My First Dance With You

As I stand here before the mirror
My heart begins to swell with emotions
I shall be wearing my Blue Gown shortly

My long blonde hair has flowers in it
I hold a bouquet of violets in my hands
How my thoughts rush to tonight's dance

We have known each other since ninth grade
Dated throughout high school occasionally
Then we really noticed each other

Just last week you asked me to the Senior Prom
Oh how I danced inside, for we are on our way
The joys of our First Dance, excites me

Oh I just want to dance with you
And start to discover the joys of you and me
The rest of our lives stretches before us

Soon the doorbell will ring, and you'll be here
We shall look into each others eyes
Reach for each others hand and gently squeeze

I know you will give me a gentle kiss on the cheek
A soft hug, and whisper I love you
We shall turn and walk into a whole new world

Oh yes, I just want to dance with you
Feel your arms around me
Gently guiding me around the dance floor
Our first dance will last forever!

Written by Bobbie Wilson
June 18, 2000

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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson