Grieving Come To Me
~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Only because I could not sleep this morning
Here I sit looking at the monitor screen
Reason being I woke up crying softly

You ask why and I'll tell you
If you really want to know, please say yes
Recently in last four months five have died

Some were friends from Florida and Massachusetts
Tho the other three were right here on the 4th floor
This is where my new apartment is now as an elder lady

Oh yes I know about grief because of what I did for work
Hospice taught me years ago that we All need to grieve
For if you get stuck in a certain stage of grieving it's not  good

There are I believe 7 stages of grief  that need to process
If we don't our lives will kind of stop in one stage of grief
Then we can not move on and be happy as our friends want

Yesterday late in the day I was drawn to talking to a lady
All my sadness just poured out of me of my losses
Those losses were of different natures for sure you see

My neighbor attentively listened to me with love
As I shared about our neighbors passing recently
I also shared how I felt I was grieving a possible relationship

Then I thought to myself how can I grieve something vague
God then kicked into high gear and said get out of yourself
Are you not one of my chosen ones dear lady

After this revelation things changed for me emotionally
My neighbor gave me a big hug and said it will be okay
You might have to wait a little longer trust in God always

Then my mind started to think of all those around the world
Some had lost everything even loved ones and homes and things
So now my attention is on praying for all those dear ones

Prayer is my contribution to all in unthinkable stress and grief
Thank you Lord for helping me to get past a stuck stage of grief
Through this I can reach out to others from understanding and love

So all this has been written to say this most important point and fact
Trusting in God that He holds us in ALL circumstances always
So young  and old please reach out and hold HIM forever and always

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
November 21, 2012

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
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