Walk softly as you enter these halls
there is much more here than just four walls
shhhhhh Listen very carefully ....
So much more is evident to me!

We have placed our loved ones here to stay
and here they will remain until that final day!
When they go home to the heavens above
Surrounded by God and all of his love

Listen, listen very carefully
open your eyes and you too will see.

There are angels here, they are all about
sent from God, there is no doubt!

A very gentle touch, a soft kiss on the cheek
their care is the same for the strong or the meek
They always have time to hold a hand
reach out to touch, to make you feel grand

They are all Angels sent from above.
To show so many the meaning of love!
With kindness and patience they take on the day
Showing so much love in every little way

A very special calling by these angels on earth
to make us all feel that there still is some worth
When the road gets rough and we are ready to fall
Just look around you and see the angels on call

So take the time to look and see
Indeed, listen, listen very carefully
Those are the sounds of Angels wings
Take time to thank GOD for the peace each one brings!

Written by Brenda Race
Walk Softly
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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson