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Issue #1, 1984

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello Dear Friend:

The joy of living is the joy of learning and loving and sharing the harmonies of being. That is a simple statement,  but there is a great  depth of significance in each of the three areas: learning, loving and sharing.  And there is a wondrous interplay of harmony between the three, if we can feel it: be aware of it. This is truly a beautiful world, a beautiful existence, we live in.   It is difficult at times though to experience the joy, to see the beauty, when we are looking at it through the clouds of our personal concerns and worries; when we are focusing our thoughts on what appears to be.  It is then that we are perceiving through the eyes and beliefs of our human consciousness:  "judging by appearances".   (We are not to judge by human appearances. See John 7:24 and 8:15) It is then that we may lose sight of the spiritual purpose and miss this learning opportunity.  It is then that we lose the feel, the contact, with the spirit of "love" that is always with us; and to misdirect our "sharing", tending to share the consequences of miseries, doubts and limitations rather than the consequences of joy, confidence and wholeness.

Our doubts, fears and concerns --- concerns for ourselves and for others --- are truly based in mis-understandings, or lack of understanding. We have not learned, all we forget to apply, the spiritual perspective of our being and our purpose in this world of physical existence.

A basic factor in the purpose of this transient, physical life existence; is to experience the nature of that which we ourself have created in our own consciousness: our beliefs, our attitudes and our emotional responses.  (See Illusions of Reality, Aug. 1979 and Illusions of Memory, Oct. 1979; S.O.S. messages.)

The purpose in itself, the spiritual purpose, for this life experience is that by experiencing, through externally applied stimuli, the nature of our own consciousness, we may be motivated and guided to change and amend our patterns of consciousness so that the nature of our experiences shall embody joy and harmony and love; a sense of wholeness and fulfillment.  (Not just shallow physical or ego satisfactions which quickly dissipate, but spiritual wholesomeness which lasts forever and sustains us in our growth processes.)


When you first began to drive a car (particularly a "stick shift"), you were jerky and uncoordinated and you made errors. You were given instruction in principle and in techniques, in cause and effect and in correction. You had to learn the sequence of gears, when and how to use the clutch in conjunction with the gearshift and gas pedal. You had to learn how to oversteer or understeer. Through practice, the repetition of trial and error, the learning of cause and effect --- and correction--- you learn to operate the car with reasonable ease and smoothness. Next you were instructed in rules for using the car; the rules of the road and the practices for safety; and you were also told of the perils and potential problems that could arise out of poor judgment in the use or misuse of the new energy that you were learning to master. Hopefully you came to understand and apply all these things without any drastic mishaps required to impress upon you the consequence of not manipulating the car correctly and harmoniously, and with good judgment. If poor judgment resulted in a traffic ticket or accident, that, too, is part of the process, the trial and error, of learning – – – in this case learning to use better judgment in the practice of driving. If the lesson is not learned, then that patent of negative experience will necessarily repeat itself until the lesson is learned.  THIS EXAMPLE REPRESENTS THE BASIC STEPS OF ALL LEARNING.  
          1. Becoming cognizant of the principles. This may come by reading, by instruction,
              or even by intuition and reasoning.  (This is not understanding, but comprehension.)
          2. Practicing the application of the principles in physical/mental operation.
          3. Learning from the manifest errors (the effect) what we are doing wrong, thinking
             wrong  (the cause), and making correction; then trying the corrections, until we get
              it right. This may require further instruction, counseling, or reasoning.
          4. With experience and accomplishment may, the understanding and the mastery.

We need to realize that any "failure", any error, is just a necessary part of the learning process. It is an effect that is there  to teach us to discern the cause, the era or misunderstanding in our process, so that we can correct the cause and not re-experience the negative consequence.

These same principles of learning apply to all areas, all levels, all the realms of our existence. It applies to our interpersonal relationships, applies to our profession, our work, it applies to home and marriage, AND, it applies to Spiritual principles and Spiritual development, as they are expressed in all these areas and activities of living.


Even the process of evolving scientific principles, theories and laws is consistent with these steps of learning. The scientist mentally searches for an idea, a hypothesis, that can explain and justify all of the observable facts. The hypothesis may be intuitive, but the validity of the the hypothesis must be tested against all observable facts and phenomena to see if it will hold up.

If there are any observable facts and phenomena which will not fit; then the hypothesis is in error, or the premises on which the hypothesis is based are in error; and that hypothesis is a failure. Then the scientist must seek a new or revised hypothesis if he is to succeed in finding a theory that will stand; if a new and greater truth or understanding is to be realized.

After the scientist arrives at a hypothesis that fits all observable facts and phenomena according to his tests and discernment; it is then released, published, as a new theory in the scientific community so that others may test it against all observable facts and phenomena according to their discernment. If the theory holds up – – – if no exceptions up found – – – over a period of time, the theory may come to be acknowledged as a scientific law of nature or physics.

By training and by nature I am scientifically oriented. So I have always applied the hypothesis approach in the selection and evolvement of various Spiritual beliefs, and principles, theories and laws.  (That is the basis of the corporation, Science of Spirituality, which I founded here in 1976.)

For many years, since childhood, I have sought to understand why life and life phenomena are as they are. And even in childhood I was given intuitively, inductively, principles and theories that explain many things; things that neither the people of the church not the people around me would look at our knowledge. I learned very early to keep my own counsel, they were beginning to think I was a bit weird – – – and maybe I was. Any way this was many years before I had any awareness about hypotheses, their formation, their tests, and their functions; but I was inherently doing it. It was a God – given gift, a "gift of the Spirit". Through the years I have continued to seek understandings of life and life phenomena and I have continued to receive answers.

I realized that these answers were and are uniquely given from my own personal awareness; but I knew, too, that I was to share these, eventually, with others who were, I would be, seeking similar awareness and understanding. In recent years the scientific community has begun to recognize that the experiments, the research phenomena, are not independent of the researcher. Not only is a process in the interpretation of the observable facts and phenomena wearable according to the consciousness of the observer, but the basic facts and phenomena themselves are influenced. We should realize and acknowledge, therefore, that there are viable alternative explanations for every natural phenomena as we uniquely perceive it. Truth, even at our greatest most expanded scope of awareness, is still variable.  (See TRUTH,  Jan.  1978, S.O.S. message.)

One of the concepts that gave me much pause for thought and wonder through the years was the principle that "all men are created equal".  ("Men", of course, meaning "mankind" including both men and women – – – all men, all women and every child – – – equally created.) Intuitively I believed this premise to be true; although I must admit I had many conscious doubts at times.

Two other pertinent premises in my belief system:   (1) That God is just, ALWAYS; and
(2) That God does not make mistakes.

Through deep observation of manifest facts and phenomena in the world scene, there seem to be no way to reconcile the free premises. I had no one awareness of any theory, and a spiritual law, that could explain the apparent inconsistencies; nothing that could spiritually – – – or psychologically – – – justify the obvious variety of birth, life and death experiences.

For most of my first 50 years I stubbornly avoided looking at or considering any concept of reincarnation. Oh, I heard occasional references to it, mostly snide remarks about reincarnating as a cow or an insect. That made no sense, to me; and still doesn't. So I rejected the whole subject out of hand.

I had no intuitive guidance or inductive theories about it because I couldn't have; I wasn't open to it. Even though we earnestly seek understanding – – – it can only be received if we are open to it. If a new understanding is beyond the scope of our acceptance; we cannot receive it. It seems that because I continued to seek a compatible answer, a theory or understanding, the pressure of that particular truth building against the barriers, but dam, of my dogmatic denial of any possibility for any reincarnation belief. When the break finally came, it released sudden great floods of awareness.  "Of course",  "That's why!", and all the pieces to the puzzle I had contemplated for so long seemed to skip and scamper gleefully and spontaneously into their proper places.

This letter is as a preface for my later  "? Reincarnation ?" writings.  So please, bear with me. I wanted to share with you some of the pre-requisite experiences I had to go through in the path of my growth prior to reaching my understanding of   "multiple incarnations".

Whether or not we can share a belief in reincarnation isn't really that important; but I hope you can feel and share the joy and love that I feel in the process of presenting, for your consideration, the understandings that I have learned. God bless you, and thank you for receiving me into your home.

I love you,
William E. Achor
S.O.S.  Minister