The Passage

The very moment that our worlds unite
The very moment that our spirits take flight
All the essence that we have created
Must be brought into the reality so long awaited
Grab each moment that we have shared
Each "I Love You", each "How much we cared"
All these treasures must be brought
Into the reality that we each have sought
All our moments, all our dreams, all our whispers and our themes
All things we have shared, even our most passionate screams
The Passage is a great barrier of Light, you see
There is only one key for you and me
A simple truth given long ago
Is all we need this day to grow
Just ask and you shall receive
Your hearts desire if you believe
Just seek and you shall find
The glory with each divine
Just knock and it shall be opened so bright
This Great Passage of the Reality of Light

written by 
October 13, 1997
Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
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