Fervently Dear Lord
I Come To You In Prayer
You So Graciously Provide My Needs
I Thank You Beyond Measure For That

This Is Heavy On My Heart Lord

You Have Taught Me To Come To You
I Come To You Fervently Believing
You Shall Wholeheartedly Hear My Prayer

In Your Time And Way You Shall Answer

And Provide The Way For The Path
To Fulfill That Fervent Prayer Of Mine
For You Always Fulfill Your Promises

Now Lord, Here Is My Prayer To You

Please Help My Family And Friends To Find You
And In Their Inequities To Turn To You
And Wholeheartedly To Realize You Are There

That You Love Them, And Gave Your Life

So That They Could Live Life
And Live It Abundantly
If They Would Only Believe That Fact

Please Send The People And Verses They Need

To Realize What They Should Say And Do
Help Someone To Ask Them Proper Questions
Like, Have You Ever Asked Jesus Into Your Heart

If They Say No, Then The Person Can Ask

Would You Like To Ask Jesus Into Your Heart
Normally No One Will Say No To That Question
And Here We Have The Open Door For Jesus

Lead Them To Confess They Are A Sinner

And That They Believe Jesus Died For Their Sins
And Now They Ask His Forgiveness
And They Joyfully Ask Jesus Into Their Hearts

Now They Start To See Their Lives Be Changed

The Joy And Ways Of Jesus Are A Part Of Them
And The Holy Spirit Will Help Them Be Transformed
The Light Of The Lord Shall Shine Brightly

Thank You Dear Lord For Your Help With My Mom

It Is Through The Simple Prayer Of Salvation
That Reverent Yelton Helped Me To Lead Mom
The Joy Of Love Shined On Her Face

I Asked Mom, Do You Know What You Did

Mom Glowingly Said
"Yes I Asked Jesus Into My Heart"
She Was At Peace With Life Now, As Was I

On May 31st 2001 At 7:15 PM

Mom Passed On Over, Holding Jesus' Hand
I Know This For A Fact, Mom Said So
"She Said I See Him," I Said Who

Mom Said "Jesus," I Said "Take His Hand"

Mom Then Said "Okay,"
Though First She Reached Up Hugged Me
And Kissed Me And Feebly Whispered I Love You

Now You All Can Have The Same Experience

The Time Can Be Short So Do Not Tarry
For At Any Moment The Trump May Sound At Last
And In The Blinking Of An Eye It Will All Be Over

* * * * * *

Written By God
And Bobbie Wilson

December 3, 2003
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