Granny's Thoughts

Yup, it's me Granny writing, my heart thoughts
The years sure have flown by like a jet plane
Seems just like yesterday they were calling me
"The Little Old Lady From Pasadena"

Flooding back into memory are times good and bad
When I was a young'n, there was that there moose
It swam off Sheep Island, in Owl's Head Bay
He had a long white beard down to the road

Them there winters in Maine, on Shell Street
Well, we sure would get at least 3 feet of snow
So us kids would run through the house to upstairs
and jump off the roof into the snow banks for hours

My brother and I would raise cane with Mom
When she would get home from work, we'd hide
Ma's voice sure could get loud when she discovered
All that wet snow and water we'd brought into the house

There were some real memorable times in childhood
Dad drove Bob's Taxi, and had lots of change
He'd get a big grin on his face and start the fun
His pockets of change he would empty onto the floor

My brother and I scurried to see who caught more
Then off to the village store we'd go for goodies
I liked pistachio ice cream, Al the pinball machine
Those were the good times with my brother Al

As things go we all grew up and had our own lives
Mom and Dad sold the homestead to a local family
Mom moved to Mass to take care of her Mom
Dad moved in with his Mom in Crescent Beech

Through many lifetimes it seems, Al and I lost touch
We saw each other again when Dad died in July of, 1987
Then Mom moved to Florida in March 2000 to be warm
My brother never was able to see her then tho

Mom passed on May 31, 2001 with me at her side
She would ask frequently how Al was
And if he was coming to see her
She missed him, And I missed Al too

My brother and I would truly help each other
Whenever a situation or problem would arise in our lives
Through it all, we stuck together
Now it is just my brother and I left

When our daughter Penny Jean graduated
He, Al wanted to be there but could not
She brought joy, was a very high achiever in everything
I will be trying to see her get married in May

Our daughter Lisa Lee brought me great joy
She graduated from Natick High School on a windy day
Lisa Lee was the last student to cross the stage,
Mortars flew up into the sky, they soared

Now granny just sits at the computer and creates
Beautiful animated musical web pages
For all to see, and hopefully help others
Along this life's pathway of experiences

And yup, granny still is looking for Mr. Right
Lord willing one day, and soon I hope
Into my life a kind Christian man will walk
For you see, it is better to be together, then alone

So as when this life's pathway starts to end
Together we can encourage each other
Through good times and bad times
In the golden years, the best part of our lives!

And dear Lord, please still have it be
Your will and timing Lord, not ours
So when we get to the end, we will hear
Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant !

Written by Bobbie Wilson
March 23, 2002
Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
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