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February, 1979

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Dear Friends:

Love is always young and fresh !                                                                                                                                   
Fears are old, and wrinkled, and steel.

From the awful  grip of fears  - unleash!                                                                                                                   
Go in peace. Let love prevail.

A new year-and nearly 2 months have already passed. We truly hope you all had a delightful  Christmas and a joyful  New Year beginning four 1979. We trust and believe that this whole year will be one of enlightening progression for you.

This discussion in this issue concerns  MEDITATION  EXPERIENCES - something we felt a need to write about - so we have.

Please note that we bless you and I with you.

Our love reaches out to you, always,

William Achor     


Each of us experience new sensations as we approach new attunement and understanding. Some may be disturbing; especially if you do not understand what is taking place. These may appear as physical discomforts and sometimes as a physical sensation, or  as a vivid experience that might be enjoyable; if we were not programmed to be concerned about any deviation from the “man-made norms”  for physical/mental  activities.

A common physical “disturbance” is pressure headaches.  It may be a steady pressure or may be pulse. This often starts happening when a person begins meditating. The pressure within is like that of the flower contained in its bud, aching to burst forth. As the encasement is rent;  as it relaxes,   expands, and opens;  the inner beauty is freed to express.

There seems to be 3 definite phases in the purpose of these precious:
Mental   Phase:     to begin with,  this may well be a defensive mechanism of the world ego  sense trying to convince you that,  ”Hey!   This isn’t for you.”   “ See, it hurts.”   “ Better quit!”  This worldly ego sense of self is threatened by exposure and abandonment as the spiritual realize Asians, the spiritual Self, begins to open up.

Physical   Phase:     These  “ aches”  may persist for a time because they relate to a reactivation of spiritual centers, lands, which have become lax are atrophied from disuse.  It is like an unused muscle that will feel sore when it is first put back into service. The physical system says,  “ Stop that the!” But with mentally determined practice, the muscle may again become a” happy tool” to benefit the activity of the whole being. So it is with these glands; the pituitary (third eye) and the pineal (God center).

Spiritual Phase:   it seems that these pressures become a signal for communication; like a doorbell.   “I stand at the door and knock,:.  Someone is trying to reach us to tell us something we are not understanding - are someone is calling for our channels of help. At such times meditation attunement made then permit receiving the communication,  the awareness,  on - through the Christ channel of being- a difficult circumstance may be alleviated  for someone.   (The “someone”  may be our self.)

There are other physical sensations that may also come along, particularly in early meditation practices, but these are more spontaneous and generally pass quickly;  such as the  “electrical currents”  flowing up the spine, or down, or your  whole body may be “goose  pimpled”. Or there may be a growing sense of unreality, a light-headed, almost dizzy feeling like the sensation in the sudden drop of an elevator, or a “kiss-me-quick”,  crest in a highway. This is part of the “spiritual motion sickness” people have written about.

These are essentially new energies being awakened. Another octave of our being is energizing and we are feeling it. New awakenings, new awarenesses  are very close. We are nearly ready to open to them, understand them. The goose pimples seem to become a signal to confirm our recognition of a new understanding, on new truths . These things are not to be feared, but simply recognized and appreciated for what they are:  symbolic signals all of evolving spiritual awareness.

There is another phenomena which occur more often than I had previously realized.   “Spontaneous Transcendence” might be a good term for it. I now know many people who have had these experiences; but it’s the kind of thing most people won’t talk about because they have no one that will understand; and they may fear they’re losing their minds. This Spontaneous Transcendence is the sudden experiencring  of another realm of being, another dimension, usually as a so-called space vision. These experiences often involve someone who had “died.” They aren’t really ghosts. They are very much alive  but we may “see” them as ghosts. Or there may be an astral travel or soul/travel experience in which the person travels to a distant place or in other realms of being.   These can be wondrous experiences or can be very scary; if a person is not prepared for it. It seems there are many who have a closer affinity for seeing into, moving in, communicating with, these other realms than they consciously know. They may not even believe in such things at all, mentally, and subsequently think they are mentally ill when they experience a transcendence of the humanly established “norms” that deny these realms. That which is experienced may not be a hallucination at all. It may be a very real and completely valid experience- it usually is.

We have been indoctrinated to believe that the only thing that is “real” is that which we perceive through the  5 Physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, space and smell. This boundary on realities is beginning to dissolve however as more is learned about the extrasensory perceptions (ESP) and other psychic phenomena; altered states of consciousness; other realm existences and “life after death” experiences. AND,  there has been much exposure of these actual experiences through articles, books, TV reports, etc. Once the mind recognizes that there may be other realms of being, of the octaves of perception;  then the potential, the probability, for experiencing something  “not of this world,” something beyond the usual perceptions that come through the 5 physical senses, becomes more likely in more people.
These actual experiences and other realms are put down, rejected, by a great many who should really know better, including “religious” people who think these things are open quote of the devil” even though they were common in the Bible narratives regarding those who served  God.   But then these people will hold that such things belong only in the biblical time; of that these are the exclusive privilege of those ordained in the churches.  So a person may be made to feel guilty or “unbalanced” for “thinking” they have had such an experience.

These transcendent happenings are not experiences to be sought after for the sake of the experience itself off for any selfish motives but rather are to be realized as part of the process, and a natural phenomena, of spiritual evolvement. There are negative energies, negative realms that may be experienced as “nightmares,” as a “bad trip,” as a frightful experience; and these can occur when the motives are exceedingly selfish, are guilt ridden, are of a vengeful nature; when I’d officially induce with an ignorance as to what is happening. A “bad trip” does not occur in the spiritual atmosphere of love; or out of motives of thoughtfulness and loving consideration of others. Let these things happen in their own time, in harmony with your true being, and they will be beneficial, joyful, and meaningful to you.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,   and all these things                          (ye have need of) will be added unto you.”        (Matthew 6:33 )                                                 

“. . . The kingdom of God is within you.”        (Luke  17:21)

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”        (Rev.  3:20)                                                                      
“It is I, do not be afraid."        (John   6:20)                                                                                                                                                                     

“. . . he who believes in Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to the father.”        (John   14:12)
The following is a quote by Sig Paulson on a capital Unity church tape, exclamation              "The Bible Comes Alive."   I particularly like this.

Love is my God.
    Life is my religion.    Humanity is my church.        
Loving my neighbor    is my daily worship.