I Care For You

When you think you're alone
in the middle of the night.
~ ~ ~

When you've just had an awful dream
and you're shivering with fright.
~ ~ ~
You lie there alone and scared
and wonder if anyone cares.
~ ~ ~

If you look into your heart
you'll find me there.
~  ~ ~
Sometimes life is just to hard
and you need to get away.
~ ~ ~
You need someone to talk to
who will listen to what you say.
Just remember that I care.
~ ~ ~
When there is nowhere to go
you can always come to Me.
~ ~ ~
I promise  that I'll be there
in your greatest hour of need.
~ ~ ~
I'm sure you can find me,
if you just take the time for prayer.

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson

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