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To those of you who are not members of S.O.S. I wish to explain that the January material was originally sent to members only along with a special member mailing.

To all of you, members and non-members, I wish to explain that an inference of my awareness stopped me from mailing to the non-member list in January; although they were all ready to go.

I am still not sure why the January mailing was blocked,  but I sense that perhaps I was not to commit myself to the "series" on Truth; so now I rescind that commitment.

Each issue of my mailing to you were part of my Truths; but I had in mind a progression in fundamental principles.  Now that Had posed some problems in my mind; as to the "Sequence" of this progression.  It's like what is the progression sequence of the fruits(say an apple, a pear, and a peace).  So maybe the future subjects are to remain  open; to permit such random considerations as the  "RELATIVITY OF INFINITY" story that I have included for February.  This was certainly not a part of my original plan for a series on fundamental truths.

The enclosed story was an actual meditation experience; one of two unique meditations, that occurred late last year while my good friend Flash Lechman was visiting with me here in Florida.  The name "Adom" is only a part  in the story and was not a part of the meditation; but "his" consciousness sure was.  Think about this story.  There is a lot of space below the surface of the words

God's blessings you already have.

With blessings and love,.

William E. Achor
February, 1978

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
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It was a good meditation.  I had gone within - down to the level of an atom inside my own body.  Which atom?  Where was I in my physical body?  It could have been in a hair follicle of my eyebrow, or a sub-microscopic piece of the nail on my left little toe.  It did not matter.  I had come here to experience the nature of existence at this level of my being and it was here that I discovered the RELATIVITY OF INFINITY.

This particular atom, or rather this atom nucleus, that I was visiting in this world of my microcosm, was friendly and cooperative.  ( I shall call him "Adom" to make the telling easier although he had neither name or gender.)  Adom had a consciousness of sorts, was aware of the presence of my consciousness, and was eager to communicate.  Communication was by thought encompassment.

You know, of course, from textbooks, what an atom looks like.  It has this complex nucleus which is like a tiny sun  (although there was no sense of heat and it didn't seem to be self consuming as our sun is).  In their various orbits around this nucleus spin a number of electrons; like our planets orbiting around our sun.  And that is very much the way it is, for if that nucleus were increased to the size of our sun, the furthest electron would be beyond Pluto.  But let's get back to Adom.

I shared and experienced consciousness with Adom.  Adom is aware that he exists, he is aware or his orbiting electrons, and is aware of other solar systems and galaxies about him in the "heavens" of his existence.  He cannot comprehend that all of the galaxies and solar systems encompasses by his awareness may be no more than a single calcium chain in one bone cell of my knee cap.   Adom is aware only of his specific  purpose in relationship  to those other atoms immediately about him; but he senses  that he serves some greater purpose;  that he is a part  of one supreme infinite being.   To Adom this one supreme being is so all encompassing, so infinite,  as to be beyond any possible imagining.  Adom knows that by his will, his creator may alter his pattern, his purpose ,  or even his position in the galaxies  about him at any time; and he is perfectly willing that this should be so.  Adom is not aware of his awareness, however, and subsequently has no volition to be anything other than what he is - a particle of a supreme consciousness responsible for the functioning of his energy body in the service of his god.

It was a great and humble experience to know that Adom's thoughts were of me, infinite being - god.  I was glad I had visited with him and was grateful to his single minded devotion.  I let Adom feel my loving appreciation; then I came back to my world.

I wonder where I fit in the infinite scheme of things that is so very far beyond the comprehension of my finite mind.  I wonder how well I fill the micro cosmic purposes for my being; in the One Infinite and Supreme Being that I call God?

William E, Achor