reattach and believe in Him and bud again
Then we can become beautiful and strong and reach out to others
Spread your arms and encompass them with your love

The more we live and act like God the more we can help others
All of us can then and still have the benefits of faith and trust
Living in the beauty and the wonder of His ever loving care
For He has promised to never leave or forsake us for all eternity

written by God
and Bobbie Wilson

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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
March 9, 2012