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1981  Issue  #   1  February

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

Today I come to you with word of a beautiful transcendent healing experience; and a warning, a caution, that is for all of us who are willing to hear.   I present it in that sequence; first the experience and later, the admonition, the caution that was given.

On January 6, 1981, a great healing took place; an unseen miracle. That evening, as the time approached for our regular Tuesday night  S. O. S. meeting, I became aware of a presence, a consciousness. That presence was represented by a vibrant blue green light which grew gradually in intensity until it seemed to permeate all perceived space. The feeling was beyond description. I was aware of many groups and individuals throughout this physical earth that were a part of this presence; not specifically by names, rather by their unique auras of consciousness in the blend of the whole. I was also aware of other multitudes, of other groups and individuals, that seemed to exist beyond time and space; coexistent through all the realms of being. I perceived the Whole as a healing thought in the Mind of Christ; infinitely shared.

As our S. O. S. Group assembled, we entered immediately into an early meditation and shared and participated in that universal healing movement. The rest of our meeting partook of this meditative state, this Healing Presence, even during our discussions and our speculations as to the nature and purpose of the healing that was transpiring. Other group members opened to the transcendent presence and sensed the Presence, the energies, in their own way; all seemed aware that something wondrous was taking place. One of the more phychically aware members of our group saw a very properly dressed Englishman in our midst but said he seemed to have popped in just to see what was going on. Then she saw a large group of monks in the light tan ropes and heard them chanting. (I, too, had a glimpse of them but did not hear them.) Throughout this time of meditation she heard a voice frequently repeating, “This is a joyous occusion”.

We were still experiencing an afterglow of awe and wonderment, after our meeting, when a telephone call from an absent member advised us to check the TV, that a press conference was being called in Iran regarding release of the hostages. Although this turned out to be a “false lead”  (at that time) we were all aware that the Iranian hostage situation was a part of that which was involved in the healing. It was only a part however, a manifest symbol of the more universal nature of a vast healing in consciousness. The clearing of mental blocks relative to the release of the hostages, however, was a definite part of it, a consequence, one worldly arena of its expression. We were grateful for that. The fullness of what took place, it’s far- reaching cosmic nature, is beyond my capacity to comprehend, at this time, but I am convinced that even the foreseen earth changes have in some ways been mollified. Not that the earth changes won’t take place, but they may not now be so drastic, so cataclysmic; at least for some and in some parts of the world.

Healing surely  expressed, too, in the consciousness of many individual persons here and around the world; for the prayers of many groups and individuals were merged in this great spiritual healing presence. Those who were seeking help, and were receptive to it, may have experienced a sense of strength, of peace, and of wholeness without any apparent source or reason.

I wish to recognize that we, our group, did not in anyway direct the healing that took place, nor are we to be credited with its happening. The full consciousness of S. O. S. was minuscule in this great united body of consciousness that was performing this unseen miracle. It was honor enough to be included as a part of this great channel of healing. ALL of those who were a part of that consciousness were needed to constitute the Whole of it.

Two weeks later, January 20, I was again aware of the presence. Again it was approaching the time for our evening meeting. The presence did not seem to have the same intensity, or the same character, as before. There was no longer the intense blue green but rather a soft color between gold and  yellow. I felt warm and a sense of the companionship. Along with that, however, was a sense of warning, of caution, which I could not then decipher. As the group arrived and as the meeting unfolded; the basis for the warning became clear:                                                                                                                                 

At this time, January 20, the hostages were being freed. Now stories and information were beginning to come out regarding mistreatment of some of the hostages, about certain “despicable” actions on the part of the Iranians, and about the “ransom” paid. Some of our government personnel and news commentators were fostering bitter reactions.

All during the hostage crisis, our guidance and the guidance and understanding that we passed along to our S. O. S. participants (see 1979, Issue # five, December), had been to project to the hostages, those negotiating their freedom, and ALL THOSE INVOLVED IN THEIR CAPTIVITY, an aura of peace, harmony and love.

“But I say to you who hear, love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.”   “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”                
  (Luke 6:27, 28, New American Standard Bible)

THE GUIDANCE WE WERE GIVEN TO EXPRESS DURING THE HOSTAGE CRISIS  STILL APPLIES TODAY! This does not require us to condone, or to love, the things “our enemies” have said or done; nor the things they now shall say to do; but it does require that we not multiply the consciousness of hate, of vengeance, of resentment, by sharing in that consciousness. THERE IS NO ACTION PERPETRATED, NO WORDS EXPRESSED, BY ANYONE; EXCEPT THAT THESE REPRESENT THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE INDIVIDUALS AND THE GROUPS THAT ORIGINATE SUCH WORDS AND ACTIONS. If there is hatred and meanness in the consciousness,any consciousness; the words and actions authored by that consciousness will manifest these negative patterns. If we respond in kind, IF WE ANSWER OR ACT WITH ANY HATRED, VENGEANCE, OR EVEN RESENTMENT ON OUR PART; TO THAT DEGREE WE ARE JOINING THE NEGATIVE PATTERNS OF CONSCIOUSNESS; and so that negative group consciousness is magnified, multiplied, propagated; by our attendance in it. The only consequence can be more chaos, more strife, for all those who participate in that consciousness, and, for those who unwittingly accept the aura of negativity projected by those in that consciousness.                                     (Reference:  Nov., 1978 mailing and 1979, Issue  #4, October.)

This, then, was the basis of the warning; the caution that was experienced January 20: Our prayers of love and forgiveness, our consciousness, individually and as a part of the greater group of consciousness of Divine Being is as important and as needed now as it ever was during the crisis. No matter what any of the Irani, or other groups, have done, no matter what is said or done now; we are to keep our equanimity; we are to continue our practice of loving acceptance of all people. WE ARE TO CONTINUE SHARING A CONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVE AND HARMONY, OF PEACE AND JOY; SO THAT THIS PATTERN OF CONSCIOUSNESS SHALL BE MAGNIFIED, MULTIPLIED, PROPAGATED; WITHIN OURSELVES AND WITHIN ALL THOSE TOUCHED BY THE AURA OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.


Some will say, “How can we forget what those Iranians did to our fellow Americans?”   “Do you mean we should say nothing, do nothing in return?”  “Do you think it was right that our citizens were imprisoned and mistreated?”

It does not matter whether I think it was wrong or right. It matters only that it is past and it matters that are accept what was, and what is, in a loving manner  -  without bitterness.

Consider this:  All 52 hostages are alive and free; that is something of a miracle in itself. Let us rejoice with the released prisoners, let us bless those who are free, and bless those who helped to secure their freedom. Let us share strength and love with all of them; including the Iranians.

And yes; we can forgive. We cannot afford not to, if we would grow as spiritual beings. EACH PERSON EXPERIENCES THE FRUITS OF HIS OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. So those who are bitter, those who hate, those who harbor angry thoughts of resentment; shall experience within, and express and actions, the poisonous energies, the acid fruits of these inner seeds. Those who planted the seeds of bitterness already contain the poisons of their plantings; but they cannot make us share the poison fruits they express unless we choose to. We have our God given freedom to choose, and we can choose not to partake of their negativity.

We should of course be were of their nature.   “Beware”, means
to BE AWARE! Once we are aware that certain people have bitter fruits to share; it is up to us to act according to our awareness and be careful that we do not unwittingly share their “fruits”. Our awareness is, in part, our spiritual protection. It is not unspiritual to recognize the working truth of their consciousness and to be careful, or even to stay apart, in our further relationships; but let us continue to  “act from love” for our part.   OUR POSITION BECOMES UNSPIRITUAL ONLY WHEN WE BEGIN TO CONDEMN OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY PRESENTLY APPEAR TO BE.

And yes; we should do nothing retaliatory; but there is something that we all should do. If we hold to loving acceptance, loving thoughts for all, we need neither to condone nor to condemn anyone. And we shall then experience fruits of peace and harmony and love, for that will be the thought seeds within; and the nectar of our fruits shall be sweet and fulfilling for us; and shall be offered in our outer expressions. The aura of our spirituality will then bless all who choose to accept it. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR THE AURA OF CONSCIOUSNESS THAT WE PROJECT. IT IS NOT FOR US TO CONCERN OURSELVES AS TO WHETHER IT IS ACCEPTED OR REJECTED.

God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform;
He plants his footsteps in the sea
And rides upon the storm.    -  William Cowper  -
Love is never divisible,
But is added to with caring,
And is multiplied in its sharing.

Love receives graciously,
That, in love proferred;
And partakes not of that,
Sans love, incurred.    -W. E. A. -

We multiply that which we share; whether in receiving, or in giving.
In Christ I share with you peace, strength and love;   the whole-sum-ness of living.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor
Science of Spirituality