Here Is Looking At You !
Well this is a new one on me and on you too
Whomever would of thunk it that a cow
Named Contented would be speaking to you
Through this internet thingy here not I fore sure

I'll stop chewing on the grass for now so I can talk to you
First off I want to thank Thomas Block
Reason being he has been such an encourager to me and others
Why he has such a talent displaying his characters on canvas

I believe he once posted that a story should be written and spoken
To leave a story idea inside of you would be stifling and hurtful
For an idea needs to be birthed for all to read and see
In doing this you set their imagination on fire to be creative

Then my cousin Lorraine Landers up in Alaska is so cool
She has come back into my life through Face Book imagine that
Seems like she has developed a fondness for blogging on the internet

This here internet thingy seems so helpful in contacting lost friends and family
I can even keep in contact with my 2 daughters Penny Jean and Lisa Lee
Always news there with the grandchildren they have brought into my life
They both are so busy with making sure their kiddos have all they need

Now comes to mind my friend Ethel up there in St Albans near the lake
MS Ethel has one busy and full life that sets her head to spinning at times
God love her for giving spirit to all who come across her path daily
I've known MS Ethel since 1987 when we worked together at Edwards

Cant forget my brother Al and his wife Bev down in South Portland
Bro has lived such an interesting and helpful life to all those around him
Why both he and his wife are so active at church in the mission area
I am so proud of him, you know we lost contact for about 15 years

Now here in Rockland a new dear friend named Barbara lives down on 2nd floor
She just shared with me she use to be a teacher her loving spirit shows it
Why she even gave me the dearest book on Cat stories that are precious
Barbara has the warmest and most loving smile I've ever seen for a long time

Surely I cant forget the rest of the crew up here on the 4th floor
We all are very active and interactive with each others lives
What a blessing that is and will continue to be I am sure
We all have dreams and reach for them daily

Now Im a little sad that a friend named Dick has removed me from his friends list
After knowing him in our family since we were kids make these actions painful
Well Ill continue to pray for him regardless for his life is so busy
He puts his whole self out there to help all he hears about at Dew Drop Inn

In a couple days now The Lobster Festival will begin here in Rockland
Not sure if I will venture out to it at all tho why these streets will be packed
The city will  benefit greatly from all the tourists that will venture here
Here's praying they all stay safe and have a good time in our city of Rockland

Now you surely must meet my dearest spiritual friend Phil Thomas
He lives down in Florida near where I lived for 12 years back in the1990s
Phil has constantly sent me emails with words of praise and encouragement
We are both in agreement that we miss our dear friend Bill Achor

I must share about how my picture came to MS Bobbie and the struggle she had
At first she thought how on earth am I going to write from a cows perspective
Well she shared that she slept on it for a couple of nights
Then when she awoke one day the solution was in her head

MS Bobbie thought that my picture had come to her through Face book
Why not use that medium and friend contacts to bring me to life
So here I am now don't laugh yourself to silly if it works don't fix it
Well Ill send you all on your journey now and get back to eating the grass

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
July 29, 2012

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